Holler Dollar: Pumice Sponge

06.26.2014 by Sarah |

One of the bad things about summer is flip flop feet.


You know what I’m talking about!




To help your pedi last a little longer,

make sure to pick up one of these pumice sponges on your next visit to the Dollar Tree.


boxwood clippings_holler dollar foot scrub.

A little scrub with this nightly

is magic!

Ikea Drawer Organizers

06.25.2014 by Sarah |

With just four weeks to go, nesting is in full swing around here. Diapers…check, onsies…check, we are all ready for our baby girl. THESE Ikea Skubb drawer dividers are keeping all those little things nice and orderly.

boxwood clippings_drawer organizers

THIS pack is so versatile and has a great price of only $7.99 for six drawer inserts!

boxwood clippings_drawer organizers

We use the same dividers in our dressers to organize, socks, underwear and small items.

Just a few dollars investment can save your drawers from being a complete mess. Well worth the investment don’t you think?

Boxwood Plants

06.24.2014 by Sarah |

I think I’m like most people in the way that I’m in love with things that remind me of my childhood.


When we did our landscaping 7 years ago,

it was no coincidence that we put in boxwood hedges and conifers, just like I had grown up with.


When we were looking for a fresh and simple name for our blog, the boxwood plant leaped to mind.

These images make me fall in love with this simple plant all over again.







They are so versatile. I love how they can be modern or traditional, look homy and exotic.


Do you have a plant you’re emotionally attached too?

Perhaps something you had in your garden growing up?

We’d love to know what your faves are!

Hobby Lobby Open Frames

06.23.2014 by Emily |

On our wedding day we had so much fun taking pictures on one of our favorite beaches in Corona Del Mar, California. Our brother, Dan surprised us with a painting from a local artist of the beach that day, who even painted Brad and I onto the beach. It’s something I always want up in my bedroom to remind us of our wedding day.

Five years later and the picture has still been in its unfinished artist frame, just waiting for me to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom frame. That was at least until our last trip to Hobby Lobby, where I noticed THIS open frame that was 50% off and looked like it would work.

Sure enough it fit and looked great!

boxwood clippings_ready made picture frame

boxwood clippings_ready made picture frame

I’m so happy our special painting finally has a nice frame, and that I saved hundreds of dollars not buying a custom frame!!!

If you need any art in your home updating or in need of a frame, make sure to see Hobby Lobby’s open frames selection online HERE (and don’t forget to use THIS coupon when item’s aren’t on sale!).

Flavored Waters

06.20.2014 by sarah and emily |

Utah is heating up for the summer, and we are trying to steer clear of too many sodas and pregnant swollen feet! We came up with a few flavored water combos we are just dying over!

Grapefruit + Lime

boxwood clippings_flavored watersWe fell in love with grapefruit water at Emily’s shower, but with a touch of lime it is even more delicious!

Lemon + Mint

boxwood clippings_flavored watersWe were hesitant to add mint to our regular lemon water, but it is our new fave! It is AMAZING!!!

Strawberry + Basil + Cucumber

boxwood clippings_flavored watersWe used frozen strawberries for an extra chilled drink and added a little basil and cucumber. So yummy!

We hope you like these combos as much as we do and dare you to open your fridge to see what flavors you can add to make a refreshing and healthy drink!

Let us know what you discover!

Holler Dollar: Ribbon at Target

06.19.2014 by Sarah |

This cute ribbon is in the dollar spot section at Target right now.

You only get a total of 2 yards, but it’s perfect for wrapping a tiny gift. We just used a sheet of regular white paper, and added a little ribbon.

boxwood clippings_$1 target ribbon

Black and white always makes for a clean, classy look.

Not bad for a buck!

Entertaining Very Young Babies

06.18.2014 by Sarah |

Holding my babies is my favorite thing to do, but it’s not good for me or them if I do it all day, every day. Having twins I learned pretty early the power of having happy independent babies who were excited to be put down not only for nap time.

I love the idea of giving babies their own activity time after food and before naps. Quick 15 minute sessions do the job and tire them out for sleepy time.


