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5 Tips to Organize a Nursery Closet

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

My girls’ closet is a little dreamy, for me at least! Little coordinating clothes hung in order send me into a tissy! Although I love the way this closet looks, the way it functions is even better. I’m able to grab what I need at a seconds notice and know exactly where things belong when I’m tidying up. A place for everything is ALWAYS key!

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet

A few tips for an organized closet:

No.1 Matching Hangers: Instantly creates a uniformed look. White looks the cleanest.

No.2 Organize according to size first: Group all the same size clothes together, you don’t want to be routing through size 6 month clothes when you have a new born (unless he’s really really big!).

No.3 Then arrange by colour: Within the size group colour coordinate your clothes, not only does this look tidy, but really helps when you’re looking for something in particular.

No.4 Have somewhere for clothes that are too big or too small: Children grow SO fast, so have somewhere handy where you can throw the ones that don’t fit. I use one of the white boxes above just temporarily until they are out of all the clothes that size, then they’ll be moved to the basement. This works the other way, keep clothes that are the next size up close at hand, look through it often and make sure they’re not missing wearing something because you forgot about it!

No.5 Use baskets, bins and shelves to create more storage: To have a place for everything YOU need to create the homes! Maximize space with book shelves (our forever fave is the kallax from ikea HERE). Bins and baskets create homes for bibs, bows, socks and any other little items you have in there.

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet


Of course things will get messy, but if the organized skeleton is there, it will take a fraction of the time to put it straight.

Our mum used to sing to us as we were going to bed and she’d be doing a light pick up. I find it a soothing chore at the end of a frantic day, and helps the next be a little more orderly (in theory!).

I’m only 2 months into this, advice and your expertise is welcome!

Worth The Splurge: Williams-Sonoma Organic Waffle Towels

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Anyone knows I get a little too enthusiastic about linens. Kitchen tea towels are no exception. I don’t know about you but it just drives me crazy when I get a clean kitchen towel out of the dryer and it still has stains on it… even with a pre-wash stain treatment. Arrg! Out to the rag pile it goes…

Introducing the best kitchen towel in the universe….

boxwoodclippings_williams-sonoma waffle-weave kitchen towels

Williams-Sonoma Organic Waffle-Weave Towels

Not only are these practically stain-resistant they are also incredibly absorbent, dry in a jiffy and are huge 30″ x 20″! I received them as a house-warming gift and honestly cannot say enough good things about them. I now use them 99% of the time, and hate when they are both in the wash.

$10 per towel is a pretty steep, but I promise you will like them ten times better than any other kitchen towel.

Do you have any household items you’re dying over? Please share, we love trying out new things!

Walmart Mainstays Pillows

Friday, March 7th, 2014

In our family, we have people who needs to wipe their brow the instant the sun peaks out from a cloud, or who form beads of sweat from simple, light exercise. We call these loveable family members “sweaty heads”. Sweaty heads, you know we love you! I love sweaty heads so much, I even married one.

The combination of sweaty heads and my slight germ-a-phobia from working in the medical field so long have me utterly grossed out by pillows. Even though I have a sanitation cycle on my washer, I’ve never successfully washed a pillow without it coming out lumpy and weird, which lead me to these:

boxwoodclippings_walmart mainstays deep pocket pillows $2.50

Walmart’s Mainstay Deep Pocket Pillow

These pillows are only $2.50 each! They are awesome for the price, are hypoallergenic, and extra soft, making them perfect for stomach sleepers. They are so inexpensive that I replace my sweaty head’s pillow every month, and I don’t have to be grossed out by old pillows. I also try to keep a few extra on hand for guests, and as my local wally-world often runs out I like to have a little stock pile.

If you have any sweaty heads in your family, you may want to give these pillows a try!

How do you keep your pillows fresh and clean? Do you have any little housekeeping tips to share, we’d love to hear what tricks you keep up your sleeve!

Our Twin Nursery

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

It’s finally finished!!!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Above the cribs we framed wrapping paper, soon to be replaced with photos of our little ones!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

A new chair from Walmart and a family heirloom piece offers seating for both mum and dad, can you guess which one I get?!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

A babies Moses Basket in crib, helps the little ones adjust to a bigger world, or so I’m told. I think they’re simply adorbs!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

A collection of white lanterns act as a mobile for now, and something for the little ones to look up at.

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Two small shelves from Ikea act as a little bookcase, and gives the room a little pop of colour.

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

I’m in LOVE with these blankets both received as gifts. Blush pink is so beautiful.

