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A Holiday Salad: Clementine, Pomergrante, Turkey + Bacon!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Do you have leftover turkey in the fridge?

Here’s a perfect salad to use it up…

boxwood clippings_a holiday salad



clementine slices

roasted turkey

cooked bacon

raw sunflower seeds

cheese (any will work, we used mozzarella and parmesan)

greens (we used spinach and arugula)

blush wine vinaigrette (HERE) or make your own similar dressing (see HERE).


THIS tutorial changed my life… I really didn’t know seeding a pomegranate only takes a minute. You can go as light or heavy as your like with all these ingredients. We like a lot of pomegranate and bacon!!!

Prepare for your taste-buds to explode! This is the perfect side dish for the holidays or serve as a main dish when you need something a little lighter in this season of indulgence. Let us know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27th, 2014
boxwoodclippings_thanksgiving tableimage:

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so very thankful for you supporting our blog!

We hope you have a wonderful day!

-Sarah & Emily

Mini Mince Pies

Friday, November 21st, 2014

To me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without mince pies.

I know lots of you American’s have a bad impression of these little yummies, but I’m here to tell you they are a must try, and not scary at all!

Topped with a healthy amount of whipped cream, they are to die for. A perfect, rich treat for a festive evening.

boxwood clippings_mini mince pies


To make, simply whip up a batch of your favorite pie crust (l like an all butter one like THIS).

Roll, and cut out the pastry. I used a large glass to cut the base. Then gently place in greased cup cake tin.

Add a teaspoon or so of filling (I used THIS one). Then use a smaller glass or mold for lid. Top with an egg wash.

Cook until golden brown.


boxwood clippings_mini mince pies

For decoration I used some pastry cutters similar to THIS, left some plain, and some a basket weave effect. This is the fun part, so it’s nice to have an extra minute and have some creative fun. I loved it when my mum would recruit us for this job when we were little.

The smell alone will convince you they are the ultimate dessert for this season.


Best of Boxwood: Thanksgiving Ideas

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

We are so excited for Thanksgiving next week! It is a great time to reflect on all the blessings in life and officially starts off the holiday season, which we are especially excited for the babies to experience for the first time!

Here’s a few projects from years past that are perfect for Thanksgiving….

boxwood clippings_thanksgiving  placesetting

feather place setting HERE

boxwood clippings_scrabble placesetting

scrabble place settings HERE

boxwood clippings_mini gratitude booksgratitude books HERE

boxwood clippings_thanksgiving banner easy banner HERE

Happy (early) Thanksgiving! We are so very grateful to each and every one of you and for your support of our little blog!

Festive Table Setting

Monday, November 17th, 2014

We were floored when we saw this pretty dishware at The Dollar Store!

boxwood clippings_a black, white and gold festive place setting

Sure it’s not bone china, but for a dollar a piece it is pretty amazing!

Paired with a simple evergreen clipping from the yard and a little treat for after dinner it makes a lovely holiday setting!

Glass HERE

Dinner plate HERE

bowl HERE

How are you dressing up your table for the holidays?

DIY Leather Feather Magnets

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Today we are sharing this fun autumn project we came up with using leather scraps!

boxwood clippings_diy feather magnets

You will need:

Leather scraps (Hobby Lobby HERE)

sharp scissors


Glue gun + glue

pegs (optional)


1. Roughly sketch outline of feather on back side of leather.

boxwood clippings_diy feather magnets

2. Cut outline and then freehand the feather spaces.

boxwood clippings_diy feather magnets

3. Hot glue magnet strip directly to back of feather or add a peg in between if you would like.

boxwood clippings_diy feather magnets

boxwood clippings_diy feather magnets

Ta Dah..your bits n’ bobs on your fridge or magnet board just got an upgrade  for the season!

boxwood clippings_diy feather magnets

These would be fun for kids to make to hold their artwork and would make cute little pressies too. Hope you likey!

Bits of Fall in our Homes

Monday, October 20th, 2014

It’s perfect Fall weather here in Utah, and we can’t help but want to bring a little festivity to our homes.

Here’s a few little details we’ve been enjoying.