Here are a few things that have worked for us:

This is Hannah at her first activity time session with ‘the stripeys’. I simply drew stripes with a black marker on a sheet of paper and hung them in her bassinet. Mesmerized I tell ya!

boxwood clippings_baby entertainment

About a month ago, I noticed the twins loving anything above them. Instead of buying a play mat, I made my own by hanging some toys with string. They lie great under this while Mummy spends 15 minutes editing photos every day!

boxwood clippings_baby entertainment

This has been the the twins’ favorite activity: tying a ribbon from a mobile to their feet. They learn very fast when they move their feet, the mobile goes crazy. This was Elizabeth’s first try. It has the ‘wow’ factor!

(Obviously, you need to keep a close eye on your baby with anything hanging around him/her)

boxwood clippings_baby entertainment

My jumbo pregnancy pillow came in super handy for twins, kind of like a twin boppy pillow. Positioned like this, they can see each other and interact from a very early age. This worked great when I was folding laundry on the bed!

boxwood clippings_baby entertainment

An entertained baby is a happy one!

Now that my babies are entering a new age, I’ll be looking for more ‘out of the box’ ideas. What are your tricks? Please share!


Inviting Summer Porches

06.17.2014 by Emily |

Pretty lanterns, lush ferns and country rockers are all makings of the perfect porch. There’s no place I’d rather be on a late summer’s night chatting to the hubs and having an ice cream popsicle to cool down. Here are a few inspiring places:

boxwoodclippings_pretty porch

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 9.56.25 PM

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 9.59.19 PM

boxwoodclippings_pretty porch

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 10.01.18 PM

boxwoodclippings_pretty porch

Don’t you just want to grab a book and lemonade and enjoy these spaces? Where is your favorite space in these warmer months?


A No-Sew Patriotic Bandana Garland

06.16.2014 by sarah and emily |

Are you looking for a fast, fun and thrifty project to dress up your home for the Fourth?!

Boy, do we have the DIY for you!!!

Introducing the no-sew Bandana Garland!!!

boxwood clippings_bandana garland, 4th of July

All you’ll need to create the garland is a red and blue bandana (we used THESE ones), a pair of scissors, and ten minutes!


1. Cut bandanas into quarters.

boxwood clippings_bandana garland, 4th of July

2. Cut each bandana quarter into two triangles to create 8 bunting pieces.

Picture 3

3. Tie corners of bunting together, alternating red and blue.

Picture 4

That’s it folks! This project took 10 mins, cost $2 and created a huge wow factor.

Can we hear a yee-haw?!

boxwood clippings_bandana garland, 4th of July

An Easy Meal: A Dressed up Bagel

06.12.2014 by Sarah |

Bagels are delish any time of day. Usually, butter, cream cheese, and  laughing cow is my go-to choices for toppings.

But recently I’ve been really enjoying this version…

boxwood clippings_a dressed up bagel

To make I simply toast the bagel on both sides, then stick it under the broil for a few minutes with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil. Once out, top with some yummy balsamic vinegar and pepper.

Ooooh Yummy.

This is SO incredibly fast and satisfying, which is key with two little one’s in tow!

Unusual Gifts From Uncommon Goods

06.12.2014 by Sarah |

This is post is brought to you in part by Uncommon Goods.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% ours.


We are thrilled to share one of our favorite sites with you today. As you know, we are all about a good gift and this site is packed with unique ideas, perfect for those who are hard to buy for. We also love their large selection of handmade gifts (click HERE), which are always our favorite presents to give.

To give you an idea of their amazing collections we pulled a few baby/kid items we are dying over…boxwood clippings_uncommon goods gifts1. We can think of several little kiddos that would love looking at these nightlights falling to sleep every night.

2. This is the best idea ever to document all those funny things your little one says.

3. This personalized baby crest would make the most adorable present for baby! (see other personalized gifts HERE)

4. This woodsy art piece would be lovely in a nursery or kid’s room.

5. Fortune cookie baby booties?!!! Adorbs!

6.  These are perfect for the little scientist and a good reminder for mommy’s brain!

No longer are we stumped searching for the perfect gift! Make sure to check out all of Uncommon Goods HERE.