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Little fun details!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Plates found at our local thift shop. Attached by hot gluing metal paper clips to the back and attaching to wall with just a small nail. A thrifty and easy solution!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

My Winnie The Pooh soft toy collection, I’ve been obsessed with Pooh for years!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

It all looks just like I pictured in my head! We had little ‘drama’s’ along the way, but all in all we really enjoyed the whole process of finally getting to decorate a nursery!

Right now it’s quite light and whimsical, we plan on changing things up a bit when the girls get older, adding more bookshelves and places for toys, and even more colour…that’s right!

For resource links, please visit my inspiration board post HERE.

Nursery Sneek Peek: Putting Left Over Paint to Good Use

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

This post brought to you in part by:

jones logo

.Do you guys remember my nursery inspiration board?boxwood clippings_gender neutral nursery

It became a great starting point to get my vision together, and although a lot stayed the same, I switched up a couple of details.

One of which was the paint. Originally, I thought I’d paint the whole room because I really wanted the white furniture to ‘pop.’ But then we found out we were having two girls, I thought an entire room painted grey might look too masculine. I was really sold on the grey, but I also wanted it to feel really light and airy!

Knowing that we wanted to incorporate molding somehow, we settled on the idea of doing a craftsman-style chair rail and window casings. It was a little scary thinking it may turn out a little 90s, but we love the results, with the paint only being at the bottom of the walls. What do you guys think?

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_modern chair rail

One of the best parts about this project is that we were able to use the leftover paint from our kitchen makeover (see HERE). Although I LOVE having different colours in the various rooms of our house, it’s nice to have some consistency so it all ‘flows’ nicely. And as we already had it, it was basically FREEEE!

We used only about a 1/2 gallon of paint, and did 2 coats. It worked out perfectly since we’d already chosen the pearl finish for the high-traffic kitchen area, and now it works great in the nursery, where soon little fingers will be touching daily, and it’ll be easy to wipe clean.

Paint used: Benjamin Moore: Stonington Grey in Pearl finish

Another thing that is free is the great advice you get when you go to Jones Paint and Glass. They’ll advise you on colour choices, finish, tools and anything in between. For you local readers, be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment with Alaura Stickney at their Provo store; she’s a paint genius!!!!

Stay tuned for an overload of photos tomorrow!

Em’s New Additions In Home

Monday, February 24th, 2014

We are slowly making progress on making the new house a home. Here’s a few new additions this month…

Our sis-in law, Kimbers is a pro on the sewing machine. She made me some lovely pillow covers for our bed from fabric I bought on clearance for $5/yd. I’m loving the shades of tan to cozy things up this time of year.

boxwood clippings_neutral bed

We finally got around to mounting the tv in the family room. Electrical cables are the bane of my existence, and as you can see we are getting closer to keeping them out of view!

I thought I would try the Ikea Hemnes sofa table as a media stand it actually works great! The compartments fit our electronics perfectly, and it has no backing so wires can get to plugs easily. We’ll use the storage baskets for baby toys. I’m hooping this will work great to keep mess out of view, be super accessible, and easy for clean up too.

boxwood clippings_ikea tv stand

Brad got me this lamp for my birthday, and I haven’t got around to showing you yet. It literally can go in any corner of any room. I’m constantly moving it around. Target doesn’t sell it anymore, but they have this one that’s really similar.

Also, more linen taupe pillow covers from Kimberly…

boxwood clippings_lamp and pillow

Do you have any projects going on at your house lately? We’d love to hear what you’re up to!

Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Every February, our sis-in-law Kimberly throws a Valentine’s dinner for our family. Her kids get so excited and we all make little Valentine’s for each other. Kimberly goes all out with setting the table, and always makes an amazing meal. Now we all look forward this event every year. I love the idea of making a bigger deal out of little holidays (especially in the winter months)!!!

I decided to get a little festive in our dining room by pulling out red and pink party decor and buying a few heart balloons from The Dollar Tree.

boxwood clippings_valentine's table setting

boxwood clippings_valentine's day table setting


boxwood clippings_valentine's day table setting

This literally took about 10 minutes and no effort at all. It’s amazing how just pulling a few pieces out and spending a few minutes can make an ordinary day feel extra special. Happy love month everyone!!!

Tips on New Construction

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

2013 was a huge year for me in learning all about new construction. Not only did we finish our first house, but I also started working as an Interior Designer at Ivory Homes. I have learned so much through both of these experiences, so thought I’d share a few tips today.

boxwoodclippings_new construction

#1 Surroundings: Usually when building a new house it is hard to focus on anything other than the floor plan. It is so important to look at your surroundings of the neighborhood. What direction your house face has huge impact on the amount of light in your home (think strong evening light and snowy north-facing driveways). What is being built either side of your lot? How much space will you have between your neighbors? Does your community have an HOA? All these things are going to impact your life in your new home and should be some of the first things to consider. Don’t be afraid to ask your builder to flip you house plan on the lot for better views, or to make changes that you’d like. It’s always worth asking!

