Em’s Christmas Decorations: Dining Room

11.25.2013 by Sarah |

I am trying very hard to be ahead this holiday season, the first thing on my list was Christmas cards! Now we had an up-to-date photo from Brea Sorrells, I was ready to go. I ordered this card from Tiny Prints, and a cute parcel full of pretty cards arrived within a few short days.

boxwood clippings_tiny print cards + christmas decorations

I loved our Christmas card so much, I was inspired to decorate the dining room in a similar look.

boxwood clippings_tiny prints cards

I layered the room with craft paper table runner, paper chains and sparkly Christmas decorations.

For details and paper chain DIY see Tiny Print’s blog HERE.

boxwood clippings_tiny prints cards

boxwood clippings_tiny prints cards

boxwood clippings_tiny prints cards

You can see all of Tiny Print’s beautiful Christmas card collection HERE. But be warned, you may be blown away with inspiration!!!

Chocolate-Dipped Tangerines

11.22.2013 by sarah and emily |

gygi logo

This post brought to you in part by Gygi.

Today we’re excited to share a delicious little gift idea for the holidays: chocolate-dipped tangerines.

boxwood clippings_chocolate dipped tangerines

We simply peeled our tangerines, melted chocolate apeels from Gygi and got to work dipping the tangerine slices, sprinkling  a garnish of sea salt or crystallized sugar and placing them to cool on parchment paper. This process only took about 5 minutes!

As the tangerines would need to be eaten up within a day or so we wanted to keep portion sizes small so these little candy boxes were the perfect. Cute packaging makes such a difference!

Wouldn’t these be great for a chic place settings, a cute party favor or a holiday gift to bring into the office?

For a longer shelf life you could always used dried fruit instead of fresh.


Don’t forget to use ‘BOXWOOD10′ for a 10% discount on EVERYTHING on Gygi’s site.You can even pick up in store to save you the shipping!

Christmas at Bath and Body Works

11.21.2013 by Emily |

I cannot wait to have little kiddos at Christmas to help them dream of sugar-plums and be filled with the Christmas spirit.

Our sis, Helen always gets her kids excited for Christmas by adding a Bath and Body Works nightlight and festive soap in their bathrooms.

Whether or not you have kids at home just an item or two from Bath and Body Works will bring instant Christmas joy into your home:

boxwood clippings_bath + body works christmas

Holiday Favorites Anti-Bacterial Soap

Festive Nightlight

Scented candle

Bath and Body Works will be having one of their best sales of the year on black Friday. This is when I stock up on my favorites for the year and be on the look out for gift ideas and stocking-stuffers.

I love the True Blue Spa, C O Bigelow and Aromatherapy lines for gifts and these are the perfect little stocking-stuffers that can loop on to anything and hopefully keep your family healthy too.

As always, coupons always make shopping even better! For a $10 off $30 purchase coupon (can be used in-store and online) click HERE.

Do you have and Bath and Body Works favorites this time of year? Please share!

Five Gifts for $1…Holler!

11.20.2013 by Sarah |

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner! We have our thinking caps on for gifts for everyone on our lists. Here are five gifts we picked up that we think are pretty great for a buck!

boxwood clippings_five $1 gifts

  1. Wet n Wild nail polish. A bright hue for all your friends. (rite aid)
  2. Old-fashioned Coke. You know Santa only drinks coke from a glass bottle! (target)
  3. Ferrero Rocher. Yum. (target)
  4. Dominos in wood box found at The Dollar Tree. Perfect stocking stuffer, so cute!
  5. Lindor balls in little package. Adorbs! (target)

Do you have your thinking cap on yet for affordable gift options? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Affordable Thank You Cards at Target

11.19.2013 by Emily |

It is the season of thanksgiving and Target has it in for me with its vast display of jewel-toned and gold-foiled thank you notes. How’s a girl supposed to control herself when a set of 10 only costs $3.99?

I love the idea of writing thank you notes in November, just because. A perfect time of year to express gratitude to those around you. Now I’m giving you the perfect excuse to buy these little beauties:

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 9.10.38 AMGold foil many thanks 50ct/$10.99. Pretty enough to frame. Only $.22/per card.

boxwoodclippings_yellow ombre thank you cardYellow ombre 10ct/$3.99. Don’t you think these would be perfect to bring a little sunshine to someone’s day?

boxwoodclippings_gold foil thank you noteFoil bunny 24ct/$6.99. Sold!

boxwoodclippings_bold purple thank you cardBold purple + gold 10/$3.99

boxwoodclippings_autumn thank you note packAutumn-floral multi-pack 15/$6.99. Could this be more perfect?

Target also has some great kiddie thank you notes. This lollipop is adorable as well as this gumball postcard, both 10/$3.99.

