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Easy Spring Garland

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Today, we’re sharing this springy bunting that we whipped up in just a few minutes…

boxwood clippings_Easy Spring Garland


We know a classic bunting is overdone, but hey, it’s timeless and hard to beat!

Sarah had remnants of this yellow gingham fabric which was our starting point. We simply cut into triangles and cut two little holes in each piece to thread the twine through.

Next we tied yellow, tan and cream ribbons onto the twine for a fuller look.

boxwood clippings_Easy Spring Garland

We love how this simple garland brightens up the home for spring, especially because we only used what materials we already had! Now we just need a vase of bright daffodils!

How are you decorating this spring?

Really Simple Easter Place Settings

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Easter is one of our favorite times of year. Not only is it a special time for us to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we also love celebrating the re-birth of the earth with spring…longer days, cherry blossoms, baby animals…the list goes on and on.

Now, with Sarah’s two baby girls in tow we are more dedicated than ever to making homemaking as simple as possible.

Here’s a simple place setting perfect for Easter or any spring occasion:

boxwood clippings_tulip placesetting

colored napkin + coordinating ribbon + tulip

The only way to simplify even more is sticking with basic white napkins and pastel ribbon:

boxwood clippings_tulip placesetting

Even though this is so simple, wouldn’t you love to be greeted with this at the dinner table?!

Do you have any plans for decorating this Easter? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Glitter Eggs over at Lil Luna

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Good morning everyone!

Today I’m excited to share these glitter eggs (which I happen to think are the cutest things ever) over at Lil Luna.

boxwood clippings_glitter eggs on lil luna

Please pop over and say hi, and learn how to make these adorable things!

See you over there! x

Miniature Cupcake Birthday Cake

Friday, February 28th, 2014

We always get a little nervous when baking birthday cakes. What if the cake sticks for some reason or starts to sag on one side? It’s a lot of pressure to make a perfect birthday cake! Which lead us to the miniture cupcake birthday cake…

Miniature Cupcake Birthday Cake

We love cupcakes, but we love even more bite-size, mini cupcakes. There is zero pressure as you can just present the ones that work out perfectly on pretty cakestands with a candle in each one. The more cupcakes and candles the merrier!

We are celebrating lots of candles on Sarah’s birthday cake today!!!  Just kidding, sis ;)

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are crazy talented, beautiful and hilarious. I love you and I’m so lucky to have you as a sister xxx

It’s a Baby Shower!!!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

As promised here are all the details to Sarah’s shower…

We decorated my front room with coffee filter letters, heart balloons from The Dollar Tree and spring blossoms. Obviously, we had to bring in an extra comfy chair for the mummy t0 be.

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

Our best friend, Bri showered Sarah with baby gifts in these adorable little suitcases.

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

We found this and this paper garland from Zurchers party store, and made this tissue paper bunting. I love how they looked so festive and dainty hung together.

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

Heart balloons and a few baby touches simply decorated the food table.

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

Sarah was spoiled-rotten with all sorts of goodies for the girlies.

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

We had such a wonderful day! A big thanks to everyone who made Sarah’s day so special.

Baby Shower Invitations by Tiny Prints

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

We had the best time at Sarah’s baby shower. Nothing is more fun than celebrating for two baby girls, especially when we’ve been waiting for them for such a long time!

We wanted the shower to be pretty and festive, but most importantly simple and stress-free.

Our friends at Tiny Prints helped us get the party started right with these gorgeous invites:

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

Tiny Prints were so easy to work with! Customizing and ordering was a breeze and the invites arrived in lightning speed.

Stay tuned for party details tomorrow!

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

boxwood clippings_sarah's pink and grey twin girl baby shower

Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Every February, our sis-in-law Kimberly throws a Valentine’s dinner for our family. Her kids get so excited and we all make little Valentine’s for each other. Kimberly goes all out with setting the table, and always makes an amazing meal. Now we all look forward this event every year. I love the idea of making a bigger deal out of little holidays (especially in the winter months)!!!

I decided to get a little festive in our dining room by pulling out red and pink party decor and buying a few heart balloons from The Dollar Tree.

boxwood clippings_valentine's table setting

boxwood clippings_valentine's day table setting


boxwood clippings_valentine's day table setting

This literally took about 10 minutes and no effort at all. It’s amazing how just pulling a few pieces out and spending a few minutes can make an ordinary day feel extra special. Happy love month everyone!!!

