An Easy DIY Valentine Garland over at Lil Luna

01.29.2014 by Sarah |

boxwood clippings_lil luna_diy valentine's garland

Today I’m sharing this REALLY EASY garland over at Lil Luna, do stop by!!!!

Click HERE!!!

Valentine’s Day Wish-list

01.28.2014 by Emily |

Thank goodness for something wonderful in February! I look forward to the month of love every winter. Here’s a few things I am dreaming about…

boxwood clippings_valentine's wish list

1. Robe: This ‘sweet love and yonderflies’ robe from Pretty Plum Sugar is just the ticket to take me out of the winter blues. Feminine and romantic is just what I need!

2. Cream Blush: My skin is lacking a lot of luster as of late. This multiple stick from Nars is supposed to bring an automatic ‘dewy’ look to any wind-blown face.

3. Scent: This perfume is one of my every day favorites right now, cannot beat that price tag!

4. Flowers: Cliche for V-day, I know but I appreciate flowers in the winter months more than any other time of year. Bringing beautiful blooms inside in the depth of winter does something wonderful for the soul. Time to treat ourselves to a bunch from Costco I think :)

5. Earrings: Sometimes I just need a new pair of earrings to feel like a new woman. These studs are classic, sparkly and a steal…three of my favorite things.

6. Superbalm: I wore this on our wedding day and always make a point of wearing it for Valentine’s and our anniversary to remind me of our special day. Perfect for winter chapped lips.

This would be my perfect recipe for prepping for Valentine’s day this year. What are you dreaming about this January?

What’s Even Cuter than Two Babies?

01.27.2014 by Emily |

We have another little surprise headed our way at the end of July…

boxwood clippings_saltwater sandels

That’s right, another baby for the Boxwood Family! Brad and I will beyond excited, and with the Sarah’s twins coming any day, Sar and I are in full on Mummy-mode prepping and getting our feet up as much as possible!

It’s hard to believe we’re going to have 3 babies in just a few months! Let the craziness begin!!!

iPad Air Giveaway!

01.24.2014 by Sarah |

*Giveaway Now Closed.  Congratulations Carissa R!!!!*

How would you like to win an iPad Air? We thought so!

The talented Creative Team at Lil’ Luna (which we’re thrilled to be a part of) has joined forces to offer you this AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!

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We’re so excited to be teaming up with these AMAZING bloggers!


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iPad Air GIVEAWAY!!!

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Martha’s Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

01.24.2014 by Emily |

Do you ever get this message on Pinterest, “Psst, it looks like you’ve already pinned that”?

Well, it happens to me..a lot. Seen as though I apparently have a memory like a sieve, so when I pinned these cookies about 5 times I finally caught on that I should give them at try.

They are by far the simplest, healthiest and cheapest g-free cookies I’ve ever had, making them totally Boxwood approved!

boxwoodclippings_martha stewart peanut butter-chocolate

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 egg

3/4 c sugar

1 c creamy peanut butter

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 c chocolate chips

1/2 c roasted salted peanuts (optional)



Combine slightly beaten egg with sugar, peanut butter, baking soda and salt. When blended well stir in chocolate chips and peanuts if desired. Shape into small domes (I used an ice cream scoop) and bake at 350 for 12 mins. Makes about a dozen cookies.

I tried the recipe with crunchy peanut butter and it didn’t work as well. I think the texture of creamy really helps hold the cookie together. Martha also recommends to rotate your cookie tray at 6 mins for equal heat distribution.

If you live gluten-free or not, you have to give these simple cookies a try. Full disclosure: they make your home smell delicious!

See Martha’s full recipe HERE.

A Little Get Well Soon Gift

01.23.2014 by Emily |

I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love instantly. Often when someone is sick, I feel helpless. What a better way to cheer up their day than finding this little gift on the doorstep?

boxwood clippings_a little get well soon gift

First stop was The Dollar Tree where I picked up the glass mug, cough drops and tissues. Next I added tea sachets, hand sanitizer and lip balm that I had extras of at home. The possibilities of this gift are endless. You could add any of your favorite things that make you feel better when you are sick.

How cute would a little basket with soup and crackers be?

DIY Abstract Valentine Cards

01.21.2014 by sarah and emily |

We are in a hurry around here to get lots of things done before Sarah’s babies get here! Sarah had the most brilliant idea for the fastest and most original Valentine’s cards.

DIY Abstract Valentine Cards

 We simply lay card stock onto scrap paper and started swirling around craft paint.

DIY Abstract Valentine Cards

With no paint brushes required, we had a blast making a mess with pink and metallic paints.

