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5 Tips to Organize a Nursery Closet

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

My girls’ closet is a little dreamy, for me at least! Little coordinating clothes hung in order send me into a tissy! Although I love the way this closet looks, the way it functions is even better. I’m able to grab what I need at a seconds notice and know exactly where things belong when I’m tidying up. A place for everything is ALWAYS key!

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet

A few tips for an organized closet:

No.1 Matching Hangers: Instantly creates a uniformed look. White looks the cleanest.

No.2 Organize according to size first: Group all the same size clothes together, you don’t want to be routing through size 6 month clothes when you have a new born (unless he’s really really big!).

No.3 Then arrange by colour: Within the size group colour coordinate your clothes, not only does this look tidy, but really helps when you’re looking for something in particular.

No.4 Have somewhere for clothes that are too big or too small: Children grow SO fast, so have somewhere handy where you can throw the ones that don’t fit. I use one of the white boxes above just temporarily until they are out of all the clothes that size, then they’ll be moved to the basement. This works the other way, keep clothes that are the next size up close at hand, look through it often and make sure they’re not missing wearing something because you forgot about it!

No.5 Use baskets, bins and shelves to create more storage: To have a place for everything YOU need to create the homes! Maximize space with book shelves (our forever fave is the kallax from ikea HERE). Bins and baskets create homes for bibs, bows, socks and any other little items you have in there.

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet


Of course things will get messy, but if the organized skeleton is there, it will take a fraction of the time to put it straight.

Our mum used to sing to us as we were going to bed and she’d be doing a light pick up. I find it a soothing chore at the end of a frantic day, and helps the next be a little more orderly (in theory!).

I’m only 2 months into this, advice and your expertise is welcome!

White Gift Wrap

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

When you have the time it’s fun to go cray-cray with gift wrapping.

When you don’t, it’s just as great to go simple.

It couldn’t get simpler than this…

Boxwood Clippings_White Gift Wrap

Having a nice stock of white tissue paper (always get mine in the fall at costco $5.99), and white paper bags (I get mine from Hobby Lobby, 12 for $5.99 and then use their 40% off coupon) it’s not only a beautiful but a very cost effective way of doing things.

Add a silk ribbon and card, and you’re done.

I love it when life is this simple, don’t you?!

Packing for Hospital: My Bag & Everything Else!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

As you know, I’ve been packing for the hospital for a little while now (and by the time you read this, I should be home).

There are lists all over the place of things you will and won’t need for your hospital stay, but here are the things I’ve felt needed to come with…I’ll update you later on how much we actually used things!

boxwood clippings_things you need to pack for the hospital

I find plastic tubs to be amazing when packing, for the hospital I thought they were perfect to keep me organized and have all my things in one place. Plus these were great to have sitting in my bedroom leading up to the delivery date, everytime I’d think of something I needed, I just popped it in the bin!

When you take a birthing class, they’ll tell you exactly what you will and won’t need, I’ll highlight the “musts haves” our nurse told us to have. Most things are personal preference, but I figure life’s easier/nicer with some of my own things around so this is what I’ve packed:


1 Nighti, 2 sets of Yoga Pants + tee’s, clothes to come home in, nursing bra, big underwear, 2 sports bras, robe, make up, minimal toiletries, pads, glasses, hairbrush, hair ties, beach towel (wanted something big), hand towel, slippers, socks, flip flops (for showering), insurance card + ID


8 swaddle blankets, 6 outfits each, booties, hats, binkies, car seats, coming home outfit


Pillows (for me + Brock), camera, phone charger, laptop, movies, snack tin, clothes and toiletries for Brock, massage oil, notebook, empty folder (for important docs), empty bag (for extras you get at hospital), nice paper (for hand and foot prints), plastic bags for dirty clothes.

So there we have it, hopefully I’m all ready…or as ready as I can be! :)

Packing for Hospital: Little Treats for the Nurses

Friday, February 14th, 2014

I’d read somewhere it’s always nice to show you’re appreciation to the nurses during a hospital stay by bringing them little treats. I thought it was such a cute idea, and so I made up these little treat bags to leave at the nurses station.

boxwood clippings_packing for hospital: little treats for staff

boxwood clippings_packing for hospital: little treats for staff

boxwood clippings_packing for hospital: little treats for staff

I actually impressed myself by thinking ahead. Knowing I was having Valentine Babies, I shopped the Christmas clearance for treats and the colours worked excellently! It doesn’t have to cost a lot be be thoughtful, you just have to be one step ahead, and always remember you can repackage things!