An Easy DIY Valentine Garland over at Lil Luna

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

boxwood clippings_lil luna_diy valentine's garland

Today I’m sharing this REALLY EASY garland over at Lil Luna, do stop by!!!!

Click HERE!!!

Tips on New Construction

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

2013 was a huge year for me in learning all about new construction. Not only did we finish our first house, but I also started working as an Interior Designer at Ivory Homes. I have learned so much through both of these experiences, so thought I’d share a few tips today.

boxwoodclippings_new construction

#1 Surroundings: Usually when building a new house it is hard to focus on anything other than the floor plan. It is so important to look at your surroundings of the neighborhood. What direction your house face has huge impact on the amount of light in your home (think strong evening light and snowy north-facing driveways). What is being built either side of your lot? How much space will you have between your neighbors? Does your community have an HOA? All these things are going to impact your life in your new home and should be some of the first things to consider. Don’t be afraid to ask your builder to flip you house plan on the lot for better views, or to make changes that you’d like. It’s always worth asking!

#2 Choosing a Floor Plan: This can be very overwhelming, especially when builders offer dozens of plans. First look at square footage, and the number of beds and baths for your price. These are the specs that will primarily value and eventually sell your home so it’s important to compare with existing home prices in the neighborhood. Also, it’s amazing how builders price their plans so differently. For example, a home that had 700 sq foot less than our home was only $4k less. Most importantly, hopefully the builder can walk you through home plans you are interested in, It’s hard to get a feel by looking just at blueprints. Once you’ve decided on a floorplan walk through the plan again, taking pictures and paying attention to light, and areas of the home that you may want to change. It is also important to remember you will need to leave a little room in your budget for upgrades, you don’t want to max out your budget on the base plan of a home, leaving no wiggle room for additional costs.

#3 Structural Changes: The first thing you want to think about upgrading is anything you can’t change easily. Adding windows, raising the ceilings, extending the garage etc. After thinking of any structural changes, you want to next think about semi-permanent features such as cabinetry, flooring, and baseboards.

#4 Electrical: It is so hard to think of everything during the building process, but getting sufficient lighting and outlets in a home is something that buyers often overlook. The small cost for adding can lights and extra outlets is so worth it in the long run. Hallways and closets are often areas that get neglected, add those cans for a bright and cheery home!

#5 The Kitchen: If budget allows upgrade your kitchen. It is usually so much cheaper to upgrade cabinetry and counter-tops with your builder than if you wanted to upgrade these items later. More than anywhere else, your kitchen truly is the heart of the home where your family and friends will spend a lot of time. You’ll always be happy to have invested in this space.

Building a home is very stressful, but at the same time such a fun experience. I hope these tips will help a little if you’re thinking of building a new home soon!

DIY Abstract Metallic Artwork

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Art is essential in helping make a house a home. It brings warmth, environment and adds your personal stamp into your home. However, I’ve been having the hardest time finding art work I love and when I do it costs hundred of dollars!

I have one wall in my living room that was large and bare. I’m not afraid of empty walls, but as this wall faces you as you walk in the front door of our house I felt it needed something to fill the space and at the same time not distract from the focal point wall of the room. I wanted something neutral, large and simple. Sarah, being the artist of our family convinced me we should try something on our own.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

For supplies I purchased two 40″ x 30″ canvases from Hobby Lobby. They cost $22 after using 40% off coupons. We used these $1 brushes from The Dollar Tree. Sarah loved the sheen of this paint she used in her bathroom, so we decided to use it again for this project. Naturally, I needed a gold color too :)

boxwood clippings_martha stewart melallic paint

I was a little nervous, but Sarah told me just to go for it! The great thing about painting on canvas is you can always paint over something you don’t like after it dries.

We simply painted brushstrokes of gold and silver, some thick chunky strokes and some faint, wispy ones. We just kept on going until we were happy with the look. Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

My front room gets a lot of light and I just love how reflective this paint is. The new artwork makes the whole room ‘glow’ in sunlight.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

Although, you can’t exactly call this a masterpiece I am more than happy with how they turned out. For under $30 per canvas, and an hour of time I got exactly what I needed for this empty space.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement sis xxx

Em’s Family Room Update: Getting Cozy with Paint

Monday, January 6th, 2014

This post is brought to you in part by:

jones logo

When deciding our upgrades with our builder we decided to go with bright white walls everywhere. We actually got a credit for this as the standard was two-tone paint and we’ve actually loved having bright white in most of the house.