DIY Abstract Valentine Cards

We let them dry overnight and then folded them in half for a simple card.

DIY Abstract Valentine Cards

We love how these turned out, all that texture and sheen!

Best of all these were so inexpensive and only took only 2 minutes!!! We think kids would absolutely love this project, easy enough for a two year old, fun enough for a 14-year old!

Baby’s Suitcase

01.20.2014 by Sarah |

This week we’ve been attending our birthing class, and learning all about what we’ll need and don’t need at the hospital. Although most hospitals take care of all baby needs (clothes, diapers, binkies etc) I’ve always wondered why more people don’t bring their own baby clothes for the occasion.

Maybe I’m the crazy one for dreaming of babies for over seven years, but I figure why not dress them how I want on their first few precious  days on earth? I mean, it’s only one washer load when all is said and done, and I want to see them in their newborn items as long as possible :)

boxwood clippings_baby suitcase

boxwood clippings_baby suitcase

My mum found these adorable cardboard suitcases on clearance at Nordies, and they matched perfectly with the newborn essentials I had shipped over from England (see post HERE).

Now to work on my bag…trust me, it’s no where near as cute!

EASY Chicken Noodle Soup

01.17.2014 by Sarah |

I feel so utterly domesticated (in a good way) when I make soup. I mean, there’s no need to ever buy a can again with recipes that are this easy.

This chicken noodle soup is a favorite of Brocks’, so I make it for him a lot. He loves me for it, and I love it because it only takes about 15 minutes…shhhh don’t tell!

boxwood clippings_chicken noodle soup

You Will Need:

8 Cups of Chicken Broth

3-4 stalks of Celery, chopped

3-4 Carrots, chopped

2 1/2 cups of Egg Noodles

Salt, Pepper and Parsley (fresh or dried) to taste

2 Chicken Breasts, cooked and diced


How To:

Bring the chicken both to a boil

Add all other ingredients, cover pot and lower heat.

Cook for 10 mins, until veggies and noodles are cooked.

Taste, and add more seasonings if needed.

Add the chicken breasts.

As with all recipes you can play with this and customize to how you like your soup. I like mine to be heavy on noodles, veggies and chicken and lower on broth. If you like brothy soups, just add more. Serves about 4-5 bowls.

Don’t wait till you get a cold to enjoy this one, it’s SO good!

Holler Dollar: $1 Cards at Trader Joe’s

01.16.2014 by Sarah |

Usually I like to make my own cards, it’s personal and thrifty, but some birthdays just sneak up on me and it’s time to head to the store.

Trader Joe’s has a little collection of greeting cards that are all $1, and really cute. If you’re not into making yours, I highly recommend going and stocking up. That way they’ll be on hand and just waiting for a little message and a stamp.

boxwood clippings_$1 greeting card

Little things like this make me feel organized and slightly on top of things, and you’ve got to love that!!!


Tips on New Construction

01.15.2014 by Emily |

2013 was a huge year for me in learning all about new construction. Not only did we finish our first house, but I also started working as an Interior Designer at Ivory Homes. I have learned so much through both of these experiences, so thought I’d share a few tips today.

boxwoodclippings_new construction

#1 Surroundings: Usually when building a new house it is hard to focus on anything other than the floor plan. It is so important to look at your surroundings of the neighborhood. What direction your house face has huge impact on the amount of light in your home (think strong evening light and snowy north-facing driveways). What is being built either side of your lot? How much space will you have between your neighbors? Does your community have an HOA? All these things are going to impact your life in your new home and should be some of the first things to consider. Don’t be afraid to ask your builder to flip you house plan on the lot for better views, or to make changes that you’d like. It’s always worth asking!

#2 Choosing a Floor Plan: This can be very overwhelming, especially when builders offer dozens of plans. First look at square footage, and the number of beds and baths for your price. These are the specs that will primarily value and eventually sell your home so it’s important to compare with existing home prices in the neighborhood. Also, it’s amazing how builders price their plans so differently. For example, a home that had 700 sq foot less than our home was only $4k less. Most importantly, hopefully the builder can walk you through home plans you are interested in, It’s hard to get a feel by looking just at blueprints. Once you’ve decided on a floorplan walk through the plan again, taking pictures and paying attention to light, and areas of the home that you may want to change. It is also important to remember you will need to leave a little room in your budget for upgrades, you don’t want to max out your budget on the base plan of a home, leaving no wiggle room for additional costs.

#3 Structural Changes: The first thing you want to think about upgrading is anything you can’t change easily. Adding windows, raising the ceilings, extending the garage etc. After thinking of any structural changes, you want to next think about semi-permanent features such as cabinetry, flooring, and baseboards.

