Homemade EASY Peanut Butter Ice Cream

07.25.2014 by Sarah |

We can not get enough ice cream this time of year.

And homemade is even better than store bought, it’s sooooo easy but you do need an ice cream maker.

We loooove ours, see HERE.

boxwood clippings_homemade peanut butter ice cream



You Will Need:

1 1/8  cups of peanut butter

3/4 cups of granulated sugar

1 1/4 cups of milk

2 cups of heavy cream

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup of mini peanut butter cups

To Make:

Mix peanut butter and sugar in a bowl with a hand mixer until smooth. Add milk and mix slowly until the sugar is dissolved (about 2 min). Add cream and vanilla and stir. Pour into freezer bowl of ice cream maker and mix for about 30 mins until thickened. Then add the peanut butter cups and mix until all blended. By this time your ice cream is like  soft serve, if you want it thicker like our photo above, place in an air tight container and pop in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Be prepared to taste ice cream at perfection!


DIY String Art over at Lil Luna

07.24.2014 by Sarah |

Good morning everyone, and a happy Pioneer Day to our local readers!


Today I’m sharing this fun project over at Lil Luna…do stop by!!

boxwood clippings_diy string art

Emily’s Maternity Must-Haves

07.23.2014 by Emily |

I gotta admit, pregnancy has been no walk in the park.

Here are five things I’m so glad I didn’t have to live without during the last 9 months.

boxwood clippings_pregnancy must have's


1. Snoogle Body Pillow

I thought this pillow was kind of ridiculous before I was pregnant, but it is the best thing ever! You soon discover when pregnant that sleeping is so much more comfortable if you have a pillow between your knees and have some support on your growing bump. Cannot imagine pregnancy without this! I’m also excited to use this like Sarah did, as a pillow support for her babies (see HERE). See more details on this amazing pillow HERE.


2. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil

This is worth every cent to keep your belly from feeling like it will explode! With its divine smells of lavender, it is my favorite thing to rub on my belly right before bed. I definitely already had a few stretch marks pre-pregnancy, so thought I would for sure get lots during pregnancy. So far this oil has helped keep them away! Absolute love! You can purchase it HERE.


3. Reusable Water Bottle

Pregnancy is literally a battle of the bulge. Drinking H20 is the best thing you can do to eliminate and reduce swelling in ankles, feet, face and hands. This has worked really well for me, and drinking water is also the best way I’ve found to keep energy levels up. Love THESE camelbak water bottles.


4. Minty Tums

I now know what heartburn is! I got sick of fruity tums really quick, and Mummy came to the rescue with these mint tums. These rolls of Tums or Rolaids are available at most gas stations and drug stores, but not regular grocery stores.


5. Neutrogena Sunscreen

I use this stuff everyday regardless of pregnancy, but with Melasma aka pregnancy mask making its dark appearance early in my pregnancy I have been more religious than ever to apply and re-apply this non-greasy sunscreen on my face every day. Purchase HERE.


Buy Buy Baby has been my favorite store while being pregnant. They have 100% satisfaction return policy, which gives me comfort in my new world of pregnancy and mommyhood. Sign up for awesome coupons and offers HERE.

Welcoming Another Lady!

07.21.2014 by Sarah |

Baby Jane surprised us all last week and made her healthy entry into the world a week early.

She’s stolen our hearts too easily, and we’re smitten.

boxwood clippings_baby


Congratulations Emily and Brad!

I can’t even tell you how much fun we’re going to have.

Aunty Sarah x

Easy Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs

07.18.2014 by Emily |

Don’t we all try to get a little fancy when it comes to the grill?!

Marinades and seasonings sure are fun, but sometimes it’s also great to stick with delicious basics.

We have been loving these simple skewers this year:

boxwood clippings_easy pineapple and chicken kebabs


One Pineapple

1/4 c brown sugar

squirt of lime juice

Four chicken breasts

Seasoning salt


Core and cube pineapple and toss with brown sugar, and lime juice. Cube chicken breasts and add seasoning salt or even just salt and pepper to taste. Arrange cubes on skewer and grill for 15 mins, turning occasionally.

The juice of the pineapple, as well as the sugar and salt combo make this one yummy and easy, easy meal! Serve with a side salad and barbeque sauce, for your whole family to enjoy!

Holler Dollar: BBQ Kettle Chips

07.17.2014 by Sarah |

 This is a yummy Holler Dollar, BBQ Kettle Chips from the Dollar Tree.

Need I say more…trust me, they’re amazing!

boxwood clippings_bbq chips

Go get some.

Nom nom nom!!!!

Functional Carts

07.16.2014 by Sarah |

When we came home from the hospital we set up camp in our master bedroom, it became major ‘baby central’ as EVERYTHING happened in there: sleeping, eating, nappy changing. Everything! We were in survival mode and it was just easier to keep everyone and everything in one room.