Love this post, it’s always a good reminder of how to save in slightly unusual ways!

Talking of Love, we LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks so much for reading, and HAPPY VALENTINE’S!

Packing for Hospital: Snack Tin

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

I wasn’t even going to bother posting about this, but Em got a kick out of it and thought I should. So here we are, our hospital snack tin!

boxwood clippings_packing for hospital: snack tin

There’s so much I can’t predict with the coming of two babies, so little unknowns such as: what will Brock snack on at the hospital?, is no longer a mystery when I have a tin all prepped and ready to go!

I figured I’d cover all the cravings: sweet, savory and salty. Our tin of goodies includes: bbq goldfish, raspberry cookies, granola bars, chocolate, shortbread, beef jerky, pretzels, m&m’s, and the most importantly, mints and gum.

Insane as it may sound, this prepped tin of calories help calm my stressed head!

Do you guys have any quirky things you’d like to share? This is the post is the time to do it! ;)

Baby’s Suitcase

Monday, January 20th, 2014

This week we’ve been attending our birthing class, and learning all about what we’ll need and don’t need at the hospital. Although most hospitals take care of all baby needs (clothes, diapers, binkies etc) I’ve always wondered why more people don’t bring their own baby clothes for the occasion.

Maybe I’m the crazy one for dreaming of babies for over seven years, but I figure why not dress them how I want on their first few precious  days on earth? I mean, it’s only one washer load when all is said and done, and I want to see them in their newborn items as long as possible :)

boxwood clippings_baby suitcase

boxwood clippings_baby suitcase

My mum found these adorable cardboard suitcases on clearance at Nordies, and they matched perfectly with the newborn essentials I had shipped over from England (see post HERE).

Now to work on my bag…trust me, it’s no where near as cute!

Sugar Paper at Target

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

We were thrilled to discover Sugar Paper products this week at Target!!! We know we are late on the boat with this one, but we thought it was definitely worth the shout-out for any of you who haven’t heard yet either!

Not only do we always adore Sugar Paper’s gorgeous designs and style, but now we can L-O-V-E them with Target price tags! Holler!!!

Honestly we were spoiled for choice and can’t think of a prettier way to start the new year!

boxwoodclippings_sugar paper for target

boxwoodclippings_sugar paper for target

boxwoodclippings_sugar paper for target

Unfortunately, products are not available online but we promise it is well worth a Target trip (make sure to check out Christmas clearance while you’re there).

Read all about Sugar Paper for Target and their full line of products HERE.

Em’s Entertaining Closet Makeover

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

One of my favorite things about our home is all the closet space! Absolute heaven after living in an apartment with hardly any storage. There are closets in every room, including the family room!

Instead of using it for DVD’s and games, I needed the space for extra dishes.

boxwood clippings_entertaining closet

The closet contains all of our kitchen things we don’t use everyday. It works really great as it’s located next to the dining room and helps keep the kitchen from being over-crowded.

boxwood clippings_entertaining closet

All of the white dishes were getting lost in the white blank space, so I used this magic cover up I found at wally-world to create some contrast.

boxwoodclippings_magic cover

I used two rolls at $1.97 a roll, and love that I can just peel it off when I’m ready for something new. Loving this $4 change! Have you been doing any fun projects around the house lately?

Sarah’s Organization Project: Kitchen Corner Cupboard

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

My organization project has slowed down around here, but with the twins coming in Feb it’s got me kicking things up into high gear before they get here.

To get me back in the swing of things I picked a small but very rewarding project…

the dreaded kitchen corner cupboard.

boxwood clippings_how to organize your corner cupboard

In the past I’ve found this odd shaped cupboard to be more of a nuisance than a help, and thoughtlessly crammed anything in there that was equally odd. Such as: magic bullets, waffle and ice cream makers.

However, I’m converted to the logic ‘less is more’ and found that everyday items such as napkins and straws can live here, and it can become a highly functional part of your kitchen. Take a peek…

boxwood clippings_how to organize your corner cupboard

As always using our very favorite $1 tubs saved the day. I labeled them: straws, utensils, cupcake liners, and napkins. By grouping bitty items in an enclosed space, ensures randoms don’t run wild!

