Simple Manly Gift Wrap

08.27.2013 by Emily |

My life has been very hurried lately. I am barely getting through each day’s tasks, and feel like I have no energy or time to get ahead!

Brad’s birthday sneaked up on me very quickly, so in a hurry I grabbed the only wrapping paper I had that looked remotely masculine and started wrapping in a frenzy…

boxwood clippings_grey and white gift wrap

boxwood clippings_grey and white gift wrap

It actually turned out looking a lot better than what I thought it was going to, thanks to a few on-hand neutral wrapping supplies (wrapping paper from Target, twine from Paper Source).

I still have to learn that sometimes you have to take each day as it comes, and keeping it simple is always the best approach!

Do you have any tips on keeping your household and life simple? We’d love to hear…

Bit’s ‘n’ Bobs Halloween Garland

08.26.2013 by Sarah |

boxwood clippings_halloween

Oh yeah…time to start blogging about Halloween! Enough with the heat already! Last week we got together, got a little giggly at the thought of the next season ahead of us, and then created this…

boxwood clippings_ diy halloween banner

We gathered a few bits and bobs from around the house; acorns, pine cones, ribbon etc, got the old can of black spray paint out and got to work.

One great thing about the heat is the spray paint dries so, so fast! No need for patience in 100 degree weather!

Then, we simply tied all of the items onto a thin piece of black ribbon…

boxwood clippings_diy halloween banner

We are in love with the all-black theme…so chic! This project couldn’t have been easier and would be perfect to do with children to get them excited for the months ahead. Yay for autumn!

Lemon Cheese Recipe

08.23.2013 by Sarah |

Oh man, have you ever had good I mean really good Lemon Cheese?

We were lucky enough to grow up having our Gran and Aunt make fresh batches regularly, and this summer I was craving some big time, so they were kind enough to share the family recipe that now I’m sharing with you!

boxwood clippings_lemon cheese recipe


You Will Need:

3 1/2 Cups of Sugar

1 Cup of Unsalted Butter

6 Eggs (Beaten)

Juice of 8 Lemons


How To Make: 

1. Melt butter in pan very slowly

2. Add sugar, and stir

3. Add lemon juice

4. Stir mixture over a relatively low heat until the mixture boils

5. Remove from heat, and allow to cool for a few hours

6. Add beaten eggs slowly, through a sieve, stirring well. (May need another person to help)

7. Over low heat allow mixture to thicken slowly, keeping just below boiling point

8. Stir until thickens, about 15 – 20 minutes

(To test if thick enough, place a small amount on plate and put in fridge. After a few minutes go and check on it and push finger through the lemon cheese, if it separates, it’s done!)

9. Pour into warmed jars using a jug

10. Cover and seal

11. Keep in dry, cool place. We put in fridge, and be sure to use within 4 weeks


boxwood clippings_lemon cheese recipe

We eat it just like jam, on toast or bread. It can also be incorporated into desserts.

It has the perfect zing to help enjoy the last days of summer, will you be giving it a try? It’s easy enough for me to make, so I’m sure yours will turn out great. :)

DIY Easy Greeting Card

08.22.2013 by Sarah |

Recently we’ve had lots of birthdays, weddings, graduations etc… so we’ve been in need of lots of cards.

This simple design of just gluing on a bow and handwriting a little message couldn’t be easier.

boxwood clippings_congratulations card

It probably costs only 20¢ holler!

Putting on a movie and making a batch, can feel really organized and productive, I love it.

H&M Home

08.21.2013 by Emily |

We have died and gone to heaven with H&M Home. Have you visited yet? We were sold with amazing style at affordable prices!

I headed straight to the pillow section and I found this pillow cover that I want in every color. This dotty pillow case made it to my shopping cart within the blink of an eye. Pillow inserts are also a great price, these 20″ feather inserts are only $10 each!

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 8.10.53 PMWith fall just around the corner, it’s perfect timing to add these sweet things to my copper collection. Can’t wait to use them for Halloween!

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 8.32.03 PMJust in case you need one more insanely gorgeous, white hand towel.  I would love to put this vibrant pink in a girls bath paired with this cute shower curtain.

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 8.23.14 PM

One last thing…perfect for a posy of roses.

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 8.40.40 PMA word of caution…you will want to buy everything!