First up Em’s home:

boxwood clippings_giant pinecones

boxwood clippings_diy thumb tack art

boxwood clippings_pinecone wreath


And a little of Sarah’s:

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations
boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

Have you been dolling your place up? Or are you already exited for the December holidays?!

We admit we’ve been thinking too much of Christmas this year, hello babies and Christmas…eeeek!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

boxwood clippings_JillianArtandDesigns

Isn’t this print the cutest? You can visit Jillian Art and Design HERE.


Today readers, we wanted to say we’re thankful to you. We love our blog, and we’re grateful for your visits, comments and input. Thanks for being part of our little community, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Love, Sarah and Emily

Affordable Thank You Cards at Target

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

It is the season of thanksgiving and Target has it in for me with its vast display of jewel-toned and gold-foiled thank you notes. How’s a girl supposed to control herself when a set of 10 only costs $3.99?

I love the idea of writing thank you notes in November, just because. A perfect time of year to express gratitude to those around you. Now I’m giving you the perfect excuse to buy these little beauties:

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 9.10.38 AMGold foil many thanks 50ct/$10.99. Pretty enough to frame. Only $.22/per card.

boxwoodclippings_yellow ombre thank you cardYellow ombre 10ct/$3.99. Don’t you think these would be perfect to bring a little sunshine to someone’s day?

boxwoodclippings_gold foil thank you noteFoil bunny 24ct/$6.99. Sold!

boxwoodclippings_bold purple thank you cardBold purple + gold 10/$3.99

boxwoodclippings_autumn thank you note packAutumn-floral multi-pack 15/$6.99. Could this be more perfect?

Target also has some great kiddie thank you notes. This lollipop is adorable as well as this gumball postcard, both 10/$3.99.

Time to get grateful!

The Simplest Thanksgiving Table

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and today we’d like to share a tablescape that is elegant enough for Thanksgiving but easier than easy!

boxwood clippings_simplest thanksgiving table setting

We created a simple centerpiece with a row of pillar candles. Nothing beats candle light at the dinner table, and we think the more the merrier. You can never have too many candles!

We used our basic whites and a simple gold napkin ring to set the rest of the table. We love that zero thought is needed to match plates, napkins and place mats when we use white. It’s so much easier than trying to match colors and creates a look that is classic and hard to beat.

boxwood clippings_simplest thanksgiving table setting

boxwood clippings_simplest thanksgiving table setting

Here are some sources if you’d like to create a similar look :

Pillar candles: Using this 40% coupon each candle cost $1.80 and will last for many occasions.

Whiteware: Any shape dishes looks great. This set is a great price.

Glasses: These wine glasses are currently on sale at Ikea for $1.49 each.

Napkins: We try to never pay more than $1/napkin. These basic ones are a good deal. Don’t worry about matching different sizes, trims and shades of white, it all looks good together!

Napkin rings: If you need napkin rings look for them on clearance at department stores like Macys. These ones were purchased after Christmas at Target for 70% off.

We hope that this gives you an idea of how just a few simple basics can create a beautiful table and will give you one less thing to worry about this thanksgiving!

Mini Gratitude Book Favors

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Do you guys remember when we did the mini composition book makeovers (see HERE)? We thought it’d be fun to do them again but this time with a Thanksgiving twist.

How cute would this be for a little thanksgiving favor?!

boxwood clippings_mini gratitude book favors diy


We used basic craft paper, but you could even use a paper bag. Black ribbon, and a rub-on transfer to create the look. Again, see HERE for full instructions.


I think it was Oprah that introduced me to the idea of writing down what I’m grateful for, but the hymn “Count your Many Blessings” has been a favorite since childhood. When we remember our blessings, it makes life easier don’t you think?

We really enjoy this holiday. Good job America, Thanksgiving is a great idea! :)

Emily’s Autumn Porch

Monday, October 21st, 2013

My favorite part about being in our new house so far is getting to decorate for the different seasons.

Here is our front porch all ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

boxwoodclippings_emily's autumn porchporch

Price Breakdown:

Walmart Mum’s: $3.99 each

Ikea Flower pots: $7.99 each

Macey’s pumpkins: $.19/lb

Bradley rockers: $119.95 Read about them here.