It’s also super handy to arrange items towards the front of the cupboard, especially when they are so deep, you want things at your finger tips, you don’t want to go on a treasure hunt!


Project cost: $0 (already had everything)

Project time: 1 hour


Valuable kitchen space is more usable. Now when the hubby asks “where are the kitchen straws?”, I’ll say “in the bin labeled straws, darling!”

Ikea Family September Deals

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Some of our favorite ‘must-have’ items are on sale this month at Ikea. Serious whoot whoot!!!

You need a member card to get these deals (see HERE), but your 5 minutes will be well worth it with these prices, (plus you get a free hot choc, tea or coffee with every visit :).

We use these boxes ALL THE TIME  in our homes, they are the cheapest and prettiest way to organize. See some ways we’ve used them  HERE, and HERE. To our surprise, they actually hold up pretty well, we’ve had some of ours for 10 plus years, no joke!

boxwood clippings_ikea boxes

boxwood clippings_ikea boxes

boxwood clippings_ikea boxes

Ahhhh and the beloved Expedit bookcase, this price for this size in unbelievable and a must for any home. See ours HERE, and HERE. Don’t make us talk about them any more, and just go see for yourselves…you’ll love em we promise. :)

boxwood clippings_ikea bookcase

(To see all of this months deals click HERE.) 

DIY Easy Greeting Card

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Recently we’ve had lots of birthdays, weddings, graduations etc… so we’ve been in need of lots of cards.

This simple design of just gluing on a bow and handwriting a little message couldn’t be easier.

boxwood clippings_congratulations card

It probably costs only 20¢ holler!

Putting on a movie and making a batch, can feel really organized and productive, I love it.

$.79 Ikea Buckets

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

boxwood clippings_ikea silver buckets

On my last trip to Ikea, I stocked up on these multi-purpose silver plant pots. I have them dotted around the house for make-up, plants, crayons, and any small items that needs corralling. They are the perfect price-point for gift-giving, with a cute plant, candy or anything else put inside..another favorite thing from Ikea!

Best Granite Cleaner For Dark Countertops

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

White cabinets and black countertops have been my fave ever since I saw Somethings Gotta Give, so naturally when I got to pick out my options 6 years ago, I didn’t think twice before choosing the combo.

Little did I know shinny black countertops would be a cleaning nightmare. Every little crumb and fingerprint is noticeable to the naked eye, and it drives me nuts!

boxwood clippings_granite cleaner

Not all granite cleaners are born equal, many leave residue and streaks. The first year we were in the house we must have tried at least 10 different brands, and then we found our perfect match…

boxwood clippings 409 granite cleaner

This bad boy works like a charm, cuts out grease and leaves a glossy finish.

I love him so much I just had to tell y’all about it. :)

$8 Ikea Shelves

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

I am a lucky girl that I live just a few minutes from Ikea, it’s like someone was planning it or something (wink, wink).

Last time I was there I was blown a way with the prices of these $3 brackets with this $2 shelf. They just had to come home.

boxwood clippings_$8 ikea shelves

I decided to put them up on our kitchen island for easy access to our mixing bowls (I meaning Brad). I love the basic shape and added storage, but most of all love the $8 price tag!

Thanks Ikea for another steal of a deal!

Holler Dollar: Tiny Brown Glass Bottle

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Brock thinks this is way over the top, but I HATE the look of his allergy pills. I try and put them in the medicine cupboard but he says if they’re not out, he forgets to take them.

On a recent trip to a health store (Good Earth) I saw these cute little bottles for just 90¢, and knew it was a solution to our little issue.

boxwood clippings_holler dollar brown glass bottle

Now we’re both happy, cute bottle for me and accessible for him. Another simple pleasure and problem solved!

Wouldn’t it be cute to redo your whole medicine cabinet? Brown bottles all lined up…


Sold online HERE

*Disclaimer: this lid isn’t child proof so use with care if little ones are around*

How To Always Have a Fresh Hand Towel

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

It’s no surprise that we LOVE white towels, and generally speaking they require no additional care than another color, but for some reason it’s really hard to keep the hand towel size looking nice and white.

The area that gets used starts to look greyish after only one or two uses and it just looks ugly and dirty, and can be embarrassing if guests stop by.

