Happy Halloween!

10.31.2013 by sarah and emily |

boxwood clippings_halloween

Hope you all have a frightfully fun day and don’t forget…

“A little magic can take you a long way.” -Roald Dahl

Thrift Cafe Chairs Reveal

10.30.2013 by Emily |

I’m not sure if you remember, but a loooong time ago I purchased these chairs for $4 each. I finally got around to finishing them, all ready for the holidays.

boxwood clippings_cafe chair makeover

It took me all day to sand and paint 8 of these chairs. I used this paint and am happy to say the long hours were worth it! Love the dark espresso and gloss finish!

I think it’s fair to say we have more than enough chairs for a household of two! We’ll be using these ones as occasional chairs for when we have a full house.

Let the party season begin! Have you found any great thrift finds lately?

Things You Should be Buying at Costco this Season

10.29.2013 by Sarah |

It’s usually all over facebook. The cursing that starts when someone spies the first Christmas tree at Costco. For me it’s a season I always look forward to, a time to stock up on some much loved favorites!

Their white tissue paper is amazeballs. Great quality, great price. This lasts us the whole year, if not more.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


Same with the cellophane wrap. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Be sure to get this one early, it’s always a pain to find nearer to Christmas.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


Costco’s selection of decorations is pretty good for a warehouse store. Keep your eye’s peeled to what ‘tickles your fancy’ as you can guarantee their prices will beat any around.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal find


Also on your rounds, keep in mind gifts you can tick off your list early. We think these yummy and cute tins of hot chocolate make a perfect, easy, and fast neighbor or co-worker gift for only $3.25 each…holler!

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


Oh and the naughty one, treats galore! Prices are really really good on treats in bulk. These shortbreads usually run around $3.90 for a small pack and there must be at least 12 times the about in here for less than half the price. Again, stock up for the year, or just for the holidays.

boxwood clippings_costco seasonal finds


What are your seasonal Costco faves? Let us know if we’re missing out on something good!

Emily’s $70 Entryway Update

10.28.2013 by Emily |

 This post brought to you, in part by:


I’m so excited to share with you guys my entryway update. Remember how white and boring it was?

boxwood clippings_em's hallway

A lick of paint and a lantern sure transformed the place. Ta dah…

boxwood clippings_entryway

I can’t believe how just a few changes can make such a difference!

The rug is an old runner I’ve had for years, but was originally bought it from Overstock. Why do indoor/outdoor rugs live forever and I can’t justify buying this one yet?!

Here are the other sources:

1 quart (sample size) paint from Jones Paint and Glass: $6

Outdoor lantern from the Home depot: $65

Total cost: $71

If you need help decorating or organizing your home please email us at: mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com.

A Major Shout Out

10.25.2013 by Sarah |

I just wanted to publicly give a major shout out to one of my dearest, bestest friends Brittany Ambridge…

Domino is back baby! And if that wasn’t enough to be excited about two of my friends help make up their amazingly talented team. Brittany practically shot the entire magazine, and did one hell of a job! It’s crazy what some people can do!

If you haven’t already seen it on your local rounds, but sure to be on the look out. Their first issue doesn’t disappoint, and guaranteed there’s something in there for everyones taste. (Nate Berkus for me :)

boxwood clippings_domino


Also, be sure to check out their site HERE. Not only a great resource but we love how you can shop the magazine right from there, soooo convenient.

Brittany, I’m so proud of you. You’re simply amazeballs!!! x

The Perfect Baked Potato

10.25.2013 by Sarah |

Baked potatoes are so great this time of year, so filling, so comforting, so warm.

I love the versatility of how to dress mine up, will it be calorie loaded or heathy? A potato bar is great for a family weeknight dinner, or a weekend get-together with friends, people love choices :)

boxwood clippings_baked potato

To make my potatoes I simply give them a good scrub, dry them off. Prick lots with a fork and rub in olive oil and sprinkle with corse salt. Place on a baking tray and cook in oven at 350 for about 2 hours until soft.

Next score in 4ths, pinch and fluff using fork and butter. Finish with topping of your choice. My faves have always been cottage cheese with a pinch of pepper, baked beans and cheese, and coleslaw. Curry is also amazing.

What do you top your taters with? Do tell!