Time to get grateful!

DIY Cinnamon Stick Sunburst Mirror

11.18.2013 by sarah and emily |

 We are obsessed with the DIY we are sharing today. So pretty and s0 easy! We couldn’t be happier to share with you…

boxwood clippings_diy cinnamon sunburst mirror

Learn how to make your own little mirror below:

boxwood clippings_diy cinnamon sunburst mirror.png

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cinnamon sticks (we got ours at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon)

Spray paint

Round mirror (we used this one)

Scrap cardboard

Glue gun + glue sticks

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy


Spray-paint cinnamon sticks.

2. Cut scrap cardboard into a circle about 2″ larger than your mirror.

(This can be very rough as it will not be seen, just gives the cinnamon sticks something to stick to.)

3. Glue mirror onto the center of your cardboard.

4. Apply glue onto outer rim of cardboard and start sticking on cinnamon sticks.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

Work in about 2″ increments. Gluing and placing cinnamon sticks before the glue dries.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

Once you’ve surrounded the mirror it should look something like this.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

5. Now repeat the process, this time layering cinnamon sticks over of ones already placed, filling in the gaps.

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

When you are done, it should resemble something like this:

boxwood clippings_cinnamon stick mirror diy

 We use these handy dandy Command velcro strips to hang the mirror on the wall. Get a $.50 off coupon here.

This mirror cost about $5 and looks amazing. We hope you love this project as much as we do!

Homemade French Fries

11.15.2013 by Emily |

 My body is demanding lots of comfort food lately…which leads to making these…

boxwood clippings_yummy fries

Complex carbohydrates are satisfying and healthy. Did you know sweet potato contains oodles of vitamin A that helps with eye health? I am solely thinking of my eyes while eating these ;)

Seriously though, these are sooo much healthier than deep-fried fast food fries and are so delicious!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Sweet potato

Olive oil

Salt + pepper

Scrub your potatoes clean and then cut into wedges. Cut regular potatoes into large wedges and the sweet potatoes into thinner wedges so they’ll have the same cooking time.

Place on a cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste. Turn your potatoes so all sides are coated with olive oil then cook at 350 for 45 mins flipping them half through cooking time.

These fries are the perfect game-day treat that your whole family will enjoy. For zero clean-up this non-stick foil works amazingly well to line your cookie sheet.

Hope you likey!

p.s. Do complex carbohydrates remind you of this? Love Brad Pitt in this episode!

A Perfect Gift for your Sports Fan Man!

11.14.2013 by Sarah |

I could shop for women ALL-DAY-LONG. Men are a different story all together. Hello stress!

Luckily for me, as I’m sure for a lot of you, my guy is a sports guy and anything that has his team on it is a big hit. Seriously, his $3 UCLA beanie was the biggest hit last year, I was like “hello, what about that $50 game!”

Anyways. I’m kinda sick of the tacky merchandise so I was thrilled to discover these awesome Vintage Sports calenders from Asgard Press.

boxwood clippings_asgard press sports calender

boxwood clippings_asgard press sports calender

boxwood clippings_asgard press sports calender

boxwood clippings_asgard press sports calender

Aren’t they just beautiful?

For some time I’ve been wanted to put together a gallery wall of Brock’s scrapbook worthy UCLA bits and bobs. He has programs, newspaper articles, and pins from each year. The one thing I was lacking was good imagery, and now it’s found. Honestly I think it’s a win win for both of us. :)

Best of all, these calenders are really nice quality and cost only $22 each! Plus I’m pretty sure they have every college team out there, be sure to go see if they have yours, click HERE!

Sarah’s Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints

11.13.2013 by Sarah |

Our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints arrived last week. I was giddy as soon as I saw the package on the door step!

This year my goal is to simplify simplify everything Christmas…the decorating down to the gift wrap; so it was perfect that we could just pick out a cool design plug in a photo and have Tiny Prints do the rest of the work!

boxwood clippings_tiny prints

Brock is only picking about a few things regarding house and home, and one of his requests is that our Christmas cards mention Christmas! When I’m shopping in the stores, a “Christmas” card is not always my first choice as far as design goes, that’s why we loved this option of customizing all aspects of our card, so we added this great quote by President Hinckley on the inside.

boxwood clippings_tiny print cards

These cards inspired a whole black + white theme this year, so I came up with some easy diy wrapping to match. Be sure to head over to Tiny Prints blog to check out the details (HERE).

boxwood clipping_tiny print cards


Tiny Prints offers discounts quite frequently, be sure to check out their promotions page HERE to keep you up to date with their latest offers.


 Happy Pre Holidays!

