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DIY Painted Star Wall

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

After spending hours painting stars in our nursery, I now consider myself an expert ;)

If you are interested in painting stars in your home this is how and what I learned…

boxwood clippings | painted star wall | modern grey nursery

First I measured the wall space: 8′ H x 10′ W meaning I could have four rows of five stars measuring 2′ each.

I really wanted my starts to touch tip to tip so I had to create my own stencil to get my stars exactly 24″. Needless to say my high school geometry teacher would not have been proud! I had to try a few times to get the exact dimensions I wanted.

I used THIS tutorial on wikihow to get me started and decided to adapt the protractor method to make a huge star. Instead of drawing a circle and connection the points, I drew a vertical line and drew 5 lines measuring 72 degrees apart using a protractor and ruler which would be the points of the star. I then a measured 12″ from the center in each direction to make the lines of the star making sure the diameter was 24″.

stars 2

Once I had my stencil I measured horizontal lines 24″ apart on my wall space using a level and a ruler. I lined up my star stencil on each horizontal line and drew 20 stars in about 5 minutes. Wahoo, something easy!

I decided to tape off the stars so they would be extra crisp and clean with painter’s tape. If you have a steady hand you could just paint free hand.


I chose Benjamin Moore’s Ozark Shadows HERE for a warm grey that is on the taupe side. I painted two coats on my first row, and couldn’t wait for it to dry to peel off the painter’s tape and see the result. Uh oh, major paint bleed! I gave Jones Paint and Glass a quick call and they advised me to seal the tape before painting with a damp cloth to really lock the tape against the wall. Once I did this I had zero problems with the paint bleeding. I used both blue and green frog tape for this project because I had left over tape from other projects, but definitely preferred the green tape for a super crisp edge.

jones 2
Paint bleeds and stencil problems aside, I now have (almost) perfect stars!

These stars make the room and were so worth the labor of love.

Thanks to Jones Paint and Glass for supplies and for the invaluable advice.

Let me know if you have any questions!

A Baby Boy Nursery

Monday, April 18th, 2016

boxwood clippings | star grey and white nursery

boxwood clippings | star grey and white nursery

boxwood clippings | star grey and white nursery

boxwood clippings | star grey and white nursery

boxwood clippings | grey and white modern nursery

boxwood clippings | grey and white modern nursery

boxwood clippings | grey and white modern nursery

bassinet: HERE | slipcovered chair: old from Pottery Barn | rug: TJ Maxx | dresser: HERE | nightstand: old from Target | lamp: similar HERE | peg rack: HERE | mobile: HERE

stripe: Marshalls | grey HERE | love HERE | nordic stripe HERE (only avail in blue)

Em’s baby boy will be here in under a month….and we’ve finally got his room cleaned out and decorated for him!

It took a while to decide the color scheme. Emily kept on going back and forth between a b+w nursery or using softer neutrals of grey + cream. Grey and cream and natural wood tones felt more cozy and babyish, so eventually this color scheme won.

Once we decided on color it was time for the star statement wall, which really makes the room. It was a labor of love and took a really long time, but it was worth it! Come back tomorrow to find out the nitty-gritty of this process.

Jane is now 21 months so will make the transition to a toddler bed in just a few months. Her crib HERE will eventually make it into baby boy’s room.

His clothes are washed, diapers are stocked in his room ready. Now if we could just decide on his name! ‘Ben’ is up on the door for a trial run.

Do you have any boys names you are loving? We need some help!

A Homemade Spring Wreath

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Sarah has been on the hunt for a spring wreath for her front door for a really long time…years in fact.

Every spring wreath has been too big, flouncy, ‘fake’ looking or expensive for her liking, so this year she finally decided to make her own.

spring wreath boxwood clippings

a spring wreath

She bought a simple grapevine wreath HERE for $4.99, whitewashed it with craft paint and used four stems of paper florals from Hobby Lobby (in store) to tuck into the wreath.

Isn’t she lovely?

Under $20 and less than an hour…and so much sweeter that it’s a one-of-a-kind and we’re all happy Sarah finally has a spring wreath on the door!

Essential Oils Diffuser

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

One of the first things that hits me when I walk into a space is the smell.

Anthropologie is one of those places that comes to mind, where the divine smell hits me right when I walk in…do you know what I’m talking about? Anyhow, two of our organizing clients are huge on Essential Oils and their homes smell amazing! So when my mother-in-law gifted me an amazon gift card for my birthday, I knew what I wanted to splurge on!

I bought THIS Essential Oil Diffuser, and THESE oils.

boxwood clippings | defuser

boxwood clippings | defuser

I’m in love!

Both of these purchases are not top of the line, so I may upgrade soon, but they were priced great and with the oils only being diffused I figured they didn’t have to be the best quality.

My bedroom truly smells like a spa, and has become even more the little haven I’ve been trying to perfect.

My happy space for sure!

To see more posts about this space, see HERE and HERE!


Em’s New Office Nook

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

We have been busy rearranging and trying to make space for our new baby boy…it’s amazing how we’ve gone from living in a teeny tiny apartment to a house and have filled it so quickly!

We’ve combined our guest room and office to make a new nursery and my desk got booted. At first I was thinking I could just work from our dining table, no biggie. But then I decided I needed my own space for paperwork, gifts, and craft storage no matter how teeny that space may be, and then I realized there was a closet not being used!

boxwood clippings | office in a closet

boxwood clippings | office in a closet

boxwood clippings | office in a closet

boxwood clippings | office in a closet

boxwood clippings | office in a closet

This nook/closet is right off our master and for the past three years we’ve stored throw pillows, luggage in this nook and that’s about it. Those things got moved to the basement and in came the trusty KALLAX!

I know we’ve said it before, but honestly I cannot believe how much these storage cubes can hold! I have moved everything from my office and gift closet (HERE) to these cubes, and I can barely believe it!

I am actually loving this space more than I thought…perfect for work and computer time as I’m not being distracted!
And having all my mommy things in one little space is perfect!