The twins migrated to their nursery when they were 8 weeks old, but we still found it very handy to keep a set up in our bedroom. It isn’t the prettiest, but having a baby station near by still helps big time in the middle of the night, and pretty much all day long.

boxwood clippings_baby station


If I’d had my time again (and maybe next time round) I think a cart would work perfectly for this job.

If you find yourself with too many essential but messy items, you may want to get a cart too, things look so much tidier when they are contained.


Here are a few budget friendly ones:

boxwood clippings_world market cartThis one (click HERE) is from World Market for $150


boxwood clippings_ikea cartThis Ikea beauty is only $50 (see HERE) is.


boxwood clippings_crate and barrel cart

Crate and Barrels all business with this, but I always love the industrial look (click HERE).


PS. Did you notice my snack bin next to the baby bottles!?


It may just stay forever!!!

Summer Greenery

07.15.2014 by Emily |

At the peak of summer, this desert home is craving some fresh greenery. Check it:

boxwoodclippings_summer greeneryprettyplumsugar.blogspot.com

boxwoodclippings_summer greenerybungalowclassic.tumblr.com

boxwoodclippings_summer greeneryjacquelynclark.com

boxwoodclippings_summer greenerycountryliving.com

boxwoodclippings_summer greeneryelledecor.com

Isn’t it amazing what a little greenery can do?

Em’s Gift Closet Organization

07.14.2014 by Sarah |

Hands down my favorite thing about our home is storage space! After years of apartment dwelling, adequate closet space is heaven on earth!

I recently turned our guest room closet into a gifting station:

boxwood clippings_em's organized gift closet

Here are five things I did to organize the space:

1. Our trusty white Ikea boxes keep light-weight gift wrap and ribbons on the top shelf. I used the same boxes at the bottom of the closet to organize my stock pile of gifts into four categories: ladies, gents, kiddos and baby.

2. Rubbermaids keep Christmas wrapping and craft supplies close in case I need them.

3. I used the clothing rails to drape tissue and packing paper. These can easily be combined or totally removed when guests arrive for hanging space.

4. A little stainless caddy holds wrapping essentials: tape, pens, gift tags and stickers.

5. A handy calendar hung on the inside of the closet door helps me keep on top of important dates.

How do you keep your birthdays and gifting organized?

Chocolate Sheet Cake

07.11.2014 by Sarah |

My craving for chocolate cake started last summer with the twin pregnancy.

One year later it’s still here, and in full force!


I seriously feel like I could eat the whole chocolate cake at Costco…it’s that bad.

(Yes, the one that’s bigger than a small country!)


One day, when the craving was particularly strong, I came across this recipe (see HERE)

and fell in love.

boxwood clippings_chocolate sheet cake by pioneer woman

Topped with a strawberry, it gives the illusion of being semi-healthy.

It’s so sinful, it’s heavenly.

One of the best things about this recipe is that it’s made from things I bet you already have.

Love that!


Go ahead and try it…I dare you!

5 Things You Should Be Buying at Nordstrom

07.10.2014 by Emily |

Our favorite sale of the year, the Anniversary sale at Nordstrom begins at July 18th at a store near you! Here are things we things we choose to buy at Nordies, and why you should be buying them too!

No. 1: Shoes

Everyday and athletic shoes need to be super comfy if they’re going to get a long life of wear. I cannot tell you how many pairs of running shoes I own that don’t quite fit right and just sit in my closet. Nordstrom is wonderful at returning shoes you have even tested outside if you are unhappy with their fit. We also love their selection of extended small and large sizes and always free shipping. Wonderful customer service! Looking forward to these beauts for post-baby workouts…

Nike Free Training Shoe $100 $66.90 During Anniversary

boxwoodclippings_nordstrom nike free training shoes

No. 2: Make-up + Cosmetics

This is one of those things you get all excited about in the store when a professional is applying product perfectly and then you take home and wondered why you bought it?! It is very hard to get a true representation of color look and whether you’re going to love a product in store. Nordstrom is wonderful at encouraging you to purchase, play with a product at home and return if you don’t like it. Nordstrom is the only department store we will buy make up from!

We love these Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks for the perfect summer glow $44

boxwoodclippings_bobbi brown shimmer brick

No. 3: Children’s Items

One of our best strategies for a successful wardrobe on a tight budget is buying a season ahead so we can buy on clearance. This is difficult when it comes to children as little ones have random growth spurts. Huge size fluctuation in kid clothes between stores and brands also makes this close to impossible! Lucky for us, Nordstrom has a unlimited return period, meaning you can return anything, whenever. Even though Nordstrom tracks all of your purchases on their computer system we find it best to keep each receipts for easy and no-hassle returns.