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$.79 Ikea Buckets

08.20.2013 by Emily |

boxwood clippings_ikea silver buckets

On my last trip to Ikea, I stocked up on these multi-purpose silver plant pots. I have them dotted around the house for make-up, plants, crayons, and any small items that needs corralling. They are the perfect price-point for gift-giving, with a cute plant, candy or anything else put inside..another favorite thing from Ikea!

Coming Soon…Fall!

08.19.2013 by Sarah |

 Are you guys sick of the heat yet? We’re totally over it.

These images are helping us dream of cooler days, and festive evenings…eek.

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

boxwood clippings_fall decor

All these images were found via our friends Pinterest page, Megan Hillery (click HERE). She seriously has the best pinterest page ever, go check her out and prepare to be inspired!

boxwood clippings

In the mean time, what are you most excited about this fall? I’m craving some yummy soups :)

Easy Gluten Free Dinner: Tomato Fusilini

08.16.2013 by Emily |

We’re in the height of tomato season, and hot summer days. Don’t you just hate turning the oven on when it’s so hot outside?! Here’s a healthy dinner you can knock out in 10 minutes flat to savor those delicious summer tomatoes while keep your kitchen nice and cool.

boxwood clippings_tomatoes + pasta

What You’ll Need:

Pasta. Any will work, but we love Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Fusilli

Tomatoes. Fresh or canned both work great.

Olive oil, salt and pepper, parmesan, optional fresh basil.


Cook pasta, drain and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Stir in tomatoes and top with parmesan and top with a sprig of basil.

I usually serve with the easiest salad ever.

I always feel successful when everyone enjoys a easy and semi-healthy meal together that takes just a few minutes to prepare. Summer is too short to spend it slaving away in the kitchen! What’s on your menu this time of year?

Favorites From Trader Joe’s

08.15.2013 by Emily |

Trader Joe’s has finally made it to Salt Lake City! I adore the place for its quality and low prices. Here are my Trader Joe’s necessities:

boxwood clippings_10 things from trader joes

#1 Salt and Pepper Chips. I am the snack queen and there is no better place for snacks than Trader Joe’s. These Salt and Pepper chips are heaven on earth. Chips are my number one guilty pleasure since going gluten-free, and these are the best I have ever tasted.

#2 Individual Portion Almonds. We all know that nuts should be a part of a healthy diet, but the problem for me is portion control. They are a calorie dense food so even though they are good for you it is very easy to eat 500 hundred calories in just a few handfuls. These individual packages are my answer to trying to reduce #1 consumption! They are the perfect thing to have in a handbag at work to fill a growling stomach until lunch time, and cost less per pound than you would usually pay from the bulk bin. Win, win!

#3 Condiments. Dressings and condiments can be expensive, filled with preservatives and are often taste gross. I know any condiment I buy at Trader Joe’s will be delicious, will have ingredients I understand and will be inexpensive. For example, their Dijon mustard that I use for this recipe is $1.79 a bottle, the same size at my local store is more than twice the price!

#4 Oils. Trader Joe’s has replaced my bulk store buying oils. Not only is their oil equal in quality, the price is even lower and I don’t have to buy them in such humongous quantities. This balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil were only $5 a piece. I have jumped on the coconut oil train big time. Love this stuff.

#5 Gluten Free Products. Trader Joe’s has one of my favorite selections of gluten-free products. My number one favorite is this Brown Rice Fusilli. It costs only $1.99, just a little more than normal pasta and tastes so great, my husband can’t even tell it’s GF. Check out all of their gluten free products here.

#6 Gifts. Trader Joe’s is vastly becoming one of my favorite places to buy gifts. Their flower and plant selection is incredible (crazy inexpensive), they have great gift cards for 99 cents, and have so many yummy treats in cute packaging so perfect for gift-giving. They also carry their own line of personal care items and housekeeping items, which makes it easy to put together a cute little gift for $10.

Do you love Trader Joe’s as much as me? What’s on your shopping list?

Best Granite Cleaner For Dark Countertops

08.14.2013 by Sarah |

White cabinets and black countertops have been my fave ever since I saw Somethings Gotta Give, so naturally when I got to pick out my options 6 years ago, I didn’t think twice before choosing the combo.

