Kimberly’s Baby Girl Shower

05.28.2013 by sarah and emily |

Last week we threw our sis-in-law, Kimberly a small baby shower. With four boisterous boys, we are thrilled Kimberly is having a girl for her last baby.

We kept the party very simple with just a few decorations and of course some very delicious food.

boxwood clippings_kimberly's shower

We found a pink, orange and yellow petal wrapping paper at Target and decided to theme our shower around it…very “spring-y” and girly. For decor, we decided to wrap her presents in coordinating colors for a simple display. We also hung a few Chinese lanterns and pom-poms for a festive entrance.

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

Kimberly’s eyes say it all…we think she’s excited to be having a girl too :)

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

I’m sure Baby Catherine will win all of our hearts, but for now her big brother, Teddy has us totally smitten.

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

boxwood clippings_kimberly's baby girl shower

We also kept the food very girly with fruit, an over-the-top salad, a variety of Mum’s quiches and Sarah’s legendary lemon buns and meringues.

Such a fun afternoon with some great ladies.

Congratulations Dan, Kimberly and boys, we can’t wait to meet your little baby girl xxx

DIY Easy Patriotic Banner from Scraps

05.27.2013 by Sarah |


We hope you’re having a relaxing day will those you love! Today we’re sharing an easy peasy project that you could whip up in no time.

When we were cleaning up from making the patriotic napkins, we thought our scrap paper looked kinda cute. So we made a simple banner by just hanging them on twine with mini cloths pegs.

boxwood clippings_patriotic banner

boxwood clippings_patriotic banner1

The black and white is a modern twist on patriotic decorations, but still feels festive with the stars and stripes.

Oh how I love easy free projects! This would be a fun to involve kids too. :)

DownEast Tent Sale 2013

05.24.2013 by Emily |

Today is one of our favorite days of the year, the beginning of the DownEast Tent Sale! Undoubtedly, we come away with a major bargain and we get all giddy looking forward to the sale.

Last year I scored my West Elm living room couches for $125 each.

boxwoodclippings_inexpensive neutral living room

Sarah got this gorgeous curtain rod for only $5!

boxwoodclippings_west elm rods

Here are a few tips for shopping the big sale:

#1 Allow enough time. The tent can be overwhelming and you want to allow enough time for adequate rummaging. Take your time to make your way around the tent and reading the boxed merchandise. Many items do not have a floor display out.

#2 Inspect everything very thoroughly. DownEast usually only exchanges merchandise and many items in the tent sale are final sale.

#3 If you feel a price is too high, you may as well ask for a lower price. It never hurts to ask!

Make sure to check with your local DownEast as tent sale dates vary per location. Happy, happy bargain shopping!

Four Year Anniversary and Cruiser Bikes

05.23.2013 by Emily |

Another year has flown by and I get to wish this fella a Happy Anniversary today!


I get super excited when our anniversary rolls around, and this year to celebrate we’re getting bikes! There are a lot of trails in our new neighborhood and it’ll be so fun to go riding around town together.

I am looking for a cute cruiser bike like this one:


Shopping has been a little more challenging than anticipated. Here are my needs/wants:

Cute factor (preferably white).

A few gears to get me up those hills.

Around $200.

I am leaning towards this Schwinn. Any suggestions of bikes you’ve loved or things I need in a bike?

Happy Anniversary, Brad! Love you lots xxx

My Top 3 Favorite Tips found on Pinterest

05.22.2013 by Sarah |

Over the last 2 years, Pinterest has squeezed it’s self into my everyday life. It’s an amazing resource of visual overload and inspiration, but also full of fascinating tips and tricks I can’t believe I ever lived without!

These are my top 3 life changing tips!

Placing a wooden spoon over pan when cooking pasta:

boxwood clippings_wooden spoon over pan

Somehow this prevents the boiling water not to spill over, incredible right? The bubbles fold over the top and not down the pan. Obviously, still be cautious and keep a close eye on the heat and pan!


Ironing ribbon with a hair straightener:

boxwood clippings_real simple flat iron ribbon

I always felt guilty throwing away bits ribbon that I receive on gift wrap, but because it was winkled from bows it was unlikely I could put it to use. This was a real ahha moment to see I could just swipe it through my hair straightener, it totally gives the ribbon new life good enough to reuse.

(Although seen on Pinterest, but originally posted by Real Simple HERE.)


Easy way to clean panini press:

boxwood clippings_steam clean

After use, unplug the press and place a damp paper towel in it. This steam cleans then all you need to do is wipe with another towel when it’s cooled.


What are you guys finding over at Pinterest?

We just love the quick fixes, and doable projects please share.


(To follow Em’s boards click HERE, and mine HERE.)