Kirkland Shearling Boots

10.24.2013 by Emily |

I know there are some major Ugg haters out there, but for me a pair of cozy Uggs is like laundry right out of the dryer or a hot bath on a freezing cold day. Literally heaven on earth!

However, I have had to pay a pretty penny for such luxury and have tried on dozens of pairs of knock-offs in hopes of something coming close to Ugg perfection for a fraction of the price.

Nothing ever came remotely close, until I discovered these Kirkland 100% Austrailian shearling boots.

boxwoodclippings_kirkland shearling boots

I did a test run and wore my normal uggs on one foot and the Kirkland brand on the other. I looked ridiculous walking up and down the aisles in Costco, but this was important! Honestly, I couldn’t even tell the difference between the two brands and at $39.99 I ran out of that store with a massive grin on my face and a new pair of boots.

So if you’re an Ugg fan like me, you may want to snatch up a pair or two for 80% off the brand price. Can I hear a holler?!!!

World Market Love

10.23.2013 by Emily |

It had been a little while since I’d last visited Cost Plus World Market, I finally got a chance and was blown away at SO many things. Here’s a touch of its current awesomeness:

This industrial hall tree needs to find a place in my house asap!

boxwoodclippings_industrial hall tree

I’m equally in love with this white bench.

I am really liking the shape of these wishbone chairs.

boxwoodclippings_wooden chair

I would love to use this simple United States map in a child’s bedroom.

boxwoodclippings_united states map

Not sure what I love about this cart so much, but I think I could make a home for it in any room of my house.

I bought this brown ruffled pie dish for only $12.99 in store. It is so similar to these Emile Henry ones that are $46 each! This makes me extra excited for pie season!

I know this is very,very early but these soft stockings are divine and only $14.99.

These vases and mercury glass candle holders are screaming to make a debut in my holiday decor.

boxwoodclippings_silver hurricane vases

Homemade Christmas gifts could be made even cuter with these spoon gift tags and cookie stamps.

These earrings are super cute and would make lovely Christmas gifts for $6.99.

This is just a glimpse of how great this store is.

World Market always has a sale going on, which always makes things even better. Sign up here for coupons and promotions and view current sales here.

The Most Perfect Gift

10.22.2013 by Sarah |

For my Mum’s 60th birthday she really really wanted all her children together in one place. It hadn’t happened since 1996, and it was impossible for us to pull it off for her special day.

I felt terrible and was looking for the next best thing so I came up with the idea for all of her offspring (including all the grandkids) to write her a letter with fond memories, birthday wishes and things we admire about her. Well, I’m pleased to say it was a massive hit, and her book of letters is one place her children all gather.

It was Brock’s Grammy’s 90th birthday this past weekend, and he requested we put one together for her, just as we had for my Gran’s 90th, and mum’s 60th. It’s quite a tedious job collecting all the bits and pieces from everyone, but I can honestly say it’s the most perfect gift ever!

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

I use a regular scrapbook, and keep the format pretty simple. Black and white photos of each person, photo corners, envelopes, and some ‘rub-on’s’ for decoration. The inside of the envelopes are decorated also with scrapbook or wrapping paper. You don’t have to get super ‘crafty’ it’s the content that steals the show.

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

boxwood clippings_book of letters + memories

It’s one of those gifts you really can’t beat, and is made special by each of the people who help contribute. Thanks to all my family members who’ve put up with my nagging to create these one of a kind gifts, I’m sure we’ve made our mother’s and grannies very happy!

Emily’s Autumn Porch

10.21.2013 by Emily |

My favorite part about being in our new house so far is getting to decorate for the different seasons.

Here is our front porch all ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

boxwoodclippings_emily's autumn porchporch

Price Breakdown:

Walmart Mum’s: $3.99 each

Ikea Flower pots: $7.99 each

Macey’s pumpkins: $.19/lb

Bradley rockers: $119.95 Read about them here.

While I’m enjoying my pumpkins, my head is already spinning with Christmas ideas. How have you decorated your outdoor space this fall?

Pamela’s Gluten Free Coffee Cake

10.18.2013 by Emily |

I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease in 2007. This was before the ‘gluten-free’ craze, and living G-free was hard. That was until I discovered Pamela’s Gluten-free baking mix. Honestly, it was a life-changer. A gluten-free flour mix I could replace 1:1 for regular flour in all my favorite recipes! This mix made life so much easier and although now there are lots of G-free flour substitutes out there, this one remains my favorite.

