Little Guest Gifts

04.10.2013 by Sarah |

With a lot of our family living out of town we frequently have guests, and I love to playing hostess.

One of my favorite things to do is leave little gifts or snacks by the guest bed, it’s a welcoming and cozy touch don’t you think?

boxwood clipppings_guest gifts


It doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple bottle of water and some favorite treats work nicely and let your guests know you’re more than happy to have them stay.

What are your favorite hostess tips?

Easy Cupcake Toppers

04.10.2013 by Emily |

A few weeks ago, I had a baby shower for my good friend Brea. I wanted a quick and different way to decorate the party cupcakes, so went through my ‘scrap box’ and ended up using remnant ribbon and washi tape:

boxwood clippings_cupcake toppers1

I simply tied knots of ribbon and folded washi tape in half around toothpicks, the result being easy and festive.

The cupcakes looked so great grouped together, and the toppers worked out to be considerably less expensive than store-bought versions! Do you have any thrifty tips for party planning? We’d love to hear!

Designing a Playroom

04.09.2013 by Emily |

Today we’d like to share a few tips on designing a playroom. By following just a few rules you can ensure a space that both you and your child will love…


When we design a playroom the process starts quite similar to any other room: Surprise! A neutral foundation. However, unlike most of our designs there is no denying that children love color, so we always add a healthy dose in accessories. Light and bright rooms encourage play time, so we also make sure to take advantage of the natural light available, as well as adding lots of lighting fixtures.

Neutral room + bright bunting and rug

boxwoodclippings_neutral play room + bright


Storage is incredibly important in a playroom. Every item should have a home to eliminate clutter and create a happy environment. Closet organizers to utilize existing storage or adding additional storage, with bookshelves, storage totes and baskets are a must. Our beloved, Expedit is usually our number choice and is a very affordable option.

boxwoodclippings_expedit in


The most important function of a playroom is to have open space, and this is often the first problem we notice when we start a project. It is so important to have open space where kids can pull out and run around in. With adequate storage only large items should be left on the floor to maximize every inch of open space. We usually add soft rugs and floor pillows to create a soft, inviting environment and also encourage a toy rotation schedule so the space is not cluttered and the child doesn’t tire of the same toy every day.

Open space + rug + poufs

boxwoodclippings_open play area

We hope you find these tips helpful! Please email us at mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com if you need help designing and/or organizing a play space for your family.

Things you should be Buying from a Thrift Store for your Kitchen

04.08.2013 by Emily |

Today I thought I’d share a few tips on thrift shopping. There is no doubt that one of the number one things I have saved money on by thrift store shopping is supplies for the kitchen. I know I have saved hundreds of dollars. Here are a few things to keep your eyes peeled while shopping to save you oodles…


boxwoodclippings_martha stewart whiteware

Mixing bowls, platters, porcelain utensil holders and pitchers all cost at least $20 at a regular store. They all cost less than $5 at a thrift store. I have a slight obsession and have a collection Martha Stewart would be proud of…Who can pass up a cute, white pitcher for $1?!


Vintage Glass


A close second thrift store favorite! Vintage stemmed glasses, cake stands, vases and dessert plates are all frequent finds.


Small Appliances


Remember the famous Dualit find? The beauty is still my favorite find of all time. Thrift stores are always stocked with crock-pots, blenders, toasters, juicers etc that are usually working fine, in great shape and are looking for a new home.


Professional-Grade Cookware + Bakeware

boxwoodclippings_le creuset

Other prized thrift store possessions are my Le Creuset dutch oven, professional cake pans/cookie sheets/cooling racks. These high quality items cost a fortune brand new, I feel lucky to have found them at a fraction of the price.

It is easy to go overboard and buy a lot while thrifting. Always remember the golden shopping rule:

Do not buy anything you do not need or cannot live without!

There is no point even spending a few dollars on something at the thrift store because it was a good deal if it is never going to be used.

I hope these tips are helpful. Happy hunting friends!

Gift Idea: See’s Candy

04.05.2013 by Sarah |

Chocolate in my book is always a very good gift! See’s Candy is no exception!

Not only is the chocolate sooo delish, but I really enjoy the experience of going to pick out my faves, which is why their gift cards are so great.

boxwood clippings_see's chocolare


Don’t you just love their stores? Black and white with chunky molding, so great!

boxwood clippings_see's candy

At Costco their gift certificates come in a pack of 2 for $27.99 saving you a couple of bucks. They’re perfect for popping in the mail, or keeping in your purse to cheer up someone’s day.
boxwood clippings_see's candy

I’m adding it to my list of ‘Trusty Faves’, will you?