Look for Less: Floral Towels

05.21.2013 by Emily |

I have been perpetually obsessed with Anthropologie’s Perpetual Blooms towels for what seems like an eternity…

boxwoodclippings_anthropologie perpetual bloom towels

They are luxurious, beautiful and heavenly. The price tag of a bath towel of $36 is extortionately over my towel budget, so up until now I’ve purchased just one or two hand towels.

Fortunately, Target has come to my rescue – as it often does!

boxwoodclippings_target yellow floral towel

This Threshold bath towel is a fraction of the price at $12.34! Right now, it is currently only offered in yellow, but I am hopeful for different colors in the seasons ahead.

Thanks Target for an affordable alternative!

DIY Patriotic Napkins

05.20.2013 by sarah and emily |

We had so much fun last week making these star and stripe napkins. A patriotic summer is about to begin next week with Memorial Day and we thought this would be a perfect craft to embrace the months ahead. It’s so easy it could be a perfect activity to do once the kiddos are out of school.

boxwood clippings_patrotic napkins

You Will Need:

A Potato

Fabric Paint

Foam Craft Brush

Plain Napkins

Painter’s Tape

Scrap Paper


We used this clip art and printed it to use as a template for our potato stamp.

We then cut the potato in half and cut around the template to create a potato stamp.

Next, we painted the stamp with our fabric paint using a foam brush.

boxwood clippings_patriotic napkins

After applying paint to the potato we tested it onto a piece of paper. We found we liked to do an initial stamp on paper and then stamp the remaining ink onto the fabric napkin until we needed to apply more paint for an overall uneven look.

boxwood clippings_patriotic napkins

boxwood clippings_patriotic napkins

(By the time we were done stamping our star napkins we had lots of stamped scrap paper. Stay tuned for another project using this scrap!)

Next up was the striped napkins. We applied painters tape to make our stripes and then painted in between the tape. Again, we didn’t want a totally uniformed look so we roughly painted our stripes.

boxwood clippings_patriotic napkins

boxwood clippings_patriotic napkins

We felt like little girls again stamping with our potato stamps and now we’re ready for summer barbecues with these summery napkins. Fun and easy are always our favorite crafts!

DIY Wooden Flags

05.20.2013 by Sarah |

Good morning everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today we’re sharing this project over at Lil Luna, diy wooden flags…

boxwood clippings_wooden flags at lil luna 1

See you over there!

Graduation Gifts

05.17.2013 by Emily |

It’s graduation time! Congrats to all of those who are graduating or have loved ones that are! Celebrations are in order for Sarah and Brock! He made it through grueling law school and after many years both Sarah and I are feeling lucky not to have husbands in school…woot, woot!

No matter if it’s high school or postdoc graduation here are a few gifts we know your grad will love…

boxwoodclippings_mark and graham totes

Any excuse for a personalized gift and we’ll take it! These canvas and leather cosmetic bags are adorbes and gender-neutral. $24-$28. Free Personalization, gift wrap and shipping with promo code: graduation.

boxwoodclippings_pearl studs

Pearls are always a good idea for any special occasion. This website has a great selection at affordable prices.

boxwoodclippings_two-tone striped cufflinks

For the guys, cufflinks are also great for a special occasion. I like these two-tone stiped cufflinks for $30.

boxwoodclippings_chalkboard journal

A journal is a nice idea for the grad’s new chapter in life. This one is very cute.

boxwoodclippings_caramel apple

Another idea is a spa or massage gift card to treat the grad after all that hard work. Balloons, flowers and caramel apples will also never fail. Do you have a go-to gift for graduates?

Holler Dollar: Microfiber Towel Pad

05.16.2013 by Sarah |

 Another successful trip to the Dollar Tree, this microfiber towel works wonders for my wet dishes.

boxwood clippings_holler dollar microfiber towel

No more soggy dish towels…holler!!!

Little Beauties: Caldrea Soaps

05.15.2013 by Sarah |

Our kind friends over at Caldrea sent us a couple of samples to try, and boy did I fall in love with their Blackcurrant Mint.

Blackcurrant is a favorite flavor of the British Isles, so the smell brings me back to my childhood summer days. Isn’t it funny how scents can have that reminiscent effect? I feel an extra bounce in my step with every hand wash!

boxwood clippings_caldrea

If you want to see how England smells to me, pick up a bottle. Even better, they’re on sale at Target this week, $6.79 for the hand soap and $5.09 for the dish.

Plus I just adore the packaging, blue fits right in with my kitchen decor! Do you ever buy such products on looks alone?