Em’s Entertaining Closet Makeover

11.12.2013 by Emily |

One of my favorite things about our home is all the closet space! Absolute heaven after living in an apartment with hardly any storage. There are closets in every room, including the family room!

Instead of using it for DVD’s and games, I needed the space for extra dishes.

boxwood clippings_entertaining closet

The closet contains all of our kitchen things we don’t use everyday. It works really great as it’s located next to the dining room and helps keep the kitchen from being over-crowded.

boxwood clippings_entertaining closet

All of the white dishes were getting lost in the white blank space, so I used this magic cover up I found at wally-world to create some contrast.

boxwoodclippings_magic cover

I used two rolls at $1.97 a roll, and love that I can just peel it off when I’m ready for something new. Loving this $4 change! Have you been doing any fun projects around the house lately?

The Simplest Thanksgiving Table

11.11.2013 by sarah and emily |

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and today we’d like to share a tablescape that is elegant enough for Thanksgiving but easier than easy!

boxwood clippings_simplest thanksgiving table setting

We created a simple centerpiece with a row of pillar candles. Nothing beats candle light at the dinner table, and we think the more the merrier. You can never have too many candles!

We used our basic whites and a simple gold napkin ring to set the rest of the table. We love that zero thought is needed to match plates, napkins and place mats when we use white. It’s so much easier than trying to match colors and creates a look that is classic and hard to beat.

boxwood clippings_simplest thanksgiving table setting

boxwood clippings_simplest thanksgiving table setting

Here are some sources if you’d like to create a similar look :

Pillar candles: Using this 40% coupon each candle cost $1.80 and will last for many occasions.

Whiteware: Any shape dishes looks great. This set is a great price.

Glasses: These wine glasses are currently on sale at Ikea for $1.49 each.

Napkins: We try to never pay more than $1/napkin. These basic ones are a good deal. Don’t worry about matching different sizes, trims and shades of white, it all looks good together!

Napkin rings: If you need napkin rings look for them on clearance at department stores like Macys. These ones were purchased after Christmas at Target for 70% off.

We hope that this gives you an idea of how just a few simple basics can create a beautiful table and will give you one less thing to worry about this thanksgiving!

Ginger Cookie Recipe

11.08.2013 by Sarah |

Our friend Brookie had the most inviting apartment in college, it was always the gathering place on a hot summers night, and a freezing winters eve.

She’d often whip up treats, and this ginger cookie was my absolute fave. Now fall just isn’t fall without a batch, a gossip fest and a cup of hot chocolate!

boxwood clippings_ginger cookie recipe


You Will Need: 

(makes 7-8 dozen)

2 cups of brown sugar

1 1/2 cups of butter

2 eggs

1/2 cup of molasses

1/2 tsp of salt

4 1/2 cups of flour

4 tsp of baking soda

1 tsp ground cloves

2 tsp of ground ginger

2 tsp of ground cinnamon


How To Make:

Cream sugar and butter together. Then add eggs and molasses and mix well.

Mix all dry ingredients in a separate bowl, then add slowly to butter mix.

Chill in refrigerator for several hours.

Then roll into 1″ balls, roll in sugar and place on greased baking sheet.

Softly press with palm of hand to flatten gently.

Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 min.


Although this cookie is my fall fave, I think it’s also perfect to leave out for Santa, it smells and tastes so good he’ll take the whole plate and not just a nibble!

Thanks for sharing Brookie!

A Cozy Chandelier

11.07.2013 by Emily |

In attempts to cozy things up around our house for winter I dressed up our basic chandelier in the dining room with these little lamp shades.

boxwood clippings_cozy fall dinning room

They cost $5.97 each, which is a better price than anywhere else I looked both in stores and online. It completely changes the lighting in our room from bright harsh light to a soft glow and just looks more layered in general. So worth the money for a complete transformation in room environment. Lighting always makes such an impact!

These lamp shades would also work great to update an older chandelier, rather than buying a whole new light.

The same shades in black are on clearance for 1.97! I might have to get these ones too!

boxwood clippings_cozy fall dinning room

I am getting very excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas, how about you?

boxwood clippings_cozy fall dinning room

Get the Look: The Proposal Guest Room

11.06.2013 by Emily |

Have you guys seen The Proposal? Not only is it a funny and cute chick flick it also has amazing set design! My favorite room is the guest room in Andrew’s parents home.

boxwoodclippings_the proposal guest room

boxwoodclippings_the proposal guest room

The room oozes comfort, making it an idyllic guest room. Layers, layers, and more layers! Heavy drapes, mismatched lamps and night stands, books, and lots of extra mismatched patterned linens. Here’s an inexpensive inspiration room that creates a similar cozy look:

boxwood clippings_proposal inspiration board

Area rug (5′ x 7′ $179).