And that’s why I’ve adopted the washcloth one use program:

boxwood clippings_washcloth for hand towel

Use once, and throw in basket

boxwood clippings_washcloth for hand towel

Mum started using washcloths instead of towels several years ago, (she was obviously inspired by some fancy hotel or restaurant) and I think it’s somewhat genius.

They are so small they hardly take up any room in my regular wash, I even think it’s more eco friendly because I’m washing the bigger towel less.

We all love the pack of RE Washcloths at Target that run round $3

boxwood clippings_white washcloths

And as soon as they start the grey attitude, they make it into the rag pile.

win and win!

Sarah’s Organization Project: Nightstand

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

It’s been a little while since I’ve tacked an organization project, but this one has been on my list for a while.

My nightstand became a hold all for books, and bits and bobs and honestly I didn’t realize how messy it was until I took the photo. I was wanting to reorganize it because I needed to make room for water bottles and tissues, 2 things I always realize I need right when I’m snuggled up and comfy and hate to get out of bed. So I fixed it…

boxwood clippings_nightstand

I did the usual detox and putting things in their proper home, then I made proper homes for the items that belonged there; like: scriptures, journals, and books. Then I added every day kinda items that are handy to have close by: water bottles, tissues, pens, notebook, flashlight, glasses and foot cream etc etc…

boxwood clippings_nightstand

Since my nightstand is so dark inside, I lined it with this paper to brighten things up and protect the shelves.

boxwood clippings_nightstand

There’s somethings luxurious about having things at your finger tips, I like that!


Project cost: $1 for draw liners

Project time: 1 hours

Project reward: feeling luxurious, and as always happier to have another nook all neat and taken care of. :)

Master Closet Organization with Ikea Storage

Monday, July 1st, 2013

My favorite place in our house is the master closet. Going from a tiny apartment to a walk-in closet is heaven! We also had the builder finish the space in the eaves of the roof to make the most out of every square inch.

The Bitrade storage cube from Ikea is like our beloved Expedit, just a little smaller and less expensive. It sits perfectly in our little eave nook and houses my winter boots and chunky sweaters.

boxwood clippings_shoe rack

I am super impressed that the book case was only costs $30 and am thinking of all sorts of ways we could add another to help organize the rest of the house…laundry room, garage, basement, the list goes on. The Bitrade unfortunately is not available online, but if you have a store close to you it may be worth a look…

Also new to our closet are these Malm dressers. We have two facing each other either side of the Bitrade, and they are a steal for $90 a piece.

I added a lamp for extra light in this nook, and displayed my jewelry and perfume on top of my dresser. I’m finally wearing perfume and mixing up outfits with jewelry because it’s right in front of my every morning, instead of being tucked in a drawer.

boxwood clippings_em's closet

I love organizing solutions that are functional and pretty too! Do you love any storage products we should know about? Please share!

DIY Fabric Notice Board

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Today we’d like to share how to make these super simple bulletin boards that we’ve had great success with.

boxwood clippings_diy notice board

Here’s What You’ll Will Need:

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

Picture Frame

Cork Board/ Sound Choice Board



Staple Gun

Scissors, Ruler, Exacto knife


1. Measure frame and cut board to fit (if the frame has a backing you can trace that size). We buy the 4′ x 8′ sound choice board from the hardware store or cork boards from the thrift store for our board.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

2. Make sure the board fits in frame after cut, not too snug because the fabric will need to wrap over the board and take up a little space.

3. Use cut board to measure how much padding you’ll need. Cut to same size.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

It should look like this:

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

4. Staple padding onto board.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

5. Use your board to measure and cut fabric allowing about 1 1/2 inches on each side.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

6. Start with a long side and staple back fabric. One staple about every 2 inches.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

7. Next, staple the opposite side. Be sure to pull it so there’s no wrinkles.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

8. Now for the edges. Follow these photos…

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

They should look something like this:

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

When you’ve stapled all around your board should look something like this:

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

9. To finish, simply staple to the frame so it’s secure.

boxwood clippings_diy fabric notice board

Playing around with size, fabric choices and nailhead trim to get the exact look and function you want for your space is great. We especially love them in our offices and by our by our entryways. Check out Sarah’s HERE.

We hope you enjoy creating your own boards and loving them as much as we do!

A Little Organized Hallway

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Today we’re thrilled to be sharing a simple organization system over at Live Simply By Annie.

boxwood clippings_a little organized hallway

Annie has serious talent and an amazing blog…do pop over for visit. :)