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Gift Idea: Family Tree

Monday, April 28th, 2014

I’ve mentioned before that we have A LOT of people to cover when it comes to gift-giving. Being one of 8 children, we’re always going back and forth as to whether we should still get everyone gift. As Christmas is only once a year, we all say let the madness continue, and we’ll least cover Christmas!

I’ve started the tradition of making my gifts, and this last year I decided to keep it in the family and make these family trees. They were a HUGE success (yesssssss!) what’ s not to love with something so simple and personal?

boxwood clippings_family tree printable

boxwood clippings_family tree printable

These were actually really simple and even cheap to make (giving out all my secrets here!) about $5 each!

I bought the frames at Target on sale at 70% off. There is ALWAYS frames for sale there, so always good to stock up on for a later date. If you need frames immediately go to Ikea for the bargains.

Next I simply printed out the tree from Martha Stewart (found HERE).

Then because I didn’t like the way she did the names I simply typed and printed them out and cut as little flags (see above), and ta dah you’re done.

Tip: When I need something printed ‘nicely’ I go to Staples or Office Depot with my own card stock. They only charge about 10 cents a sheet, and it looks lovely!

Pretty good for just $5 and about an hour of work, huh?!


You Are My Fave’s New Year’s Eve in a Box

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Good morning readers, we really hope you’ve had a great Christmas season, and hopefully still in the part-tay mood!

We’re just popping in today to share this wonderful New Year’s idea from You are My Fave….

boxwood clippings_new year's eve in a box by you are my fave

Don’t you just love the idea of everything you need for a party all packaged in a box? We do! Be sure to check out Mel’s full post (HERE), including her free download of 2013 highlights, and 2014’s goals.

Happy New Year to you all!

Sarah’s Organization Project: Birthday Cards

Monday, February 11th, 2013

My organization project was really just for the house, but I’ve really caught the bug and nowhere is off limits. :)

Being part of a big family, we have LOTS of birthdays and they are so hard to keep track of. I use THIS system Em blogged about a few years back. But also found having a list somewhere I see daily helps me pop them in the post on time.

Over at The Project Girl, she has a great free printable (see HERE).

Picture 5

I also emailed my family a copy…now there’s no excuse!


New Year Header

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Good morning Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Yesterday I shared this project over at Lil Luna, but thought I’d post it here too, in case you missed it!

It’s a cute little project to share to kick-start the new year: this free printable New Year’s stationery:

boxwood clippings_new year header 2013

Simply download the design HERE, and print on regular cardstock.

I always love a fresh start, and New Year’s is a perfect time to set goals and visualize my future. By having my goals written down in a place I can see them, it’s easier to keep them fresh on my mind, and therefore easier to complete. Personally, I like to set only three or four goals, so completing them is actually doable!

What are your tips on goal making? We’d love to hear!


Pink + Gray

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I’m usually not a huge fan of pink, but with the month of love fast approaching, I’m quickly changing my mind.

These few images have me convinced that pink can be sophisticated and all grown up, especially when paired with a neutral so versatile as gray.

(image via Lauren Conrad)

Wouldn’t this dresser be a great DIY project? I just love the subtle hues.

(image via Good Housekeeping) ps. please excuse image quality, it was a quick scan.

(image via

What do you think about pink? Are you in love or still on the fence?

If you’re like me and not quite ready to pull out the paint cans, here are some delightful free printables found over at Blush Printables you can enjoy in the meantime. xoxo

Celebrate the Peanut Baby Shower Invite

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

2011 was such a big year for our group of friends. Lots of babies entered our little crowd and it was lovely to spend this New Year’s Eve with little ones in tow.

In the fall of 201o, Emi and I threw a shower for the first baby of our clan, Greta. I posted the invitations we designed on my personal blog (see HERE). We’re still surprised to receive emails and comments about this little project, so we thought we’d post it here on Boxwood Clippings with a Free Printable PDF for all those wanting to replicate it.

The boxes were found at GYGI in Salt Lake.

Simply Click HERE for the Front PDF, and HERE for the Back that you can customize and print.

Good luck, and don’t forget to shoot us a picture we’d love to see how yours turns out.

New Years 2012 Free Printable

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I’m really excited for 2012, how about you guys?

