Easy Meals to Stop you going to the Drive Thru!

05.22.2015 by sarah and emily |

boxwood clippings 7 easy meals

Life is busy! Even though we’d love to have a perfectly nutritious and delicious meal prepared for our families each night, sometimes there just isn’t time to think and prepare an amazing meal, let alone shop.

For those nights that fast food seems the easiest/only option, here’s a healthier and cheaper meal plan with prep 5 mins or less that will get you through with just one trip to Costco.

costco kale salad | boxwood clippings

1. kale salad mix + rotisserie chicken

2. take-n-bake or frozen pizza + side salad

3. frozen taquitos + salsa + fruit

4. easy cheesy eggs + salsa + fruit

5. soup + grilled cheese

6. dressed up bagel + green smoothie

7. pasta + fresh tomatoes (HERE)


kale salad mix
cheese (sliced or loaf)
rotisserie chicken
take-n-bake pizza
frozen strawberries
frozen taquitos
soup (THIS is our Costco fave)

 We hope this helps your busy family!

We’d love to hear your easy Costco meal in the comments below!

Holler Dollar: Hair Bows at Walmart

05.21.2015 by Sarah |

With 3 Little Ladies, we go thru bows like crazy.

So we love this thrifty find at Walmart…$1 Grosgrain bows.

boxwood clippings | holler dollar bow

boxwood clippings | holler dollar hair bow


For now, we use them with our handmade bands (see HERE), but soon the ladies will be sporting some locks and we’ll use them to keep their hair out of their eyes. Too cute.

Can’t beat this for a $1!


$10 Baby Gift Idea

05.20.2015 by Sarah |

Sassy brand toys are a favorite of ours with their bold colors and clean design. Not only do the babies LOVE them but they are so affordable, making them even more amazing!

boxwood clippings | $10 baby gift idealinks/rattle/teether
This trio of toys only costs $10 for the bunch, proving a cute gift doesn’t have to cost a lot!

Coupons and complimentary gift wrap in-store sweeten the deal even further, making this one of our go-to gifts. Do you have any babies to shop for? We know they’ll love this!

Mini Flower Arrangements

05.18.2015 by Sarah |

Happy Monday! We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to tackle the week?!

Today we’re sharing the easiest centerpiece idea that can double as a party favor to make any get together a little more special…

mini flower arrangements| boxwood clippings

mini flower arrangements| boxwood clippings

mini flower arrangements| boxwood clippings

We love how these mini arrangements look clustered together as well as how cute they are individually to give as a favor at the end of the evening.

To create this look we bought three bouquets from Walmart for $5 each. We then gathered all our random glass jars. You know the ones…spaghetti sauce, baby food etc jars. You can even just use little plastic cups if you don’t have glass. Then we just clipped the stems and divided between jars…zero floral arranging skills needed!

We made 20 arrangements averaging less than $1 each!

Pretty, thrifty AND organizing our jar cupboard…win, win, win!

Easiest Gluten-free, Kid-Friendly Meal EVER: Chicken Pesto Penne

05.15.2015 by Emily |

Hey g-free friends! Have you tried THIS amazing new gluten-free pasta?

It’s a winner and a staple around here now it’s carried in a four-pack at Costco!

boxwood clippings gluten free pesto pasta

Dinner gets complicated when you’re cooking g-free for some and ‘normal’ for others. But now we can get this for $1.50 a box, it’s our go-to easy-peasy dinner for everyone.

We simply boil up the pasta as normal, drain and mix in 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp pesto and s+p to taste. Top with chicken and parmesan and serve with a side salad or even just cut up veggies and hummus or dip for an appetizer for the kids (and hubby) while you’re cooking up the pasta.

We’re finding it’s way easier to get fruit and veg down serving the babies the healthiest options first before they get eyes on their ‘main course’. Are your kids the same?

Have any amazing kid-friendly recipes to share?

Please, give us a holler at mail[at]boxwoodclippings.com!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

The Babies’ Favorite Book

05.14.2015 by Emily |

It is so fun to watch our three baby girls and their personalities grow. They all have their own set of likes/dislikes and what makes them laugh and cry.

But one thing they have in common is the love of THIS book!

boxwood clippings babies favorite book

boxwood clippings babies favorite book

Sarah ordered the girls a book each from Amazon because they were such a great price.

The book couldn’t be simpler, and the babies love it, as in they’ll each sit individually for about 10 minutes and read it!

If you need a great gift or have a little one, this one is a must… and it’s only $3!


DVD Organization

05.13.2015 by Sarah |

This week we’ve done some major DVD sorting. Some movies went straight into the ‘donate’ pile, but even in our day of Netflix and Redbox there are still a few favorites we want to keep…

dvd organization | boxwood clippings

Ikea has these perfect DVD boxes that inspired our project (HERE).

At only $1.49 a box how could we refuse?

dvd organization | boxwood clippings

We divided movies into genres and labeled each box accordingly and gave them all a home in our storage cubes.

boxwood clippings_making a space kid-friendly

We are loving this system of having movies divided by category. We’re already noticing a pattern…kid movies and chick flicks!