New House Update

04.04.2013 by Emily |

Our house is finally ready!

boxwoodclippings_emily's new house

We’ve definitely had a few hiccups, but the sun is shining and the house is finally locked up ready for us to move in…

boxwoodclippings_emily's new house

…stay tuned for the inside finished project (and some landscaping) soon!

Monogrammed Towels at Pottery Barn

04.03.2013 by Emily |

I have been scouring all the shops lately trying to find things for the new house. I found the sweetest towels at Pottery Barn that I just couldn’t resist.

boxwoodclippings_pottery barn monogrammed towels

$4.99 for set of two (free shipping, $7 monogramming)

My towels arrived within just a few days and I am thrilled with them. I love the fringed edge, linen texture and most of all, monogram! I had ‘sanders’ monogrammed, which will be perfect to layer over hand towels in the bathrooms.

I also think they would make the cutest gifts at around $6 each. Don’t you think they’d make a perfect hostess present?

Holler Dollar: Sonic’s Real Lime Fruit Slush

04.02.2013 by Sarah |

boxwood clippings_holler dollar

Today we’d filled our caffeine quota before noon, yikes!!! Later, we stopped by Sonic, so I could introduce Em to my new treat, their lime slush…YUM!

boxwood clippings_sonic slush.png

Their slushies and drinks are half off at happy hour (between 2-4 daily), so this little bad boy was just under a buck (for a medium). It’s so refreshing!

boxwood clippings_sonic slush

We’ve found our new pool-side treat! Whoot whoot!

My Living Room Tune Up on a Dime!

04.01.2013 by Sarah |

I’ve been craving a little makeover in my living room for quite a while. A few weeks ago I totally rearranged the furniture and made it feel like a completely new space, but it just didn’t sit right so I changed it back. I decided a little tune up was all the room needed.

I started with the bookshelf. I kept a neutral color scheme of white, black, silver and brown. Made clean lines with books, and used trusty cake stands in abundance for height.

boxwood clippings_sarah's living room

This nest is a Easter decoration, but I decided to glue it to an empty frame for a more permanent look.

boxwood clippings_sarah's living room

I backed some of my books in leftover wrapping from Christmas. Love silver and white together!

boxwood clippings_sarah's living room

All my dark and colored pillows went away, and I gathered all my whites. My sister in law Kimberly make me some covers out of some neutral napkins. The textures really pop against eachother.

boxwood clippings_sarah's living room

Then I just needed some life. A mum plant from my grocery store was only $3 and has already given me weeks of full bloom.

boxwood clippings_sarah's living room

My neutral room is bright and airy. No need for color here!

Mixing things up can breath new life into a room, and you don’t need to shop for anything you don’t already have. Pull from other rooms, and go shopping in your storage space. Even using other seasons decorations the right way can do just the trick!


DIY Watercolor Card

03.29.2013 by Sarah |

Watercolor is all the range around the bloggy world these days, and why not? It’s flippin’ amazing!

This watercolor card is a so simple and can be used for any occasion, and the best part is you can make it while you’re having art time with the kids. Just pull out those Crayola paints and save yourself a pretty penny on your upcoming  events.

boxwood clippings_diy watercolor card

 What You’ll Need:

Water color paper (I use this one)


Cup of Water


Thin Black Pen (in love with this!)

Stack of Magazines or a heavy item.



1. Fold your paper in half

2. Lightly wet your paintbrush and get a good amount of paint on it

 3. Glide your paint in a line across the top of the card

boxwood clippings_watercolor card

 4. Next, lightly dip the brush in water and make another line touching your first.

5. Repeat again!

boxwood clippings_watercolor card

 6. Do the same but starting at the bottom of card. I like to use another color too.

boxwood clippings_watercolor card


7. Wait a few moments until it’s dried off then set it under a heavy stack of books or magazines. Place some white paper on top of it to protect it.

8. I like to leave mine a couple of hours or overnight, then when it is completely dried and pressed write a saying in your own penmanship.

I hope you find this little tutorial helpful, and your inspired to create your won little works of art. :)

$5 Jewelry at Charlotte Russe

03.28.2013 by Emily |

Charlotte Russe’s $5 Jewelry line is flippin’ incredible this spring!

Neutral clothing accessorized with a pop of colorful jewelry is never a bad idea. I try to invest in basic clothing to wear over and over and then have a few pieces of inexpensive jewelry so to mix and match so I never get tired of wearing the same thing.