Our family room however, has laminate wooden floors and combined with those bright white walls felt really cold and uninviting at the end of a long day. It was time for a paint intervention!


boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

Jones Paint and Glass helped us pick out the perfect gray tone that would be warm and cozy. We tried a few different colors using their sample size paints and wall stickers and decided on Benjamin Moore Seattle Mist. It is the perfect blend of tan and gray.

As this was our first paint project we needed some major education on painting supplies. The lovely workers at Jones helped us pick out all of their favorite supplies from tape to rollers and we had a freshly painted room in no time.


boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

It is amazing how much more inviting this space is with a lick of paint. Jones made this project so easy with everything we needed to know as inexperienced painters.

We still need to tackle trim work and artwork for this room, but painting has helped the room feel so much more finished and most importantly helped us relax to a favorite show at the end of the day!

You Are My Fave’s New Year’s Eve in a Box

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Good morning readers, we really hope you’ve had a great Christmas season, and hopefully still in the part-tay mood!

We’re just popping in today to share this wonderful New Year’s idea from You are My Fave….

boxwood clippings_new year's eve in a box by you are my fave

Don’t you just love the idea of everything you need for a party all packaged in a box? We do! Be sure to check out Mel’s full post (HERE), including her free download of 2013 highlights, and 2014′s goals.

Happy New Year to you all!

Family Game Night

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Brock’s dream is to own a toy store and produce great games and toys. I’m on board because I like to win! Ha ha ha!!! Really, I do like to play games too because it’s great socializing and great entertainment at the same time. It’s a great way to get to know someone better, and a fantastic way to build relationships (think awkward teenager).

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect setting for game night. Pull out the snacks and let the games begin. Here are our current faves…

Party Game:

5 Second Rule: this one is great for a group with low attention span! There are hardly any rules, and everyone from about age 4 and up can play. Guaranteed some giggles, and lots of poking fun at one another. We had a blast playing this last Christmas.

boxwood clippings_our favorite games


Strategy Games:

Small World: Definitely for those who like to sit down and play for a few hours. Good for those who like to think, and be ruthless at killing off other players! Really not that hard after you’ve played once or twice, so maybe 10 and up on age. Depending on how you set up the board it can be a different game every time, I like that!

boxwood clippings_our favorite games

Lost Cities: This is a quick game, with some luck involved. A bit of a race, but can customize your game so it could take you between 1/2 an hour to 2 to play. Age 7 and up should be good!

boxwood clippings_our favorite games


All-Time Favorite Kid Game:

Enchanted Forrest: Uses your memory and strategy skills along with a race. This is great for adults to play with kids, the kids will get it and show you how much their memories are better than yours. So we can count this one as mind exercise, and tell the kids you’re letting them win!

boxwood clippings_our favorite games

Other classics are of course: Monopoly, Scattergories and Catchprase. What are your faves?

Guest Post over at Lil Luna Today!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Today I’m sharing this cute DIY over at Lil Luna

boxwood clippings_diy clay fortune cookies

Be sure to come check it out, it’s a perfect favor to hand out at your New Years Party!!!

DIY Twig Snowflakes

Monday, December 9th, 2013

We’ve been trying to add a little more rustic into our usual glam Christmas decorations this year, so we decided to make some twiggy snowflakes.

boxwood clippings_diy twig snowflakes


boxwood clippings_diy twig snowflakes

Here’s the steps of how we made them:

1. Gather sticks and snap them to get the size of snowflake right for you.

2. Glue gun together.

boxwood clippings_diy twig snowflakes

3. Add layers of twigs, to make your  snowflake.

boxwood clippings_diy twig snowflakes

4. Paint desired color.

5. Sprinkling a little glitter over the wet paint never hurts!

boxwood clippings_diy twig snowflakes

6. We used string to wrap around the center of our snowflakes for extra support (see top pic).

 7. Hang with traditional snowflakes to add a little whimsy to the mix.

boxwood clippings_diy twig snowflakes

How have you mixed up your Christmas decor this year?