While I’m enjoying my pumpkins, my head is already spinning with Christmas ideas. How have you decorated your outdoor space this fall?

DIY Fall Garland

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

 Today we’re sharing this DIY falling leaves garland at 6th Street Design School.

boxwood clippings_diy falling leaves garland

Head over if you’d like to learn how to make your home nice and shimmery for the next few months!

Budget Fall Porch

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

With fall in the air, it’s time to get the front porch all ready! We’ve got you covered with a few low-priced items to make your porch welcoming and cozy…just like this…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

boxwood clippings_budget halloween pourch

1. An autumn wreath: Anything dried or leafy will work great. This grapevine wreath is a great price, only $12 after coupon.

2. Chrysanthemums aka Mum’s: Don’t you love their orange vibrancy…fall perfection! Huge tubs of mums are currently $13.99 at Costco, and only $3.95 at Walmart for a medium size.

3. Lanterns: It never hurts to add a little glow to the front porch. We use these Ikea lanterns all year round, and love their price of $7.99. If your front porch is small or huge, you may want to try this or this size. A mixture of sizes looks great all together too for any size of porch.

4. Pumpkins: Layer pumpkins in different sizes for a cozy atmosphere. For a more unified look stick with one color, or go all out with orange, white and greens to add depth and interest. We try not to pay more than $.20/lb for our pumpkins!

5. Doormat: Leave the dirt outside with this $4.99 one from Ikea.

You could go crazy-town with buying multiples of these items, but even just one of each will create a pretty and cozy porch and cost you less than $50.

Wreath + Mum + Lantern + Pumpkins + Doormat = Less than $50!

See more fall porch inspiration here, here, and here.

Coming Soon…Fall!

Monday, August 19th, 2013

 Are you guys sick of the heat yet? We’re totally over it.

These images are helping us dream of cooler days, and festive evenings…eek.

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

All these images were found via our friends Pinterest page, Megan Hillery (click HERE). She seriously has the best pinterest page ever, go check her out and prepare to be inspired!

boxwood clippings

In the mean time, what are you most excited about this fall? I’m craving some yummy soups :)

Black Friday Shopping List

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Last year’s post covered all our favorite tips when it comes to Black Friday (read HERE). We’ve found it helpful ourselves to look over it again; not only to get us in the mood, but to start making our lists of our favorite finds.

Here’s what we’ll be looking out for at Target:

First and foremost Target is our place for movies. This year some dvd’s are even priced at $1, but we’ll be on specifically on the hunt for Brave $10, Sherlock Holmes $4, and Pride and Prejudice on Blue-Ray $6.

Next, these little vacs are an amazing price. Our older sissy has them for her kids as they’re light enough for them to use, and handy to have little vacuuming helpers!

These throwback headsets look like a fun stocking stuffer. I’ll take one in silver please. :)

And finally, some clothing finds can be ridiculously priced. Chello these skirts are to die for at only $3…holler!!

See HERE for all of Target’s Ad.

At Walmart we’ll be looking for:

Ridiculously priced sheets! $19.99 for 700-thread count is insane, we can’t even find clearance sheets this inexpensive!

We love a good foam topper and have been on the hunt for a while. With a price of $29.88 and a 5-year warranty we will be giving this one a try.

Our mother has us addicted to crisp, white washcloths. When they get too grubby we use them as cleaning rags. This is a steal at $.18 each!

See all of Walmart’s ad HERE.

Do you have your eyes on any crazy deals? We’d love to hear your picks..

Scrabble Name Card

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday I was looking through our last week of posts, and I was inspired by Em’s roundup of Thankgiving tables to think of an even easier name card that you could put together in a matter of minutes, just before the guests arrive. :) This is what I came up with:

It can’t get any easier than this. Plus, I like how it sets the tone for games once the meal is over…my perfect way to digest and relax!

(In the Faubus family we have to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that night, and after 8 years I still can’t see why everyone thinks it’s funny. :( Oh well, I guess there are worse family traditions!)