Summer Tea Towels

06.11.2014 by Emily |

Summer is here and it’s time to pull out all those bright and colorful accessories. One thing I always enjoy is mixing up my tea towels. Isn’t it funny how a little tea towel can brighten your day? I also love giving fun towels as gifts. It’s something everyone always always needs and you don’t have to worry about matching personal taste too much, because it’s just a towel! Here’s a few I think are fun for this time of year:

Loving this vibrant juicing dish towel.

boxwoodclippings_juicing tea towel

This red classic stripe is perfect for a patriotic summer!

boxwoodclippings_red stripe tea towels

I want this conversion dishtowel framed in my kitchen.

boxwoodclippings_conversion tea towel

Loving this red and orange combo in these orange slice towels:

boxwoodclippings_orange slice tea towelsDon’t forget to ask for complimentary gift wrap if you’re buying for a gift at crate and barrel, their wrapping is my favorite!

What items are you switching in your home for the summer?


‘USA’ Fourth of July Decoration

06.10.2014 by Sarah |

Good morning everyone!

Today I’m sharing this patriotic ‘USA’ craft over at Lil Luna

boxwood clippings_lil luna_usa 4th of july decoration

Be sure to pop over for a little ‘how-to’!

(Click HERE!)

Bunnies By the Bay Record Book GIVEAWAY!!!

06.09.2014 by Sarah |

Congratulations to Rachel!!!! Thanks to all who entered!!!

We’re so excited to kick start our week with a great giveaway!

A Bunnies By the Bay Record Book!

I started to look for a memory book almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. My parents had one for each of us, and it’s something I always knew I wanted to do for our children.

I was so happy when I found this one by Bunnies By the Bay. First off, it’s the cutest thing ever, with adorable illustrations, but most of all I love how easy it’s been to record all the little details I don’t want to forget about my two little ladies.

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay

Isn’t the layout just the cutest?!

If you know someone who is pregnant, or just had a wee one, I couldn’t suggest a more treasured gift!

To enter, simply leave a comment below (by June 16th, 12pm MST) and tell us what other product catches your eye over on their site (HERE)! The winner will be selected at random and notified by June 17th.

Good luck!



On another note, I’d just like to rave about another couple Bunnies By the Bay products!

My girlies are getting to the age where they can really begin to enjoy their toys and they are just in love with their Blossom’s Lulla Bunny Bye Binkie Blankets and Bunny Wrist Rattles (which they like on their ankles)!

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay

They are sooo incredibly soft! The babies love them against their skin, and give us lovely giggles when they hear the rattles. Too cute.

Be sure to check out the entire Bunnies By the Bay line on their site (link HERE). You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Oh, and don’t forget to enter for the book :)


Boxwood Salads

06.06.2014 by Emily |

Hurray for salad season! We couldn’t be happier our tummies are craving salads again. We think it’s the perfect time to get you inspired for delicious salads for the warm months ahead. Here’s a few of our faves:

boxwoodclippings_bbq chicken saladBarbeque Chicken Salad Recipe

boxwoodclippings_strawberry saladStrawberry Salad Recipe

boxwoodclippings_chicken caesar saladChicken Caesar Pasta Salad Recipe

boxwoodclippings_bacon & blue cheese lettuce wedgeBacon and Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedge Recipe

boxwoodclippings_cobb saladHearty Cobb Recipe

boxwoodclippings_spinach, egg and bacon saladSpinach, Egg + Bacon Recipe

Do you have a salad you are loving right now? Please share!

Now is the Time to be Buying your Winter Coat!

06.05.2014 by Sarah |

If you’ve been reading our little bloggie here for a while you’ll know we loooove duffel coats. A good duffel is an essential for any wardrobe regardless of age or gender.

The problem is a good quality coat will always cost a pretty penny, so it’s essential we score a deal. The time to shop is now! Right when the last thing you want to be thinking about is a coat!


 Last week I ordered this Micheal Kors coat from Nordstrom Rack (that’s right! The Rack online!)