Here are a few things making the list:

boxwoodclippings_coral stacked ringsstacked coral rings

boxwoodclippings_studded bracelet

studded bracelet set

boxwoodclippings_hexagon earringspink hexagon earrings

boxwoodclippings_pink and gold bracelet setpink + gold bangle set

boxwoodclippings_pale pink braceletpale pink bracelet

boxwoodclippings_gold clasp braceletgold clasp bracelet

boxwoodclippings_dome earringsdome earrings

boxwoodclippings_single strand necklace

simple beaded necklace

Let’s just say my shopping cart is full! Make sure to check out all the different colors and styles HERE.

Paper and Fabric Flowers

03.27.2013 by Sarah |

Although it’s not April Fools day until next week, these paper and fabric flowers have me second guessing their true identities.

This time of year in Utah seems to be a constant battle between Winter and Summer, and although it won’t be long till real blossoms are in bloom, I’m dying to try my had at these beautiful creations.

This up cycled beauty is by Alternative Blooms and can be found HERE.
boxwood clippings_paper flowers

This giant wall flower is perfection, found on You Are My Fave (instructions HERE). Picture 23

And finally, these beauties by Craftberry Bush are to die for (instructions HERE).boxwood clippings_paper flowers

My mother had a mini freak out when I mentioned I wanted to make flowers for my wedding centerpieces 8 years ago. I don’t think this is what she had in mind! I’m sold, are you?

Hello Sunshine!

03.26.2013 by Emily |

As it’s still is snowing across most of the country I think a healthy dose of yellow is in order to remind us it is indeed spring:

yellow geometric pillow $16.99

our favorite ikea napkins $1.99

watering can $29.95

stripe mixing bowl $9.99

accent rug $14.99

nate berkus woven pillow $24.99 (yellow color only available in-store)

I always love yellow in the spring, what do you love this time of year?

Painted Brick

03.25.2013 by Emily |

I am beyond in love right now with painted brick. You know how some people wouldn’t dream of painting oak cabinets? Some people also think the same about brick, that covering it would be a total sin. For any of those skeptics out there I’m here to convince you otherwise :)

boxwoodclippings_grey brick

boxwoodclippings_painted brick porch

boxwoodclippings_cream brick wall

boxwoodclippings_painted black brick

Aren’t these spaces amazing?! I’m dying to get myself a brick makeover! I’ve been reading up on painting brick and have fallen in love with Annie Sloan paint. Have you heard about it? a) Annie is a fellow Brit and overall fabulous b) it looks like miracle paint and c) no voc’s = no cancer. Watch this video to be converted.

Happy Monday, hope you all have a happy week!

Gift Idea: Bunnies by the Bay

03.22.2013 by Sarah |

Are you a still looking for a little something to add to an easter basket? We think these little rabbits by Bunnies by the Bay are pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

They’ve been a family fave for years, and are a ‘go-to’ trusty favorite when it comes to giving gifts.

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay


They are so soft and fluffy, and something about their insides make them ‘flop’ ever so cutely. Perfect for babies, kiddies and the forever kid-at-heart!

You can find them HERE,  or if you fancy a snuggle you can see them at Nordstrom. :)

10 Things You Should Be Buying At Crate & Barrel

03.21.2013 by Sarah |

Crate and Barrel is our happy place. Not only do they switch things up seasonally, but always have fun finds when it comes to furniture and decor.

However, our real bliss is their kitchen section. Quality professional products have us feeling quite like Ina Garten, plus they don’t break the bank. Here are some things you shouldn’t be living without!
boxwood clippings_10 things you should be buying from crate & barrelNo.1: Mixing Bowls, this set of 10 is only $29.95. Glass bowls always remind me of cooking shows, when all the ingredients are prepped and ready to go. I die over the little ones…”now add the salt”!

No.2: Fondue Set, milky white porcelain is an art form in it’s self. Just add the chocolate and you’re in heaven. On sale now for only $29.95, it’d make a perfect wedding gift don’t you think?

No.3: Cookie Dough Scoop, makes the worst part of making cookies a breeze. At $12.95 it’s worth the investment.

No.4: Ice Cream Scoop, also $12.95, and good for getting those jumbo size cookies looking very professional, or used for ice cream. Very old school, love it!

No.5: Soup Bowl, only $3.50 and makes me feel very New Englandish!

No.6: Working Glass, one of our most favorite products EVER. We use it in cooking, serving, but best of all for saving leftovers. They look so pretty stacked in the fridge. A very simple pleasure and priced at only $2.50.

No.7: Fridge Soda Can Organizer, I couldn’t believe it when Em put this on her wish list for her last birthday. But let me tell ya, I’m converted. $12.95.

No.8: Pie Dish, I’ve raved about it before HERE, it’s still sitting on my wish list! $19.95

No.9: Year of Cookie Cutters, perfect for those with kiddies to keep busy. Cookies for every season sounds like lots of fun and comes in this cute jar. On sale now for only $19.95.