#2 Choosing a Floor Plan: This can be very overwhelming, especially when builders offer dozens of plans. First look at square footage, and the number of beds and baths for your price. These are the specs that will primarily value and eventually sell your home so it’s important to compare with existing home prices in the neighborhood. Also, it’s amazing how builders price their plans so differently. For example, a home that had 700 sq foot less than our home was only $4k less. Most importantly, hopefully the builder can walk you through home plans you are interested in, It’s hard to get a feel by looking just at blueprints. Once you’ve decided on a floorplan walk through the plan again, taking pictures and paying attention to light, and areas of the home that you may want to change. It is also important to remember you will need to leave a little room in your budget for upgrades, you don’t want to max out your budget on the base plan of a home, leaving no wiggle room for additional costs.

#3 Structural Changes: The first thing you want to think about upgrading is anything you can’t change easily. Adding windows, raising the ceilings, extending the garage etc. After thinking of any structural changes, you want to next think about semi-permanent features such as cabinetry, flooring, and baseboards.

#4 Electrical: It is so hard to think of everything during the building process, but getting sufficient lighting and outlets in a home is something that buyers often overlook. The small cost for adding can lights and extra outlets is so worth it in the long run. Hallways and closets are often areas that get neglected, add those cans for a bright and cheery home!

#5 The Kitchen: If budget allows upgrade your kitchen. It is usually so much cheaper to upgrade cabinetry and counter-tops with your builder than if you wanted to upgrade these items later. More than anywhere else, your kitchen truly is the heart of the home where your family and friends will spend a lot of time. You’ll always be happy to have invested in this space.

Building a home is very stressful, but at the same time such a fun experience. I hope these tips will help a little if you’re thinking of building a new home soon!

DIY Abstract Metallic Artwork

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Art is essential in helping make a house a home. It brings warmth, environment and adds your personal stamp into your home. However, I’ve been having the hardest time finding art work I love and when I do it costs hundred of dollars!

I have one wall in my living room that was large and bare. I’m not afraid of empty walls, but as this wall faces you as you walk in the front door of our house I felt it needed something to fill the space and at the same time not distract from the focal point wall of the room. I wanted something neutral, large and simple. Sarah, being the artist of our family convinced me we should try something on our own.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

For supplies I purchased two 40″ x 30″ canvases from Hobby Lobby. They cost $22 after using 40% off coupons. We used these $1 brushes from The Dollar Tree. Sarah loved the sheen of this paint she used in her bathroom, so we decided to use it again for this project. Naturally, I needed a gold color too :)

boxwood clippings_martha stewart melallic paint

I was a little nervous, but Sarah told me just to go for it! The great thing about painting on canvas is you can always paint over something you don’t like after it dries.

We simply painted brushstrokes of gold and silver, some thick chunky strokes and some faint, wispy ones. We just kept on going until we were happy with the look. Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

My front room gets a lot of light and I just love how reflective this paint is. The new artwork makes the whole room ‘glow’ in sunlight.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

Although, you can’t exactly call this a masterpiece I am more than happy with how they turned out. For under $30 per canvas, and an hour of time I got exactly what I needed for this empty space.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement sis xxx

New Dining Room Pendant only $43!!!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Did you guys notice when I posted our paint makeover last month that we also changed out our dinning room light? Although I love the one we had, it always seemed a bit too small for the room, especially when the table is extended to it’s full length.

BEFORE:                                                                                    AFTER:

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

I’d been wanting to replace it for a while, but boy are lights expensive.

Since we’ve been working on the nursery, I decided our old light would be perfect up there, so it was time to get serious and keep my eyes peeled. And that’s when I spotted THIS beauty at Ikea.

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

Can you believe this massive shade is only $25?!

I already had a cord ($5), but I needed a new mount for the ceiling. I had no luck at Lowes or Home Depot, but found this lovely one for only $15 at West Elm.

boxwood clippings_dinning room light mount


Now the only problem was the cord. If you buy a pendant light usually them come with mount, cord, cord cover and the light, but because I built this piece by piece, I couldn’t find a cord cover and the cord alone looked too thin and cheap.

Then inspiration struck: wrap the cord in string. So that’s what I did. I found the thickest string I could at Ace, and got to work, and I’m happy to report it only took about 20 mins!

What do you think?

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

Not to shabby hey?