Originally $258 it’s now priced at $100. But I used a $25 off code bringing it down to $75!!!

boxwood clippings_winter coat

 (Excuse awkward pose. I live behind the camera not in front!)


Here are some others that caught my eye:

This Dale Dressin is down from $375 to $105!

boxwood clippings_winter coat


This Tommy Hilfiger one was $275 and is now $99!



Another Tommy Hilfiger down from $195 to $59!

boxwood clippings_winter coat

All the coats above still have lots of sizes and colours to choose from, so be sure to go check them out.

Another tips: I always order over $100 to get free shipping, returns can be made instore. :)

Great Gift Wrap at Target

06.04.2014 by Emily |

We spied this lovely gift wrap at Target a few weeks ago, but what we loved most was the price tag! Each of these items cost $1.25, except for the bags, which came as a two-pack for $1.25!

boxwood clippings_target gift wrap

Sure, we’d love to spend lost on exquisite papers and ribbons, but we’d much prefer to spend our dollars on the actual gift and keep our eyes out for great and affordable basic wrap like this.

Make sure to check out the collection on your next trip to Target.

Muchas gracias, Target!

Blue for Summer

06.03.2014 by Emily |

Around Memorial Day I always start to be drawn to blue interiors. Indigo blue, dyed cotton, ticking stripes, and paisley prints scream Americana to me, and once summer time hits it’s all I want! Here are a few dreamy places that have caught my eye:

boxwoodclippings_blue rooms

boxwoodclippings_blue room

boxwoodclippings_blue room

All images found on my blue pinterest board HERE.

When autumn hits, I am done with my blue phase and drawn to warmer tones instead, so I have to make sure to keep my blue to accents in mostly linens and accents.

Pottery Barn always does this look so great. I am dreaming of this duvet cover, just waiting for a good sale.

I always look forward to my Serena and Lily catalogs in the summer too. These over-sized beach towels are a dream.

I think it’s time we all make our millions and move to the beach, eh?!


Jane’s Nursery + $6 Accent Wall!

06.02.2014 by Emily |

Only seven weeks to go and we are getting as ready as we can for Jane! I’m so excited to share with you a few details of her nursery today!


First up, paint! One night, I got the painting bug. I had a sample I had been considering from Jones Paint & Glass and just decided to start painting.

The sample can covered one wall with two coats! I am in love with the color, Benjamin Moore Pink Canopy. It is a great combo of pink and coral and super bright. I decided that just an accent wall was perfect for the small space.

I cannot believe paint cost for this room was only $6!!! It dramatically changed the whole look of the room and only took about an hour! Love it!

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

We decided on a basic white sheet and skirt with pops of bright coral and pinks in the pillows and the quilt.

I couldn’t resist this hook to display a few favorite things.

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

I thought I would use this chair in the nursery, but after your comments this comfy chair is on its way! So excited, thanks for the advice.

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

I found this lamp at Home Goods for $34.99 and tied a huge tulle bow around the shade to make it extra girlie.

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

A bookshelf on the wall opposite the crib holds all her books, shoes, bows and stuffed animals.

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

Brad’s niece, Lisa made this bow holder! Genius, I tell ya!

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

boxwood clippings_em's baby girl nursery

Your bunny and room are waiting for you Jane, don’t take too long!


If you’d like help decorating your space please email us!

mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com

Gran’s Fizzy Fruit Salad

05.30.2014 by sarah and emily |

We are so excited that our local grocers are fully stocked with all of our favorite summer fruits, at great prices too! We thought of no better way to celebrate than by making a rendition of our Gran’s fizzy fruit salad. It is always a favorite at family parties, and we even served it in little crystal bowls just like she always does.

boxwood clippings_fizzy fruit salad

Here’s What You’ll Need to Make Your Own:

A combo of seasonal and canned fruits

Sparkling apple juice


We used strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mangoes, cantaloupe, apples, bananas and mandarin oranges. You really can’t go wrong with any fruit combo, but we always make sure to have mandarin oranges for a zing. Then we simply cover the fruit with sparkling apple juice and refrigerate for about an hour before serving.

We hope you love this as much as we do. Here’s to a long and fruitful summer!!!