Raleigh head board in twill parchment. Less expensive Target version (queen $299).

Paisley loveseat for the foot of the bed ($599).

Mismatched nightstand ($125) and accent table ($110).

Obsessed with this floor lamp ($80).

Cream table lamps (set of 2 for $70).

Plaid footstool ($60).

Throw blankets like these.

Let’s not forget the “baby maker” ($40).

Doesn’t this room just make you want to cuddle up with a hot drink and book? I just love this time of year!

November Ikea Family Deals

11.05.2013 by Sarah |

There’s some crazy deals this month at Ikea with your Family Card, I just had to make sure you all knew about them!

boxwood clippings_ikea family boxwood clippings_ikea family

boxwood clippings_ikea family


boxwood clippings_ikea family


boxwood clippings_ikea family


$10 for a high chair is INSANE!!!

And there’s even more, click HERE to see the full list. :)

I’m heading out for the ginger bread house and lanterns, what tickles your fancy?!

Mini Gratitude Book Favors

11.04.2013 by Sarah |

Do you guys remember when we did the mini composition book makeovers (see HERE)? We thought it’d be fun to do them again but this time with a Thanksgiving twist.

How cute would this be for a little thanksgiving favor?!

boxwood clippings_mini gratitude book favors diy


We used basic craft paper, but you could even use a paper bag. Black ribbon, and a rub-on transfer to create the look. Again, see HERE for full instructions.


I think it was Oprah that introduced me to the idea of writing down what I’m grateful for, but the hymn “Count your Many Blessings” has been a favorite since childhood. When we remember our blessings, it makes life easier don’t you think?

We really enjoy this holiday. Good job America, Thanksgiving is a great idea! :)

Apple Crumble Recipe

11.01.2013 by Sarah |

Apple crumble has been one of my favorite desserts since childhood. It’s especially perfect in the fall, when anything warm adds to the comfort of the season. Even more perfect, apples are on sale!!!

boxwood clippings_apple crumble recipe


This recipe is from our mum, and is one of those you just kinda go on for taste and portions.

You Will Need: 

(for a regular pie dish, one above is mini)

6-8 apples (granny smith are perfect)

1/2 cup of soft butter

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup of oats

1 cup of flour

ground cinnamon to taste

nutmeg to taste

*highly recommended, fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

How To Make:

Mix all dry ingredients together (including spices), then blend in the butter using fingertips so it resembles bread crumbs.

Prep apples, by washing peeling and slicing in thinly.

Spread apples evenly in pie dish, and sprinkle with cinnamon and or nutmeg to taste.

Generously cover apples with crumble topping, and cook at 350 degrees for about 35-40 mins, until golden brown, and juices start to show.

The house smells so delicious and inviting when it’s cooking, another perk of fall cooking.


Happy Halloween!

10.31.2013 by sarah and emily |

boxwood clippings_halloween

Hope you all have a frightfully fun day and don’t forget…

“A little magic can take you a long way.” -Roald Dahl

Thrift Cafe Chairs Reveal

10.30.2013 by Emily |

I’m not sure if you remember, but a loooong time ago I purchased these chairs for $4 each. I finally got around to finishing them, all ready for the holidays.

boxwood clippings_cafe chair makeover

It took me all day to sand and paint 8 of these chairs. I used this paint and am happy to say the long hours were worth it! Love the dark espresso and gloss finish!

I think it’s fair to say we have more than enough chairs for a household of two! We’ll be using these ones as occasional chairs for when we have a full house.

Let the party season begin! Have you found any great thrift finds lately?

Things You Should be Buying at Costco this Season

10.29.2013 by Sarah |

It’s usually all over facebook. The cursing that starts when someone spies the first Christmas tree at Costco. For me it’s a season I always look forward to, a time to stock up on some much loved favorites!

Their white tissue paper is amazeballs. Great quality, great price. This lasts us the whole year, if not more.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


Same with the cellophane wrap. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Be sure to get this one early, it’s always a pain to find nearer to Christmas.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


Costco’s selection of decorations is pretty good for a warehouse store. Keep your eye’s peeled to what ‘tickles your fancy’ as you can guarantee their prices will beat any around.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal find


Also on your rounds, keep in mind gifts you can tick off your list early. We think these yummy and cute tins of hot chocolate make a perfect, easy, and fast neighbor or co-worker gift for only $3.25 each…holler!

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


Oh and the naughty one, treats galore! Prices are really really good on treats in bulk. These shortbreads usually run around $3.90 for a small pack and there must be at least 12 times the about in here for less than half the price. Again, stock up for the year, or just for the holidays.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


What are your seasonal Costco faves? Let us know if we’re missing out on something good!