Em’s Family Room Update: Getting Cozy with Paint

Monday, January 6th, 2014

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jones logo

When deciding our upgrades with our builder we decided to go with bright white walls everywhere. We actually got a credit for this as the standard was two-tone paint and we’ve actually loved having bright white in most of the house.

Our family room however, has laminate wooden floors and combined with those bright white walls felt really cold and uninviting at the end of a long day. It was time for a paint intervention!


boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

Jones Paint and Glass helped us pick out the perfect gray tone that would be warm and cozy. We tried a few different colors using their sample size paints and wall stickers and decided on Benjamin Moore Seattle Mist. It is the perfect blend of tan and gray.

As this was our first paint project we needed some major education on painting supplies. The lovely workers at Jones helped us pick out all of their favorite supplies from tape to rollers and we had a freshly painted room in no time.


boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

It is amazing how much more inviting this space is with a lick of paint. Jones made this project so easy with everything we needed to know as inexperienced painters.

We still need to tackle trim work and artwork for this room, but painting has helped the room feel so much more finished and most importantly helped us relax to a favorite show at the end of the day!

Sarah’s Christmas Decorations 2013: Brown + Silver Guest Bathroom

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

For me, Christmas decorations are something to be played with. I love experimenting with different looks and color palettes. I never spend a fortune, simply shop the clearance at 90% off, and have a few glass and white wear pieces to use over and over.

The look this year, is brown and silver. Keeping it simple, here’s what’s on my shelves in my downstairs loo.

boxwood clippings_brown + silver christmas decorations

boxwood clippings_brown + silver christmas decorations

boxwood clippings_brown + silver christmas decorations

 The rest of the room was left bare, apart from this wreath hung with a command hook from the mirror.

boxwood clippings_brown + silver christmas decorations


Because I’m already feeling pretty puffed-out with the exciting twin pregnancy, I really wanted to keep things under control; easy to put up, and even easier to take down.

Even if you’re low on energy or motivation, a half hour and a couple of Christmas tunes can be just enough to inspire a little festive decor here and there. Guaranteed you’ll be glad you made the effort. :)

Dining & Kitchen Makeover

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

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We moved into our brand spanking new home Fall of ’07. Seeing it all in its new state, makes you want to keep it that way, but normal wear and tear is bound to happen so a little face lift is needed every now and then.

Our kitchen is a high traffic area of the home, and we were noticing lots of nicks and scratches along the corners and lots of scuff marks to go with them. The scuffs sometimes came off with a damp cloth or magic eraser, but a lot of the time they’d take the paint with it leaving uneven walls.

boxwood clippings_kitchen makeover

So although we loved our blue kitchen we decided it was time for a paint makeover. We’d get rid of the flat blue, and replace it with a pearl medium grey. Painting over our 6 years of wear, and updating the look along the way. What do you think? You likey?


boxwood clippings_kitchen makeover


boxwood clippings_kitchen makeover

The first thing we did was paint over the molding which was a normal gloss, to a high gloss. This really makes the molding ‘pop’, and gives it more definition.

BEFORE:                                                                        AFTER:

boxwood clippings_kitchen + dinning makeover

On these photos, look at the very top, even from a distance the gloss is showing, and looks a lot cleaner.

BEFORE:                                                                        AFTER:

boxwood clippings_kitchen + dinning makeover 2

For under $100, and a weekend of labor our kitchen and dinning area is ready for another 6 years of fun. We love the new look, it feels so much fresher, cleaner and more durable, but still like home.

boxwood clippings_kitchen + dinning makeover

boxwood clippings_kitchen + dinning makeover

boxwood clippings_kitchen + dinning makeover

Paint Used:

Benjamin Mo0re: Stonington Grey in Pearl finish

Decoe Paint White in Glossy finish

If you’re inspired, be sure to stop by Jones Paint and Glass. They have the best service in town, and will guide you through every step of the way. Perhaps a new look for a new year?!

Don’t forget to test out samples like we did, see HERE.

Thrift Cafe Chairs Reveal

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

I’m not sure if you remember, but a loooong time ago I purchased these chairs for $4 each. I finally got around to finishing them, all ready for the holidays.

boxwood clippings_cafe chair makeover

It took me all day to sand and paint 8 of these chairs. I used this paint and am happy to say the long hours were worth it! Love the dark espresso and gloss finish!

I think it’s fair to say we have more than enough chairs for a household of two! We’ll be using these ones as occasional chairs for when we have a full house.

Let the party season begin! Have you found any great thrift finds lately?

Emily’s $70 Entryway Update

Monday, October 28th, 2013

 This post brought to you, in part by:


I’m so excited to share with you guys my entryway update. Remember how white and boring it was?

boxwood clippings_em's hallway

A lick of paint and a lantern sure transformed the place. Ta dah…

boxwood clippings_entryway

I can’t believe how just a few changes can make such a difference!