Do you need help organizing your home?
Please email mail[at]boxwoodclippings[dot]com!

Sarah’s Kid Bathroom: Five Minute Makeover!

05.11.2015 by Sarah |

There is nothing we love more than a white on white palette.

It’s timeless, bright, airy…and the perfect backdrop to add a hint of color.

We transformed this all-white bathroom in just 5 minutes by adding just a few pops of bright pink and green.

boxwood clippings simple kid bathroom white and pink

boxwood clippings simple kid bathroom white and pink

boxwood clippings simple kid bathroom white and pink


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.42.30 PM

boxwood clippings simple kid bathroom white and pink

boxwood clippings simple kid bathroom white and pink

Picture frames, artwork, garland, and accent rug.

Simple changes for a brighter and happier space!

Do you need any decorating help?

Please email us at mail[at]boxwoodclippings[dot]com!

Honest Sunscreen

05.09.2015 by Sarah |

It’s the babies first proper swim season and we were super excited to see Honest Sunscreen on coupon at Costco just in time for the pool.

boxwood clippings honest sunscreen

boxwood clippings honest sunscreen

2-Pack for $11 through May 31st!!!

Time to show those thighs, ladies!

Gluten Free Brownies….Whaaaaaat?!!!

05.08.2015 by Emily |

I literally haven’t had a brownie in 8 years so when I saw a 3-pack box at Costco for only $7 you know I had to give them a try!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.55.39 PM

This Krusteaz mix is amazing. It tastes just like I remember ‘normal’ brownies tasting!

Most gf mixes are super pricey, but these are so cheap working out to be less than $2 a batch! And, most importantly they past the regular gluten-eaters taste test.

It’s Friday and you deserve a treat, go get yourself some brownies!

Do you have a great gluten-free recipe you’d love to share?

Please email us: mail[at]boxwoodclippings[dot]com

10 Awesome Lights under $50

05.07.2015 by Emily |

Lighting fixtures are a fun way to customize your home and add your own sense of style, but they can very often become very pricy.

These are some fun finds all for under $50! Holler!

boxwood clippings_10 awesome lights v$50 or less

1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.  |  7.  |  8.  |  9.  |  10.

Which ones would you choose?

DIY Flower Girl’s BIG Flower headband!

05.04.2015 by Sarah |

Our little brother is getting married this June…eek sooo exciting!!!

We found these simple cotton flutter-sleeved dresses from Gap that are perfect for a summer wedding. They are comfy and cool for the long day ahead (not to mention super affordable) but they needed fancying up a little….

boxwood clippings flower girl

boxwood clippings flower girl

boxwood clippings flower girl

We really wanted real flower crowns for the babies but we knew they wouldn’t last more than a minute with these little grabby hands.

We decided to fancy up our home made headbands (HERE) with a massive silk flower from Hobby Lobby.

We pulled off the flower heads from their stems and hot-glued the base of the flower to a piece of felt. Then we hot-glued the felt to our normal piece of ribbon instead of the tulle bow.

These turned out great and only cost a few dollars!

Can’t wait for the girls to wear their big headbands on the big day!!!

FIVE ways to Croissant!

05.01.2015 by Sarah |

In the Faubus home, 2014 will always be remembered for 2 things:

1. The year of the twins

2. The year of the croissants!!!

Both of the things, were closely related, and both delish!

The story began when my friend greeted us home from the hospital with a tray of Costco croissants and chicken salad. Such a thoughtful gesture, that was quickly put to use when our encore of family arrived to welcome the little ones home. Food was the last things on our mind, but ever so needed.

The days, weeks and months later were fully consumed with the babies. I remember literally rushing downstairs thinking I have about 30 seconds to eat something and because I was feeding 2 babies I WAS HUNGRY. Calories were the best. These buttery croissants were heaven!

boxwood clippings 5 ways to croissant!

Here are my favorite ways to Croissant:

No.1 Chicken Salad: lots of mayo, chicken breast, sliced grapes and celery, plus salt and pepper to taste. If you use a rotisserie chicken this is one of the fastest dinners on earth, and is great for a crowd. Also, I’ve found that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. Plus it’s great to keep in the fridge for a few days. Perfect!

No.2 Nutella: Now we’re talking! Slice the croissant in half and pop in microwave for about 10 seconds, apply Nutella and pretend you’re in France!

No. 3 Jam and Butter: Prep croissant like above and top with jam and butter. Soooo simple and sooooo yum!

No.4. Sandwich: Turn your regular “to-go” into something special. I just love turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

No 5 Bread Pudding: So you don’t eat them all in time and they’re getting a little on the old side. Try out this recipe and be even more naughty!


I’ve never met a fresh croissant I haven’t liked, but Costco’s are my fave. Usually $5.99 for 12, on sale now for $4.99!!!

Obviously, I have a lot to say no the subject. Do chime in with your thoughts. Just don’t mention calories!!!