Today I’m happy to share Pamela’s gluten-free sour cream coffee cake recipe. It is my go-to gluten-free baking recipe because it is so easy, everyone loves it, and is perfect for this time of year.

boxwood clippings_gluten free coffee cake recipe

Here’s What You’ll Need:

2 c Pamela’s baking and pancake mix (most grocery stores carry this)

2/3 c butter

1 1/4 c sugar

1/4 c brown sugar

2 eggs

1 c sour cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp cinnamon

1 c walnuts

powdered sugar (for glaze, optional)

How To Make:

Blend brown sugar, 1/4 c white sugar, cinnamon and walnuts and set aside. Cream butter and remaining white sugar. Add eggs and vanilla and slowly mix until blended. Alternate adding baking mix and sour cream until blended. Add half of mixture to cupcake liners, add sugar/cinnamon/walnut blend and then cover with remaining batter. Cook at 350 for 30 minutes or until golden brown and a toothpick comes out clean.

When cooled out of the oven, you can mix powdered sugar and water to create a glaze to drizzle over the top.

I used to make this recipe in a bunt pan, but it would drive me crazy if it didn’t come out 100% perfect. Now I make them as muffins, in cupcake liners. They are easier to serve this way too.

This is the best treat to have with a hot drink. Comfort food is the best this time of year!

For original recipe see HERE. Hope you enjoy!

Holler Dollar: Target Gift Wrap

10.17.2013 by Sarah |

I know it’s unusual to post two holler dollars in a row. This one wasn’t suppose to be published for another week or two, but when we went to Target today, we saw these were no longer $1 but down to ¢50…CRAY CRAY!!!

These Spritz wrapping papers are adorable, and come in these cool colours along with some warmer pinks and reds. For under a buck it’s the perfect time to restock your wrapping stations.

holler dollar_target gift wrap

They even have boxes and bags to match all at ¢50, and some of the cutest wrapping trimmings I’ve ever seen.

If you’re on your way to the store, be sure to go check them out. :)

Holler Dollar: Cutest Toblerone Ever!

10.16.2013 by Sarah |

Toblerone chocolate is simply some of the best around. Although the giant bars they sell at the airport get me giddy with one look, there’s something about the mini miniature version that has me dying with it’s cutness. Awe!

These run around $1.25 at Target, but I was happy to see them this week at my local Dollar Tree, yippee!

boxwood clippings_mini toblerone

Only the size of a pencil, the triangle pieces are adorbs!
boxwood clippings_mini toblerone

Such a perfect little gift for just $1, don’t you think?!


Question: If you saw a giant bar of chocolate abandoned but unopened, would you pick it up? This happen to Em and I three years ago in London, and we were quite hysterical about our unexpected treat!


Brea Sorrells Photography

10.15.2013 by Emily |

Today we’re excited to tell you about one of our favorite ladies, Brea Sorrells. Not only is she the only woman in the universe that says after having a baby, “It actually wasn’t that bad”, she is also one of the most well-rounded and accomplished women we know.

Brea majored in Photography with Sarah at BYU, and is one talented photographer. Brad and I hadn’t had our pictures taken since our wedding, so I thought it was about time!

Brea came over last Saturday and took our pics, she’s so chill and efficient and made even camera-shy Brad comfortable with getting his pic taken.

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 12.21.53 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 12.21.26 PM

Now I have absolutely no excuse to not send out Christmas cards this year and neither will you with this killer deal Brea is offering Boxwood readers!

 Here’s What You’ll Get:

One hour photo session

Color correction and editing

All proofs from your session and printing rights!!!

Price: $150

Please email sorrellsphotography@gmail.com to schedule your family portraits before Dec 1st.

Make sure to mention Boxwood for your discount!

You can see more of Brea’s work on her website: breasorrells.blogspot.com

Thanks Brea!

Mini Trick or Treats

10.14.2013 by sarah and emily |

gygi logo

This post brought to you in part by, Gygi.