Get the Look: Brass Flushmount Lights

05.14.2013 by Emily |

I stumbled upon this image a few days ago on Pinterest:

boxwoodclippings_better homes and gardens brass flushmount lights

Hello lights!!! After paying hundreds of dollars on commercial-looking pot lights for our kitchen, these pretty flush lights look so much more appealing to me.

I was at my new favorite store, Home Depot and saw this similar looking flushmount in the lighting aisle for only $9.98. Wowsers!

boxwoodclippings_hampton bay antique brass flushmount

Hampton Bay Antique Brass Flushmount

The finish in person is way more bronze-y like the top image. Singly I’m not so sure, but repeated I’m thinking this could be a great upgrade lined along a hallway. What do you think of them?

DIY Personalized Gift Bags

05.13.2013 by sarah and emily |

We’ve had some major gifting around here lately, so we got together to make some basic craft bags a little more interesting…

boxwood clippings_personalized gift bags

boxwood clippings_diy personalized gift bagsFirst, we used a pencil to draw our message and then used India Ink and a flat paint brush to paint over our pencil guide. The India ink makes the writing extra shiny and smooth, but you could just use regular craft paint for a similar look.

We’re all about really simple ways to make gift-giving a little more personal. What are your favorite tips?

Mother’s Day Reminder

05.10.2013 by Sarah |

Just a little reminder to tell your mum and all your special ladies how much you love and appreciate them this Sunday and always.

boxwood clippings_flowers

Of course flowers always help spread the message too.  These beautiful hydrangeas are from Trader Joes and only $6.99, can you believe that? They are my very favorite flower.

Mummy Clayton you are one heck of a lady, and the best role model we could ask for. We love you very much, and think you are amazeballs!

Love, Sarah & Emily x

NYC Prospect Park Pink Nail Polish

05.09.2013 by Emily |

Come spring I am dying to pull out my pink and coral clothes from closet hibernation. The same holds true for my toes! I have been obsessed with NYC’s Prospect Park Pink for the past few weeks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s the perfect blend of peachy pink and has my toesies excited for the months ahead. It dries in a rapid 60 seconds and cost only $1.99 at Target!

What colors do you gravitate toward this time of year?

Budgeting for a Successful Wardrobe

05.08.2013 by Emily |

There is no question that no matter the budget most people are disappointed in their closets. Here are a few tips that have helped us have semi-decent wardrobes through tight financial years.

First: Everyday, Neutral Basics

boxwoodclippings_neutral basics

Black leggings, two pairs of great fitting jeans, two black tees…two white…narrow down your weekly basic wardrobe and spend your money maintaining basics before anything else. You’ll always feel and look great if you have an awesome pair of jeans. Make sure to sign up for emails from your basic clothing brands so you know of sales, coupons etc. Shade Clothing, Old Navy and Gap are a few of our favorites for basics.

Second: Seasonal and Colorful Accessories

boxwoodclippings_colorful necklace

We add color and fun to our outfits mostly through scarves, jewelry and shoes. Accessories are the perfect way to keep up with current trends, and requires only a small budget. Target and Charlotte Russe are our go-to shops for affordable accessories. See here, here and here.

Buy Out of Season

boxwoodclippings_enzo angiolini boots

The best shopping deals usually come at the end of the season. If you wore out your boots this winter, now is the best time to get a steal. I just bought a similar pair to these Enzo Angiolini leather boots at Macy’s for $30.

Shop Discount Stores

If you’re a shopper like us and often feel the urge to hit the shops try the thrift store, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx instead. You’ll have to hunt for a good find, and get a thrill from spending a fraction of what you normally would. Em’s coat was one of her all-time favorite Rack finds!

If You Don’t Love it, Don’t Buy it!

If you don’t love it, don’t buy it! It doesn’t matter if it has 95% off the original ticket, guaranteed you won’t wear it if it doesn’t both look and feel great…trust us on this one and save your pennies!

Patience is a Virtue

We are big believers in if you fall 100% in love with something to buy it. However, make sure to ask yourself how often you will wear it, and what you will wear it with. If your answers are “everyday” and “I could wear this with anything” then it’s probably a good item to invest in. If your answer is “maybe if I ever go on a cruise, or “when I lose ten pounds” run away. Believe us, it is always a good idea to think about a big purchase for a week or so before purchasing.

Support Great Stores

boxwoodclippings_nordstrom gifts

If you can’t wait for for sales and discounts, make sure you are buying from a great store. We love Nordstrom and are happy to pay full-ticket price for a great customer service shopping experience and return policy.

Do you have any tips on budgeting for your wardrobe? We’d love to hear your thoughts! We hope our tips will help you love your wardrobe once and for all!