Packing for Holiday Travel

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Sarah’s post inspired me to write a little about packing for holiday travel. Don’t you hate the way you feel when you travel? The one time I want to look good is when I’m seeing people I haven’t seen for years, and despite the best of efforts it seems that even my eyelashes don’t want to cooperate while traveling.

At first, the obvious solution was to pack more…more clothes…more make-up…more hair products and tools. Result? Still icky.

Now I’ve realized feeling and looking good away from home is all about packing the right things, not more. So here are a few of my crucial travel tips:

#1 Water bottle with filter=Hydration

When I first saw bobble water bottles in the store I was so mad I hadn’t thought of this invention! I’ve discovered the number one trick in feeling good while your away is hydration. It costs a lot to keep buying bottled water and for those water snobs like me out there, this filter can ease the fears of tap water away from home. Seriously one of the best inventions EVER to always have in your purse.

#2 Blanket = Sleep

Some people have their pillow or something else they can’t sleep without and I have never understood this logic or having a child dependent on a sleep aid until now. Different sleeping environments really can affect your quality of sleep, so when I started bringing my Restoration Hardware blanket on trips, I slept a gazillion times better. Really? A little embarrassing, but this blanket is amazeballs and Sarah’s find at Costco is just as lovely.

#3 Slippers = Comfort

It’s official and obvious that I’m now 30, as I am listing slippers as a travel essential. But seriously comfort equals joy at a hotel or anywhere when I bring my lovely mocs along. If you haven’t tried bringing your slippers along, give it a try.

#4 Curling Iron Cover = Worry-free Travel

No one wants to arrange travel plans by how quickly their flat iron can cool down before leaving. I finally bought a curling iron cover, and now can get ready and leave quickly without worrying about burning clothes planes/houses etc.

#4 Chocolate + Gum + Perfume = Refreshment

Sarah is the best little packer and surprised me at the airport one time with our favorite Ritter chocolate. A delicious treat always helps with flight delay frustration!  I always make sure I’m am stocked with a fresh pack of gum and a travel-size perfume (free from Bath + Body Works coupons) before leaving on a trip. They work like a charm to detox from airplane air. As Sar mentioned, our favorite is refreshing and not too fruity or overpowering,  “White Citrus“.

Okay, just one last thing…this might not be an essential but wouldn’t travel be a little easier with a new wool weekender?

I saw this at the Sundance Outlet, and am in lo0ove. Wouldn’t it be smashing for holiday travel? 50% off, but still $199.

Will you be traveling for the holidays? What are your packing essentials? Read more of our travel tips HERE and HERE.

Thanksgiving Table

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

In our eyes, a perfect Thanksgiving table mixes organic elements to create an environment for family and friends to gather around for hours.

Usually, in our family we try not put too much thought in to it. We gather pine cones, fruit, and candles from seasonal decor around the house to spruce up the table. We pull out the fancy dishes, and iron the linen napkins crisp and finish it off with homemade place cards. Just a few touches to make the dinner feel extra special.

Here are a few ideas for this year’s table that are simple and sweet:

Those wooden pencils as a place setting laid with brown craft paper for a tablecloth at the kiddie table would be so cute! How are you going to prep the table this year for the special feast?

DIY Thanksgiving Banner

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Thanksgiving is a holiday I’ve come to truly love. Not only is the gateway to Christmas, but a time when we get to reflect upon our many blessings and celebrate with family, friends and food :)

It’s a pure and simple holiday, and so I made this no fuss banner to cheer on the season:

The saying “grateful prayer and a thankful heart” is from a song in the Mupets Christmas Carol, but I thought it was an appropriate line for Thanksgiving too.

If you want to make this, or a simliar banner all you’ll need is:

3 sheets of cardstock


hole punch


computer + printer (to type out saying)

Simply type out your letters (leave a comment if you want mine), cut them out in a flag shape, punch 2 holes per letter and thread them on some twine. Ta dah, it’ll be done in well under an hour and cost next to nothing…holler!

PS. See those sad little pumpkins? That’s our WHOLE harvest this year, not as successful as we’d hoped :(