We are so excited about the little trick or treats we’ll be giving out this year!

boxwood clippings_halloween mini treat bags

 We found everything we needed for Halloween at one of our favorite stores, Gygi.

boxwood clippings_halloween mini treat bags

This is what we used:

little bitty treat bags $4.50 for 20 bags

Vanilla taffy $7.99 for 3lb bag

Washi tape $2.99 (in store)

(click HERE to link to all the items)

We put three taffies in per bag and closed it off with a strip of washi tape. One bag of vanilla taffy, three packets of little bitty treat bags, and one washi tape roll will make about 60 trick or treats, which works out to be around $.40 each.

So tiny and adorable!

We think they’d also make a perfect party favor.


As always, don’t forget to use ‘BOXWOOD10′ for a 10% discount on EVERYTHING on their site. You can even pick up in store to save you the shipping! Holler!

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

10.11.2013 by Sarah |

I never thought making hot chocolate was and art form, until I saw my scottish landlady make hers this special way and I could instantly taste the difference. This method can be used with any hot chocolate mix, even low calorie and will still taste better than the instructions on the tin.


Just 3 Simple Steps:

1. Scoop powder in cup

boxwood clippings_hot chocolate


2. Add a little milk and stir making a paste.

boxwood clippings_how to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate



3. Add freshly boiled water while stirring to make extra frothy.

boxwood clippings_how to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate

 There you have it, and extra yummy cup.

But don’t forget a healthy dollup of fresh whipped cream if you feel like being sinful!

boxwood clippings_how to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate




DIY Fall Garland

10.10.2013 by sarah and emily |

 Today we’re sharing this DIY falling leaves garland at 6th Street Design School.

boxwood clippings_diy falling leaves garland

Head over if you’d like to learn how to make your home nice and shimmery for the next few months!

Holler Dollar: Trader Joe’s Soap

10.10.2013 by Emily |

I think I have found the best holler dollar around… Trader Joe’s Oatmeal and Honey Soap. This pure vegetable soap with no harsh chemicals smells of milky cinnamon, helping me feel very fall-y and melting my daily stressors away at the same time. It’s creamy texture makes it perfect to sub for shaving cream and leaves my skin clean and soft.

boxwood clippings_holler dollar trader joe's soap

I am planning to wrap these up in fabric and give them as gifts for Christmas this year, which I am really excited about. At $1.69 for a two pack, they work out to be only $.85 each! I can’t wait for everyone to try them.

Read more about this soap HERE. Thanks Trader Joe’s, you really are my favorite!!

The Genius Way to Sample a New Paint Color

10.09.2013 by Sarah |

This post brought to you, in part by:


Both Em and I are in the process of painting some rooms in our homes, eeeeek! Although we’re excited for the updates, we’ve had a hard time choosing the new perfect colors. The regular size paint chips just aren’t big enough to image a whole room painted.

We were thrilled to learn Jones Paint and Glass offer pint size samples of ANY COLOR, mixed JUST FOR YOU for only $6! This way we were able to see the ACTUAL paint color, and not just the ink version you get on the chips.

boxwood clippings_perfect size, custom color paint sample

For convenience they also offer these handy dandy sticky sheets that you paint with your sample and stick to the wall.

boxwood clippings_a perfect paint sample

We’re in love coz you can move them about the room to different areas to see how it looks against all your surfaces and change in light. Priced at only $1.19 a sheet we think it’s a genius idea so you don’t have to paint the actual wall to get the vision!

Important Tip: Once you’re in love, take the actual paint sample tin into the store so they can mix the EXACT measurements for your bigger match.

Now we’ve got our colors all picked, stay tuned for our room makeovers!

Halloween Favorites here at Boxwood

10.08.2013 by Sarah |

I always love going back and looking at old crafts and projects, and this blog has been a great way to document things we’ve been up to. Here are some of our favorite Halloween posts from the archives, hope you enjoy second time around too!

Simple green + black decorations last year found HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

I can’t help think that we were copied a little over HERE on this crows wreath, we like ours better for $4! (HERE)

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

Cute bucket favors for kids are always a hit. HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween buckets

We still think these are one of our best ideas yet! Decorative vases out of old tights! HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween vase

Another set of decorations, orange + black this time. HERE.

boxwood clippings_halloween decorations

As always, we hope you find our projects inspiring and not overwhelming. We think simple is best, reuse what you have, and feel the joy or spookiness of the season!