Our fave Aden + Anais select 3-pack Swaddle Blankets $45 $29 During Anniversary Sale

boxwoodclippings_aden + anais swaddling blankets

No. 4: Brassieres

Without a doubt one of our favorite departments at Nordstrom is Lingerie for bras. Finding the perfect bra is hard work and expensive, and Nordstrom has this process down to a tee with their educated and helpful staff. We are measured EVERY time we need a new bra, and 99% of the time end up with a bra we are happy with for a long time. If you notice it doesn’t work within a few wears, exchange or returns are no problem. Don’t we all have a few bras in the closet we spent a lot of money on, but are so uncomfortable and can’t return?! We HATE that, and no longer have that problem now we shop for bras exclusively at Nordstrom. The Anniversary sale is the perfect time to stock up. THIS bra is one of my faves and will only be $39.90 during the sale.

No. 5: Sale Items

The Nordstrom App and website have come a long way in the past little while. It is so easy to shop through thousands of items with sorting filters such as ‘percent off’, specific sizing and choosing displays such as ‘pricing low to high’ etc. We have found shopping online to have a much wider selection of sale items than in store. You know we are on the app looking at baby girl sale items at least weekly! With free shipping and easy returns, it is a win-win!

THIS Zella Harmony hoodie looks super comfy. On sale for $45.56.

boxwoodclippings_nordstrom zella hoodie


Have we convinced you yet? The Anniversary sale is calling your name! Check out the preview catalog HERE!


Holler Dollar: Lifesaver Tub Scrub

07.09.2014 by Emily |

My least favorite household task is hands down scrubbing the tub, talk about manual labor! I absolutely despised this task, until my friend, Nicki introduced me to this fab Pinterest find:

Lifesaver Tub Scrub

boxwood clippings_holler dollar tub scrub

You Will Need:

One scrubber from the Dollar Tree

1:1 ratio of Dawn and white vinegar

Simply wet down the shower and tub down and gently scrub this mixture into the tub. Next, let soak for a few minutes and then rinse away.

It is seriously insane how easy and how great this works! I absolutely love having a sparkling tub greet me at the end of each day!

Thanks for the tip Nicki! If anyone else hates scrubbing your tub…you have to give this a try!!!

Kitchen Organization Tips

07.08.2014 by Sarah |

Kitchen’s can be a nightmare to organize and keep clean, but there are a few things I’ve found have worked for me, that have been my saving grace, I thought they’d be handy to share today.

No. 1: Customize what works for you. 

You probably won’t get to design or change the basic layout of your kitchen, but you do get to choose where the knifes are kept! Think about how you cook and prep meals, unload the dishwasher. You don’t want to be walking clear across the room every time you need a spoon. Keep things close, and if say your cutlery drawer is way across from where you need it to be, be creative and think outside the box like keeping spoons in a jug on your counter right were you need them.

boxwood clippings_kitchen organization tips


No. 2: Buy like items.

Although individual pieces can be so beautiful in a tablescape, they are an organizing nightmare. Keep them in a rubbermaid for occasions, but for everyday think assembly line. Having 20 white plates the same size will help with storage and be a breeze when you’re loading the dishwasher.

You can still have variety by buying in groups, and then allotting that group a certain space in your cupboard. Anyone who is living with you should know, blue glasses go here, milk ones here… then you will ALWAYS have a space that looks organized like this!

boxwood clippings_kitchen cupboard organization


No. 3: Place Items you use Rarely up High

This is kind of obvious, but we see it more than you’d think when we help people organize. Don’t take up your valuable accessible space with items you rarely use. Ask yourself how often you use that egg cup, and if it’s less than a weekly or fortnightly shelf it up high or in another space. For items I only pull out for Christmas, I keep in the basement, out of the way.

In this pic you can see all my random bits and bobs, too little to bother storing but can be up high for when I need them.

boxwood clippings_kitchen cupboard organization


No. 4 Make use of All Space. 

If you don’t have enough cupboard space EVEN with all that organizing and taking things down to the basement you may want to consider making use of that wall space to hang some shelfs. Vertical space is underused in most homes, and not only is it functional, it can also look really pretty.

boxwood clippings_kitchen organization tips

No. 5 Practice makes Perfect. 

No one moves into there house and gets everything right straight off the bat. Recognize what is and isn’t working frequently, and go ahead and make the changes needed. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was your home! I’m still working at being more functional, one room at a time, or one cupboard at a time, but it’s so satisfying to have working systems in place, small victories make me smile!

Good luck, email with questions if you’d like our help!