#4 Electrical: It is so hard to think of everything during the building process, but getting sufficient lighting and outlets in a home is something that buyers often overlook. The small cost for adding can lights and extra outlets is so worth it in the long run. Hallways and closets are often areas that get neglected, add those cans for a bright and cheery home!

#5 The Kitchen: If budget allows upgrade your kitchen. It is usually so much cheaper to upgrade cabinetry and counter-tops with your builder than if you wanted to upgrade these items later. More than anywhere else, your kitchen truly is the heart of the home where your family and friends will spend a lot of time. You’ll always be happy to have invested in this space.

Building a home is very stressful, but at the same time such a fun experience. I hope these tips will help a little if you’re thinking of building a new home soon!

DIY Abstract Metallic Artwork

01.13.2014 by sarah and emily |

Art is essential in helping make a house a home. It brings warmth, environment and adds your personal stamp into your home. However, I’ve been having the hardest time finding art work I love and when I do it costs hundred of dollars!

I have one wall in my living room that was large and bare. I’m not afraid of empty walls, but as this wall faces you as you walk in the front door of our house I felt it needed something to fill the space and at the same time not distract from the focal point wall of the room. I wanted something neutral, large and simple. Sarah, being the artist of our family convinced me we should try something on our own.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

For supplies I purchased two 40″ x 30″ canvases from Hobby Lobby. They cost $22 after using 40% off coupons. We used these $1 brushes from The Dollar Tree. Sarah loved the sheen of this paint she used in her bathroom, so we decided to use it again for this project. Naturally, I needed a gold color too :)

boxwood clippings_martha stewart melallic paint

I was a little nervous, but Sarah told me just to go for it! The great thing about painting on canvas is you can always paint over something you don’t like after it dries.

We simply painted brushstrokes of gold and silver, some thick chunky strokes and some faint, wispy ones. We just kept on going until we were happy with the look. Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

My front room gets a lot of light and I just love how reflective this paint is. The new artwork makes the whole room ‘glow’ in sunlight.

boxwood clippings_diy abstract metallic art

Although, you can’t exactly call this a masterpiece I am more than happy with how they turned out. For under $30 per canvas, and an hour of time I got exactly what I needed for this empty space.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement sis xxx

Croque Monsieur Recipe

01.10.2014 by Sarah |

Oh man, did we make the most delicious lunch this week! The cheesy treat is the epitome of comfort food, just what the doctor ordered for a cold January day!

boxwood clippings_croque monsieur recipe

Here’s our spin on Croque Monsieur:

Sandwich bread
8 slices of deli ham
1 c grated cheese
1 tbsp butter
1.5 tbsp flour
1 c milk
Dijon mustard

First we made a basic white sauce by melting butter on medium low heat and then adding flour and whisking together. Next we turned down the heat to low and added the milk. We continually whisked the mixture until the milk thickened and finally added 1/2 c cheese, turned off the heat and seasoned with salt and pepper. Next we toasted the bread, spread mustard on each slice and layered a slice of ham. On half of the slices we topped the ham with a tablespoon of cheese sauce and sandwiched the non -sauce slices on top sandwich style. Lastly, we covered the top of the sandwich with cheese sauce, sprinkled cheese on top and broiled the sandwiches until the cheese sauce bubbled and cheese melted.

This recipe makes about 4 sandwiches and we are dying over how simple and delicious it is! You could use any cheese and customize to your family’s likes. We made Emily’s gluten free by using g- free bread and subbing flour for corn starch.

Bon appetite!

Holler Dollar: Glass Bowls

01.09.2014 by Emily |

When we were little we used to pretend we were chefs on a cooking show. We would imagine having all of our ingredients measured out perfectly ready and waiting in little glass bowls, ready for the moment they would be needed on the show.

Well our dreams became a reality when I was wondering around The Dollar Tree a few days ago. Three perfect little glass bowls 3 for $1!!! Holler!!!

Picture 4

At this price, I had to snatch up 12! I’m thinking they would be great little bowls to hold dressing and garnishings for the dinner table, but most importantly Sarah and I have a cooking show to create!

Easy Homemade Dinner To-Go

01.08.2014 by sarah and emily |

Occasionally we get to help our friends when they’ve had a new baby or are really sick with a homemade meal.