The rug is an old runner I’ve had for years, but was originally bought it from Overstock. Why do indoor/outdoor rugs live forever and I can’t justify buying this one yet?!

Here are the other sources:

1 quart (sample size) paint from Jones Paint and Glass: $6

Outdoor lantern from the Home depot: $65

Total cost: $71

If you need help decorating or organizing your home please email us at: mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com.

The Most Perfect Gift

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

For my Mum’s 60th birthday she really really wanted all her children together in one place. It hadn’t happened since 1996, and it was impossible for us to pull it off for her special day.

I felt terrible and was looking for the next best thing so I came up with the idea for all of her offspring (including all the grandkids) to write her a letter with fond memories, birthday wishes and things we admire about her. Well, I’m pleased to say it was a massive hit, and her book of letters is one place her children all gather.

It was Brock’s Grammy’s 90th birthday this past weekend, and he requested we put one together for her, just as we had for my Gran’s 90th, and mum’s 60th. It’s quite a tedious job collecting all the bits and pieces from everyone, but I can honestly say it’s the most perfect gift ever!

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

I use a regular scrapbook, and keep the format pretty simple. Black and white photos of each person, photo corners, envelopes, and some ‘rub-on’s’ for decoration. The inside of the envelopes are decorated also with scrapbook or wrapping paper. You don’t have to get super ‘crafty’ it’s the content that steals the show.

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

It’s one of those gifts you really can’t beat, and is made special by each of the people who help contribute. Thanks to all my family members who’ve put up with my nagging to create these one of a kind gifts, I’m sure we’ve made our mother’s and grannies very happy!

Emily’s Autumn Porch

Monday, October 21st, 2013

My favorite part about being in our new house so far is getting to decorate for the different seasons.

Here is our front porch all ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

boxwoodclippings_emily's autumn porchporch

Price Breakdown:

Walmart Mum’s: $3.99 each

Ikea Flower pots: $7.99 each

Macey’s pumpkins: $.19/lb

Bradley rockers: $119.95 Read about them here.

While I’m enjoying my pumpkins, my head is already spinning with Christmas ideas. How have you decorated your outdoor space this fall?

The Genius Way to Sample a New Paint Color

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

This post brought to you, in part by:


Both Em and I are in the process of painting some rooms in our homes, eeeeek! Although we’re excited for the updates, we’ve had a hard time choosing the new perfect colors. The regular size paint chips just aren’t big enough to image a whole room painted.

We were thrilled to learn Jones Paint and Glass offer pint size samples of ANY COLOR, mixed JUST FOR YOU for only $6! This way we were able to see the ACTUAL paint color, and not just the ink version you get on the chips.

boxwood clippings_perfect size, custom color paint sample

For convenience they also offer these handy dandy sticky sheets that you paint with your sample and stick to the wall.

boxwood clippings_a perfect paint sample

We’re in love coz you can move them about the room to different areas to see how it looks against all your surfaces and change in light. Priced at only $1.19 a sheet we think it’s a genius idea so you don’t have to paint the actual wall to get the vision!

Important Tip: Once you’re in love, take the actual paint sample tin into the store so they can mix the EXACT measurements for your bigger match.

Now we’ve got our colors all picked, stay tuned for our room makeovers!

Halloween Favorites here at Boxwood

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

I always love going back and looking at old crafts and projects, and this blog has been a great way to document things we’ve been up to. Here are some of our favorite Halloween posts from the archives, hope you enjoy second time around too!

Simple green + black decorations last year found HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

I can’t help think that we were copied a little over HERE on this crows wreath, we like ours better for $4! (HERE)

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

Cute bucket favors for kids are always a hit. HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween buckets

We still think these are one of our best ideas yet! Decorative vases out of old tights! HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween vase

Another set of decorations, orange + black this time. HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

As always, we hope you find our projects inspiring and not overwhelming. We think simple is best, reuse what you have, and feel the joy or spookiness of the season!



Consignment Accent Table

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

The newest addition in our home is this sweet accent table.

boxwood clippings_em's little pumpkin table

It was a house warming gift from Brad’s mom, Maureen and I love it to bits. We found it at a consignment store in California, I can’t tell you how much I love consignment and thrift store shopping! The Sanders family are gold miners at thrift and consignment shops and have taught me to love it too!

Not only are prices so much more affordable than retail but the workmanship and detail on older pieces are usually better too. See more of my thrift and consignment finds and tips here, here, and here.

Thanks Maureen, we will cherish this for many years to come!