Copy Cat West Elm Abstract Art

07.07.2014 by Sarah |

We have been loving the abstract art collection happening over at West Elm right now. Even though their prices are pretty reasonable, we thought creating a similar piece would be easy and affordable. We were right!

boxwood clippings_abstract art

 Here’s What We Did:

1. We purchased THIS two pack of canvases at Hobby Lobby. Using a 40% off coupon each canvas cost $2.50!

2.We used a paint color we already had and painted the darkest stripe, then added a little extra white paint with each stripe to create the ombre look.

3. To finish, we added a few strokes of pure white paint to add texture and depth.


We were pretty impressed at this $2.50 project to brighten up the house this summer!

If you like the look of abstract art, give it a try on your own! You can do it and save a bundle!


A Very Happy 4th

07.04.2014 by Sarah |

Wishing you all a relaxing 4th from our homes to yours!

boxwood clippings_twins 4th of july

These ladies were all smiles in their festive outfits until I pulled out the camera…typical!

Wish me luck on capturing smiles today!

Summer Playlist

07.03.2014 by Sarah |

Music is such a big part of summer.


The road trips,


late night ice cream runs,

all require fresh air and fun tunes.


boxwood clippings_summer playlist(Us girls summer 84′ in our favorite paddling pool)


Here’s my ‘go to’ Summer playlist:

Beautiful Day – U2

Walking On Sunshine – Katrina + The Waves

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Brand New Day – Lindsey Ray + Tim Myers

Wake Me Up – Wham

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Top Of The World – The Carpenters

Something In The Way She Moves – James Taylor

A Wink And A Smile – Harry Connick Jr.

Firework – Katy Perry

California – Phantom Planet

Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks


What are your favorite tunes for the season?!



Hollar Dollar: Country Dishes

07.02.2014 by Emily |

Last time I visited The Dollar Tree, I spied these dishes that I just couldn’t pass up. They screamed summer to me, just like the kind you’d find in an old country farmhouse and I just had to have them.

boxwood clippings_holler dollar country dishes

boxwood clippings_holler dollar country dishes

Aren’t they just perfect?! Pass the corn and watermelon, summer’s here and I’m ready!

Decorating with Flags

07.01.2014 by Emily |

Another thing I love this time of year is hanging flags indoors. Look how great these spaces look:

boxwoodclippings_framed flagtraditionalhome.com

boxwoodclippings_decorating with flagsclassiccasualhome.com

boxwoodclippings_decorating with flagscococozy.com

 boxwoodclippings_decorating with flagssource unknown

boxwoodclippings_decorating with flagssource unknown

boxwoodclippings_decorating with flagssouthernweddings.com

I would love both an American and British flag framed in our home. What do you guys think of using framed flags for art?


9 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

06.30.2014 by Emily |

We know mason jars have been on-trend for a while now, but they are so versatile we literally use them in every room of the house!

Here’s just a few of the many things you can do with a mason jar:

boxwood clippings_9 ways to use a mason jar

1. Bathroom storage: Toothbrush holder, bobby pins, and q-tips.

2. Glass: so perfect for a summer barbeque, or if you want to keep your kitchenware super casual. See our refreshing flavored water recipes HERE.

3. Small office supplies: Paperclips, pins, pencils and crayons. These look especially great all lined up in a row on a shelf or along a desk.

4. Cupcake liner holder: A mason jar is absolutely perfect to hold your cupcake liners and keep with all the rest of your baking ingredients and supplies.

5. Food storage: Obviously mason jars are great at keeping food air-tight and fresh. We love using them for dried spices and nuts to extend shelf-life and freshness.

6. Party decor: When we were in college, we would decorate for parties all the time with jars filled with water and a tea light. We would then add color with fruit or colored ribbon. So inexpensive, easy and effective!

7. Laundry room storage: buttons, threads that come with clothing are always hanging around. Why not give them a more permanent home?!

8. Craft room storage: We always save ribbons we get on gifts, rolling them up and sorting them by colour make them easy to find and reuse.

9. Loose Change storage: Having a jar in the closet makes emptying your pockets easy. We use our pennies for little treats like sodas, but it’s fun to also see the jar get full!


Do you love mason jars as much as we do?

What do you use them for?

Patriotic Food

06.27.2014 by Emily |

Maybe it’s the hungry girl inside of me, but take the American flag and associate it with food and I am 100% invested and ready to sign up for American citizenship! Here are a few patriotic ideas I’ve seen around Pinterest to get you all excited for the upcoming holiday:

boxwoodclippings_patriotic cupcakes

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 3.13.53 PMsparkling spritzer

boxwoodclippings_patriotic yogurt parfaityogurt parfait

boxwoodclippings_flag fruit platterfruit + cake platter

boxwoodclippings_flag cakeflag cake

boxwoodclippings_patriotic toast

So fun and festive, right?! Does your family make any special food for the 4th? We’d love to hear your American ideas!