Little did I know shinny black countertops would be a cleaning nightmare. Every little crumb and fingerprint is noticeable to the naked eye, and it drives me nuts!

boxwood clippings_granite cleaner

Not all granite cleaners are born equal, many leave residue and streaks. The first year we were in the house we must have tried at least 10 different brands, and then we found our perfect match…

boxwood clippings 409 granite cleaner

This bad boy works like a charm, cuts out grease and leaves a glossy finish.

I love him so much I just had to tell y’all about it. :)

Shopping for a Dorm Room on a Budget

08.13.2013 by Sarah |

When me and Em were at BYU we’d make special trips to California to go shopping at Ikea. Their perfect blend of style and prices can not be beaten, it’s simply the best possible place for students to shop.

If I were living in a dorm today, these are the items I’d be buying, aren’t they adorbs?!

boxwood clippings_budget dorm room

No.1 Plant + Pots / No.2 Over-the-door Hooks / No.3 Bookcase / No.4 Chalkboard / No.5 Bedding / No.6 Throw / No.7 Lamp / No.8 Photo frames / No.9 Table / No.10 Magazine File/ No.11 Big Boxes

Oh to be 18 again!

It’s National What Day?

08.12.2013 by Sarah |

Random national days are kinda my fave. Especially when they involve me or something I love. :)

I found out recently that today is National Middle Child’s Day, and I thought it was worth a mention since I am the middle child of this lot…

boxwood clippings_family photo

Although middle child syndrome is usually a bad thing, I love my family positioning. Right in the middle keeps me in touch with all sorts of drama, emotions, politics and all that good stuff. But hey it’s hard work being in the middle, I think I deserve a donut or something!

So go ahead and celebrate your middle children. And to all you middle kids out there (including you Hel who I technically share the spot with, although you are the oldest girl so doesn’t really count!)…


Maybe next year I’ll throw a party for us all :)

St. Clement’s (A Non-Alcoholic Cocktail)

08.09.2013 by Sarah |

Oranges and lemons,
Say the bells of St. Clement’s…”

This traditional English cocktail was named after the nursery rhyme above, and it’s always fun to sing as you’re mixing your little concoction, even if your husband gives you weird looks!

This drink was a family favorite growing up, especially around the holidays. But since I’ve been trying to crack my pepsi habit this summer, I’ve found this drink is also perfect for a summer’s eve.

boxwood clippings_st clement's drink


To Make:

Simply mix equal parts orange juice, and a lemony drink (I like soda’s so Sprite works just great). Add a splash of fresh lemon juice and you have yourself a cocktail.

Add singing for extra flava!

Gingham Style

08.08.2013 by Sarah |

What do you think of when you hear gingham?

I think of grannies and babies and everyone in between. It’s both traditional and modern, new world and old. It’s a pattern that will never age or season, and I’m totally in love with it’s versatility.


Some of my favorite products right now, rocking the look:

boxwood clippings_gingham style

No.1 Storage Bin, No.2 Milk Jug, No.3 Ribbon, No.4 Tie, No.5 Bib, No.6 Binky, No. 7 Pillow, No. 8 Rug.

That tie is making it’s way to Brock’s stocking. And nope, it’s never too early to start the Christmas shopping!

Faux Bamboo Furniture

08.07.2013 by Emily |

It’s one of those things, just like either love it or hate it. I get easily sucked into the current season, which may be the reason I am dying over anything faux-bamboo lately.

boxwoodclippings_faux bamboo dining chairsunknown
boxwoodclippings_faux bamboo sitting roomcountry living
boxwoodclippings_faux bamboo
boxwoodclippings_faux bamboo bedsmartha stewart

I have been bamboozled, and dying to add some in my house. Sarah’s not so sure. What’s your vote on bamboo?

$8 Ikea Shelves

08.06.2013 by Emily |

I am a lucky girl that I live just a few minutes from Ikea, it’s like someone was planning it or something (wink, wink).

Last time I was there I was blown a way with the prices of these $3 brackets with this $2 shelf. They just had to come home.

boxwood clippings_$8 ikea shelves

I decided to put them up on our kitchen island for easy access to our mixing bowls (I meaning Brad). I love the basic shape and added storage, but most of all love the $8 price tag!