No.10: Mini Spatula Set, also a trusty fave. Can’t imagine life without them. $8.95 and worth every penny!

What are your Crate and Barrel faves? Even their bags makes us giddy!


DIY Cake Stand

03.21.2013 by Sarah |

Good morning everyone!

Today we’re excited to announce we’ll also be contributing to one of our favorite blogs 6th Street Design School. Be sure to go and check out our post today where we’ll be sharing this fun DIY!

boxwood clippings_candlestick cakestand diy 2

 See you over there!

Disposable Plastic Tablecloth for Wrapping

03.20.2013 by Emily |

Here at Boxwood we are always trying to explore new ways to wrap gifts. Today I am happy to share one of our new favorites: Disposable tablecloths! You can find them at any grocery or party supply store costing about $3 per large tablecloth.

Believe me when I say this stuff is amazing to wrap with! Here are three different ways I used an aqua tablecloth:

boxwood clippings_table cloth 3 ways 2

As a Filler: I cut squares of tablecloth and put into the gift bag, just like I would tissue paper. Sometimes by the time I get a gift to a party my tissue paper is all smushed and wrinkled…but the plastic holds its shape beautifully. Love!

As Gift Wrap: I used the plastic exactly as I would wrapping paper. The only difference is the plastic is quite translucent, so you have to use a few layers. It is actually easier to wrap up the ends of your present as it doesn’t hold its creases like paper does if you need a re-do. Also, tape sticks to the plastic better than paper.

As Trimming: When cut into strips, the plastic was a cross between rafia/ribbon. it is so fun to work with.

The presents look very polished with their shiny plastic finish, and I can’t wait to give them to their recipients!

With the great price (I only used a fraction of the tablecloth), ease of  wrapping and pretty finish I will be buying many more plastic tablecloths in the future. What do you think?

English Lemon Cream Buns Recipe

03.19.2013 by Sarah |

When we first immigrated to the states little luxuries like popping to the local bakery was terribly missed.

It was out of necessity we figured out how to replicate our favorite treats with American ingredients. This one is super easy and a crowd favorite:

The Lemon Cream Bun:

boxwood clippings_lemon cream buns


12 Rhodes Frozen Rolls

1 Packet  of Jello Instant Lemon Pudding Mix

2 Cups of Milk (to make the pudding)

About 1 Pint of Fresh Whipped Cream

2 Tablespoons of Sugar (to add to cream)

About 2 Cups of Powdered Sugar


Defrost and cook rolls as instructed on bag.

Prep pudding, and set in fridge (instructions on box).

When cooled, slice rolls and spread a thin layer of pudding on each roll like you were making a sandwich.

Then add a healthy dollop of cream and fold top of roll over.

Then, mix about 2 tablespoons of the prepared pudding with the powdered sugar. The mixture should be quite thick so it doesn’t run off the bun, if it’s not add more powdered sugar. Immediately, spread a spoonful on the top of each bun, and spread with the back of the spoon.

Ta Dah, you’re done!

You may think adding pudding and cream to a bun is weird, but trust me it’s delish! And the perfect dessert for an Easter brunch. Will you be giving it a try?

Three Ways to Welcome Spring

03.18.2013 by Emily |

Spring has definitely arrived! Here in Salt Lake City we even made it into the 70′s this past week! The air smells and feels different and makes me giddy at its freshness… it has been one loooongg winter! Here are a few things to make the most of this perfect time of year in your living spaces.


It’s time to fold up the blankets, roll up the shaggy rugs, and store away the fur pillows, heavy duvets, hats and scarves. This process of ‘putting away winter’ will make you feel refreshed and make your home feel open, spacious and uncluttered.

boxwoodclippings_decorpad living room

We use our favorite totes and store away winter items in the basement or garage leaving drawers and closets open and airy.


Spring is the time to worship mother nature and invite her into your home. Sole blossoms and blooms make a dreary room alive, house plants have the same effect.

boxwoodclippings_housebeautiful blossoms on mantle

boxwoodclippings_elle decor spring living room

Undo the layers of winter and really lighten up the mantle and walls by removing cluttered frames and candles.


Scent is a powerful tool for the environment in your home. The last thing you want is for your new spring space to smell like steamed broccoli. I am in love with Mrs Meyer’s new radish scent cleaning products.

boxwoodclippings_mrs meyers radish scent

The scent smells like fresh wet grass and will make your house smell perfect while you are spring cleaning or washing the dishes.

These three things will hopefully bring a little spring in your step to enjoy your home this season. Do you have any rituals or routines around your home this time of year?