10 Things You Should Be Buying from Williams Sonoma

05.07.2013 by Sarah |

Williams Sonoma is one of those stores that is totally inspiring. I’m not a chef by any means, but with only one foot in the store I can feel my domestic goddess setting in.

Their prices are higher than our usual places, but these products are my faves and well worth the investment.

boxwood clippings_williams sonoma

No.1 Assorted Kitchen Towels, oh so lovely and thick, and a pack of four matching is very rare and ubber cute.

No.2 Pot Holder, adorable and sturdy but I’m mostly in love because it matches the apron.

No.3 Apron, forget the super cutie ones, this one makes me feel like a pro…hum I wonder if my food actually tastes better when I use this in prep?! Oh, and of course keeps me clean…even when hot grease comes a spittin’.

No.4 Ice Cream Maker, this one was a gift and we’ve LOVED it. Simple ingredients turned and chilled together makes a guilt free treat. Why is it that EVERYTHING is better homemade?

No.5 Gourmet Knife, we received a whole block for our wedding, but find ourselves using this one 50 times more than the others. Cutting tomatoes has never been so blissful.

No.6 Cook Books, to die for photography and do-able recipes. I love the few books I have, but this one is a fave to give at weddings, for that couple who already seems to have everything.

No.7 Le Creuset Dutch Oven, you know we love these babies. Sold everywhere, but we always tend to love their colours best.

No.8 Swissmar Peelers, gift from daddy-in-law who’s a Williams Sonoma snob! When he bought these over, I thought they were totally unnecessary at $18 but they are seriously a dream. Now I kinda look forward to peeling my potatoes…kinda!

No.9 Panini Press, another gift and this one seriously changed my life. Cooking for two, this is used almost every night, especially in the summer. Grilled cheese has never been so good, or easy!

No.10 Personal Embosser, this one is on my wish list. Hello Santa, did you get that?

Although their prices are pricey they have amazing sales. Seasonal clearance is especially great, and often find things 75% off, sometimes more.

It’s a great place to window shop and if nothing else, and they have delicious samples!

5 Ways to Use Clothes Pegs

05.06.2013 by Sarah |

I’ve always loved clothes pegs, maybe because I loved washing day when mum would hang the yummy smelling laundry out on the line, (ha, sometimes when I tell stories of my childhood Brock asks me what century I grew up in!). Anyhow, these are super versicle little tools, here’s how they I like to put them to use.

As a place setting:
boxwood clippings_clothes pegs placesetting

Helping to organize my ribbon ends:

boxwood clippings_clothes pegs ribbon

 As a label for my plants:

boxwood clippings_clothes pegs herbs

As a tag on a gift:

boxwood clippings_clothes pegs gift

Plain old chip clip, or in this case marshmallow:

boxwood clippings_clothes pegs

A pack of these run about $1…holler, I can’t think of any think more handy for that price.

How do you put yours to use?

Gift Idea: Herb Housewarming Gift

05.03.2013 by Emily |

Last week our best friend, Bri came to check out the new abode with her two kidlets. I don’t know how this woman even has an extra second to be so cute, but she brought me over the most perfect housewarming gift of herbs wrapped in burlap:

boxwood clippings_new home herb gift

It was just what I needed to add some life to the house and to get me in to the kitchen. Such a great housewarming present right?! It would also work wonderfully as a hostess gift. Thanks a million Mamasita ;)

Country-Classic Dining Room

05.02.2013 by Emily |

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all having a great week. Today I’m happy to share the something I am SO excited about…our dining room! After years of dreaming it’s so great when things are actually happening! I couldn’t wait for the room to be complete, so here’s a sneak peek at our recent purchases:

boxwood clippings_em's dinning room table

Williams-Sonoma Harvest Table purchased at DownEast for $799.

I know this is a lot for a dining table, but with both leaves in it’s a ginormous 114″ long where all of our family can gather. It is super sturdy and with the distressed finish I’m hoping scratches and dings will only add to it’s character?!

boxwood clippings_em's dinning room chair

Tall Windsor Chairs from Oak Express $76 each.

These chairs are regularly priced $96 each, but the black is being discontinued so they were only $76 each. I also bargained for two for chairs for $30 each due to slight damage, it never hurts to ask! You know how long I’ve been dreaming of windsor chairs, I’m hopeful that my taste will remain as timeless as these chairs.

boxwood clippings_em's dinning room light

Basic Chandelier from Lowe’s $80.

$80?! Yes, I will take it! I’m enjoying the chandelier without shades for the summer, but can’t wait to cozy it up with little shades in the fall.

This is how it’s looking so far…

boxwood clippings_em's dinning room

I posted this image a while ago which oozes country-classic comfort and the look I love.


Our walls are empty and bare, but hopefully we’ll get to country-classic cozy eventually :)