Thanks Ikea for another steal of a deal!

A Simple Bathroom

08.05.2013 by Emily |

Happy Monday friends! Today I’m sharing our simple master bathroom in our new house.

I have many visions of what this space could one day be, but for now I’m enjoying every ounce of its simplicity and newness.

boxwoodclippings_simple master bathroom

boxwoodclippings_simple master bath

boxwoodclippings_simple master bathroom

boxwoodclippings_simple master bathroom

boxwoodclippings_simple master bathroom

boxwoodclippings_simple master bathroom

I’ve discovered with this bathroom, you don’t need a lot or to spend a lot of money to make a space functional and nice.

We went bare bones with upgrades in here with standard cabinets and laminate counter-tops, but I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. We’ll eventually get around to hardware for the cabinets and new vanity lights, but for now a few baskets and mirrors is working just fine!

Here are a few things we bought for the space:

Mirrors: So glad we went with normal mirrors instead of ‘hard to keep clean’ sheet mirrors. The round mirrors are from Home Goods for $29.99 each, rectangle mirror is from Tuesday Morning for $39.99.

Linens: The hand towels are from West Elm and the shower curtain from Pottery Barn, but we bought both for a fraction of normal prices at DownEast. Love these bath towels from Bed, Bath and Beyond..kinda pricey, but I still had a few wedding gift cards…

Baskets: My basket obsession is still in full throttle. Loving the extra storage! We found these ones at thrift stores and Marshalls for great prices.

Rug: It took me a few attempts to find a good rug for this space. I really dislike how cold tile is so wanted a large area rug. I ended up purchasing this round jute rug from Rugs USA for $50. They have great sales and free shipping, but a not so good return policy.  It costs a lot to return a rug if it doesn’t work, so you just have to make sure you’re pretty confident before purchasing!

Vanity: Little white desk from Ikea. Perfect size for this little nook.

I like carrara marble and pearly cabinets as much as any girl, but sometimes simple and easy can works great!


If you need design help for your bathroom please email us at: mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com.

Trending at World Market

08.02.2013 by Emily |

It’s been a while since we blogged about one of our favorite stores…World Market. It’s one of the first places we’ll go when we need to update a space on a tight budget. Furniture, home accessories, yummy English treats and pretty jewelry, this store has it all.

I am loving this black and white floral chair. It’s bold, yet inviting and is the perfect scale for a small nook.

boxwoodclippings_world market floral chair

This brass and wooden accent table is adorable for $49 don’t you think?

I am obsessed with black and white striped rugs, this one is a steal!

boxwoodclippings_world market black and white stripe rug

It also comes in green which would be so lovely for spring and summer.

For the kitchen, these tiny mango cutting boards are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

boxwoodclippings_world market mango cutting boards

These harvest napkins have me excited for fall feasts around the dining table, and these bowls are inspiring me to make my own version for christmas presents.

boxwoodclippings_world market painted bowls

It would be so easy to do some serious damage here, and let’s not forget you can pick your favorite treat while you shop. Seriously. Like a kid in a candy store… Love this place!

Worth the Splurge: Little Giraffe Blankets

08.01.2013 by Emily |

We’re all hyped up about the new royal baby, how about you? Today’s worth the splurge is the epitome of luxury fit for both Prince George and any little prince or princess…

boxwoodclippings_little giraffe blanket

These Little Giraffe blankets are the softest thing ever! Even though they have an steep price-tag, one touch and you’ll be sold…like buttah!

Usually $86, but currently $56.90 for just a few more days in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

Cheapo Notebooks

07.31.2013 by Sarah |

I love this time of year when the stores are lined with school supplies, eeek time to stock up!

boxwood clippings_cheap notebooks

My list is always: paper, glue sticks, containers, pens, and sharpies

But top of that list is something I can’t live without, 1 subject notebooks, or as I like to call them my cheapo notebooks. I use them everyday, they keep me on track with all my lists and then when everything is checked off, rip…it’s in the trash, and onto the next page.

They usually priced at just $1, but tend to go on sale too. I usually pay around 10¢ – 20¢, so when they’re low I stock up.

Another good use is, I have one for each of my nephews so when they come around, they can get it out and do some drawing, I think it’s fun to have something here waiting for them.

So little and so simple :)