Chocolate-Dipped Tangerines

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

gygi logo

This post brought to you in part by Gygi.

Today we’re excited to share a delicious little gift idea for the holidays: chocolate-dipped tangerines.

boxwood clippings_chocolate dipped tangerines

We simply peeled our tangerines, melted chocolate apeels from Gygi and got to work dipping the tangerine slices, sprinkling  a garnish of sea salt or crystallized sugar and placing them to cool on parchment paper. This process only took about 5 minutes!

As the tangerines would need to be eaten up within a day or so we wanted to keep portion sizes small so these little candy boxes were the perfect. Cute packaging makes such a difference!

Wouldn’t these be great for a chic place settings, a cute party favor or a holiday gift to bring into the office?

For a longer shelf life you could always used dried fruit instead of fresh.


Don’t forget to use ‘BOXWOOD10′ for a 10% discount on EVERYTHING on Gygi’s site.You can even pick up in store to save you the shipping!

DIY Cinnamon Stick Sunburst Mirror

Monday, November 18th, 2013

 We are obsessed with the DIY we are sharing today. So pretty and s0 easy! We couldn’t be happier to share with you…

boxwood clippings_diy cinnamon sunburst mirror

Learn how to make your own little mirror below:

boxwood clippings_diy cinnamon sunburst mirror.png

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cinnamon sticks (we got ours at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon)

Spray paint

Round mirror (we used this one)

Scrap cardboard

Glue gun + glue sticks

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy


Spray-paint cinnamon sticks.

2. Cut scrap cardboard into a circle about 2″ larger than your mirror.

(This can be very rough as it will not be seen, just gives the cinnamon sticks something to stick to.)

3. Glue mirror onto the center of your cardboard.

4. Apply glue onto outer rim of cardboard and start sticking on cinnamon sticks.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

Work in about 2″ increments. Gluing and placing cinnamon sticks before the glue dries.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

Once you’ve surrounded the mirror it should look something like this.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

5. Now repeat the process, this time layering cinnamon sticks over of ones already placed, filling in the gaps.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

When you are done, it should resemble something like this:

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

 We use these handy dandy Command velcro strips to hang the mirror on the wall. Get a $.50 off coupon here.

This mirror cost about $5 and looks amazing. We hope you love this project as much as we do!

Em’s Entertaining Closet Makeover

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

One of my favorite things about our home is all the closet space! Absolute heaven after living in an apartment with hardly any storage. There are closets in every room, including the family room!

Instead of using it for DVD’s and games, I needed the space for extra dishes.

boxwood clippings_entertaining closet

The closet contains all of our kitchen things we don’t use everyday. It works really great as it’s located next to the dining room and helps keep the kitchen from being over-crowded.

boxwood clippings_entertaining closet

All of the white dishes were getting lost in the white blank space, so I used this magic cover up I found at wally-world to create some contrast.

boxwoodclippings_magic cover

I used two rolls at $1.97 a roll, and love that I can just peel it off when I’m ready for something new. Loving this $4 change! Have you been doing any fun projects around the house lately?

Mini Gratitude Book Favors

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Do you guys remember when we did the mini composition book makeovers (see HERE)? We thought it’d be fun to do them again but this time with a Thanksgiving twist.

How cute would this be for a little thanksgiving favor?!

boxwood clippings_mini gratitude book favors diy


We used basic craft paper, but you could even use a paper bag. Black ribbon, and a rub-on transfer to create the look. Again, see HERE for full instructions.


I think it was Oprah that introduced me to the idea of writing down what I’m grateful for, but the hymn “Count your Many Blessings” has been a favorite since childhood. When we remember our blessings, it makes life easier don’t you think?

We really enjoy this holiday. Good job America, Thanksgiving is a great idea! :)

Thrift Cafe Chairs Reveal

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

I’m not sure if you remember, but a loooong time ago I purchased these chairs for $4 each. I finally got around to finishing them, all ready for the holidays.

boxwood clippings_cafe chair makeover

It took me all day to sand and paint 8 of these chairs. I used this paint and am happy to say the long hours were worth it! Love the dark espresso and gloss finish!

I think it’s fair to say we have more than enough chairs for a household of two! We’ll be using these ones as occasional chairs for when we have a full house.

Let the party season begin! Have you found any great thrift finds lately?