We keep it real simple with these handy take-out tins from wally-world, which cost only $.97 for a pack of three. No need for a busy family to worry about returning dishes and pans. They also have a similar 3-pack at The Dollar Tree.

boxwood clippings_a homemade meal to go

boxwood clippings_a homemade meal to go

boxwood clippings_a homemade meal to go

For this meal we made an easy lasagne, side salad and apple crumble. Lasagne is for sure our first choice for meals to go. It can be heated up in oven/microwave in a snap, tastes just as good re-heated, and can be easily accommodated to food allergies and preferences.

Do you have a signature dish you’re known for?

New Dining Room Pendant only $43!!!

01.07.2014 by Sarah |

Did you guys notice when I posted our paint makeover last month that we also changed out our dinning room light? Although I love the one we had, it always seemed a bit too small for the room, especially when the table is extended to it’s full length.

BEFORE:                                                                                    AFTER:

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

I’d been wanting to replace it for a while, but boy are lights expensive.

Since we’ve been working on the nursery, I decided our old light would be perfect up there, so it was time to get serious and keep my eyes peeled. And that’s when I spotted THIS beauty at Ikea.

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

Can you believe this massive shade is only $25?!

I already had a cord ($5), but I needed a new mount for the ceiling. I had no luck at Lowes or Home Depot, but found this lovely one for only $15 at West Elm.

boxwood clippings_dinning room light mount


Now the only problem was the cord. If you buy a pendant light usually them come with mount, cord, cord cover and the light, but because I built this piece by piece, I couldn’t find a cord cover and the cord alone looked too thin and cheap.

Then inspiration struck: wrap the cord in string. So that’s what I did. I found the thickest string I could at Ace, and got to work, and I’m happy to report it only took about 20 mins!

What do you think?

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

boxwood clippings_dinning room light

Not to shabby hey?

Em’s Family Room Update: Getting Cozy with Paint

01.06.2014 by Emily |

This post is brought to you in part by:

jones logo

When deciding our upgrades with our builder we decided to go with bright white walls everywhere. We actually got a credit for this as the standard was two-tone paint and we’ve actually loved having bright white in most of the house.

Our family room however, has laminate wooden floors and combined with those bright white walls felt really cold and uninviting at the end of a long day. It was time for a paint intervention!


boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

Jones Paint and Glass helped us pick out the perfect gray tone that would be warm and cozy. We tried a few different colors using their sample size paints and wall stickers and decided on Benjamin Moore Seattle Mist. It is the perfect blend of tan and gray.

As this was our first paint project we needed some major education on painting supplies. The lovely workers at Jones helped us pick out all of their favorite supplies from tape to rollers and we had a freshly painted room in no time.


boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

boxwood clippings_em's family room, new paint

It is amazing how much more inviting this space is with a lick of paint. Jones made this project so easy with everything we needed to know as inexperienced painters.

We still need to tackle trim work and artwork for this room, but painting has helped the room feel so much more finished and most importantly helped us relax to a favorite show at the end of the day!

Green Smoothie Recipe

01.03.2014 by sarah and emily |

Are you guys on the green smoothie train? We love the way we can pack large servings of fruit and veg into one tasty smoothie. And let’s be honest…our bodies need a little a detox from all that holiday food!

boxwood clippings_green smoothie

Here’s our basic recipe:

2-3 c fresh spinach

3 strawberries (we buy the big frozen bags at Costco)

1/2 banana

1/4 c orange juice

Eating healthier is always a hard resolution, but with this little smoothie we are on our way! What are your new year goals?

Sugar Paper at Target

12.31.2013 by Emily |

We were thrilled to discover Sugar Paper products this week at Target!!! We know we are late on the boat with this one, but we thought it was definitely worth the shout-out for any of you who haven’t heard yet either!

Not only do we always adore Sugar Paper’s gorgeous designs and style, but now we can L-O-V-E them with Target price tags! Holler!!!

Honestly we were spoiled for choice and can’t think of a prettier way to start the new year!

boxwoodclippings_sugar paper for target

boxwoodclippings_sugar paper for target

boxwoodclippings_sugar paper for target

Unfortunately, products are not available online but we promise it is well worth a Target trip (make sure to check out Christmas clearance while you’re there).

Read all about Sugar Paper for Target and their full line of products HERE.

You Are My Fave’s New Year’s Eve in a Box

12.30.2013 by Sarah |

Good morning readers, we really hope you’ve had a great Christmas season, and hopefully still in the part-tay mood!

We’re just popping in today to share this wonderful New Year’s idea from You are My Fave….

boxwood clippings_new year's eve in a box by you are my fave

Don’t you just love the idea of everything you need for a party all packaged in a box? We do! Be sure to check out Mel’s full post (HERE), including her free download of 2013 highlights, and 2014’s goals.

Happy New Year to you all!