This year I have lots of little goals, (such as reading 2 books a month), which if I didn’t write down I’m likely to forget. Therefore, I thought I’d update last year’s letterhead (seen HERE) for 2012. Please feel free to DOWNLOAD IT HERE and print IT for yourself, and lets make this year a rich and productive one!

Also, don’t forget about this other little free printable. Perfect for sending out a festive thank you for all the little treasures you received this season. See original post HERE.

See you in 2012!

Free Printable: Summer Fruit Tags + Labels at Creature Comforts

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Yesterday while making the blog rounds, I stubbled upon Creature Comforts and was instantly taken with these adorable fruit tags and labels, aren’t they just the essence of simplicity? So Charming!

Best of all Ez Pudewa (author and creator) has made them available to us all for Freeeee!

Simply click HERE or HERE (or both), to download.

I’m inspired to make some summer neighbor gifts. What will you use these for?


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Father’s Day is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about what to get the men in our lives. I have the hardest time shopping for men, as all the stores recommend the same old things like: tools + ties, but come on how many of those do they really need?

Here are a couple of ideas from the two of us that we’ve found to be great hits, we hope you find them useful:

NO.1 Bucky Balls are a great gift for any kid-at-heart; it’s crazy how entertaining making all sorts of different formations can be!  But watch out, they’re incredibly addicting.

No.2 A gift basket can be a great solution for any gift dilemma. My dad loves cheese, so I’ve used this theme for a yummy basket a couple of times before. But any idea for a basket can work great, for father’s day I’m thinking: football, games, favorite snacks, great condiments & sauces.

This cheeseboard basket pictured below is from World Market, and is currently on sale for $29.99.

No. 3 I really really like DIY projects, I think it adds a ton thought and a great personal touch. Martha has some great ideas and free printables HERE, to get your creative juices flowing.

and now over to Em…

I love backyard campfires.  I think this fire pit would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift.  You can’t beat gathering friends and family in the yard without the hassle of camping and the gross bugs.  This one is on sale at Target this week for $49.

You could also make a s’more kit to go along with it…how cute and yummy.

Next, is a total classic; grill stuff.  I think I could buy Brad a new grill utensil for any birthday or occasion and he would we thrilled.  Check out these great deals at Amazon.

I found this fun thing at Crate and Barrel.  A 3 in 1 grill cleaning contraption ($7.95).  Yes, I think it might trick him with it’s funky and mannish appearance and be oh so enticing to use ;)

I am all about these spice rubs for only $4.95.  They look so delicious, and would be a great pressy for any guy.

Have you thought of any great Father’s Day gifts for this year?  Please share!!

Mother’s Day Free Printables

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Sarah found this cute door idea from twig and thistle…so cute.

This free printable from oh happy day is perfect for the classic Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.  For instructions and download visit here.

We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Valentines Printable Cards

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Just came across these little lovelies by One Charming Party, they’re available to print for freeeeeeee.

Simply click HERE.

Twig & Thistle: Valentine’s DIY

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I absolutely love the blog Twig & Thistle, they’re always a great ‘go-to’ place to see great design, and lovely ideas.Last year I printed off these adorable little bags, and filled with brownies for our family Valentine’s day dinner. They were a big hit, and really helped made the day all the more festive.

I’m just loving these fruit stickers they’ve done for this year. Such a sweet way to add a pinch of Valentine’s to any packed lunch.

Thank you notes: free printable

Friday, January 7th, 2011

I consider myself a person with good manners, but one thing I’m hopeless at is sending “thank you” notes. It’s just not in my nature. However, I’m always thrilled to receive one in the mail (especially from my 5-year old nephew, Arthur); so with this new year in tow, I vow to do better.

“Cheers me deers” is a little saying I’ve been on for quite a while; I think it’s got quite a ring to it, and I always love to add a little English sass wherever possible! You’re welcome to download my template HERE. Just print, trim, and add a little ribbon. Enjoy!

New Year’s goals: free printable

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I am definitely a list lady. Lists offer mental relief on an overwhelming day, motivation on a slow day, and high performance on a crowded day. In hopes of making me a little more motivated this year, I’ve created these letterheads for me to list my goals for 2011. You’re welcome to download and enjoy them too: CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD. Happy goal making!