Holler Dollar: Black and Gold Gift Wrap at Target

04.30.2015 by Sarah |

Don’t you just love a cute and easy gift wrap?

This one is an thrifty option with supplies found in the Dollar Spot at Target right now.

boxwood clippings black and gold gift wrap at target only $1

boxwood clippings black and gold gift wrap at target only $1


So much cuteness for just $1…HOLLER!!!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

04.28.2015 by Emily |

Mother’s day is just around the corner! I love this day to celebrate mamas and womanhood. Here are a few ideas for any lady on your list.

mothers day gift ideas1. Personalized charms of loved ones initials are adorable don’t you think? THESE necklaces are perfection, and THESE bracelets are equally cute and a steal!

2. I am DYING for a silhouette of Jane. Her little profile kills me and I’m pretty sure all mothers feel the same! THESE custom silhouettes are under $10!

3. A morning brew can be even better in a pretty monogrammed mug. Love THESE from anthro.

4. When in doubt a house plant or flowers are always nice!

5. Have you seen the new hobnail candles from Bath and Body Works (HERE)? Totes adorbs!

6. Don’t we all need a little incentive to put on mascara day after day?  THIS cute bag would help!

7. Dying to try THIS new pale pink polish, ‘baby’s breath’.

Happy early Mother’s Day friends!

A Simple Patriotic Banner

04.27.2015 by Sarah |

It’s hard to believe summer is just a few weeks away…we had snow this weekend!

Memorial Day kicks off for us our days of red, white and blue in our homes…just a touch!

boxwood clippings a really simple patriotic banner
We made this simple bunting with printed paper from the craft store and mini pegs (HERE) and string.


boxwood clippings a really simple patriotic banner

boxwood clippings a really simple patriotic banner

 We are always glad when we make a little effort to celebrate all the holidays…makes our homes a little happy too :)

Gluten Free Malibu Chicken

04.24.2015 by Emily |

I feel like a winner when a gluten eater loves one of my gluten-free dishes!

Here’s a favorite we are loving in our house…

boxwood clippings gluten free Malibu Chicken Ingredients:

4 chicken breasts

2 slices gf bread (udi’s is my fave)

1/4 c parmesan

1 tbsp garlic powder

2 eggs

4 slices cheese (any, I like muenster)

4 slices deli ham

fresh pineapple


Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and grease a baking dish.

To make breadcrumbs place bread, parmesan and garlic powder in blender/food processor and pulse. Salt and pepper to taste.

Beat eggs in a shallow bowl and place breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl.

With a fork, dip chicken in beaten egg and flip so chicken is coated. Next, move to the breadcrumb bowl and repeat so chicken is coated in breadcrumbs before moving to the baking dish.

Repeat with all chicken breasts and bake for about 35 mins.

Place ham, cheese and pineapple on top of baked chicken and broil for 5 mins.

This dish is so versicle and can be served with anything. I like to add some kind of dipping sauce…even just ranch or honey mustard.

Hope you likey!

Quiet Bag

04.22.2015 by Sarah |

Church, meetings or special events…there are those special times we need to keep the little ones quiet.

It’s all about the art of distraction and a designated ‘quiet bag’ ready to grab works wonders.

Here’s what we’re towing around…

boxwood clippings_quiet  bag

1. Snacks and water. We know how it feels to be cranky pants when thirsty or hungry. A snack bag of cheerios and our fave lollacups keep the girlies amused for a while when meetings run long.

2. Links. The best toy ever!

3. A cute tote to carry it all.

4. Plastic photo album. The girls love flipping through these and looking at pics of the family.

5. Mini board books. THESE ones are a family favorite…those illustrations!

6. A diaper or two + wipes.

7. Finger puppets. These ones are hand-me-downs, but THESE are an amazing deal.

8. Straws and plastic utensils can double as a toy to keep the babies occupied for a few minutes.

Do you have any great tips for keeping babies amused on the go?
Please share!!!

Candles Made in Baby Food Jars

04.20.2015 by Sarah |

We have a lot of baby food around here these day, and these little glass jars are way too cuters to send to the recycle pile!

We thought they would make perfect little candles and are so thrilled with how they turned out!

boxwood clippings diy candle in baby food jars

boxwood clippings diy candle in baby food jars

There are A LOT of tutorials out there on how to make candles. We kept it as simple as possible. We bought THIS wax and THESE wicks which we kept in place by bending the top of the wick around a skewer.

candle 3

Next we melted the wax in a double boiler, stirring constantly. When the temperature reached 170 F we removed from the heat, added a few drops of essential oil and waited til it dropped to 150 F before pouring the wax into the jars.

boxwood clippings diy candle in baby food jars

It took a few hours for the candles to set, and we finished them up by trimming the wicks and covering the candles with scrap pieces of fabric. We love how these turned out, and they were so much easier than we thought they were going to be.

Our houses are smelling yummy and we can’t wait to give this out as little gifts and favors.

Have you given candle-making a try?

Nordies Knock-off Salad

04.17.2015 by Sarah |

One of our favorite places to lunch is Nordstom’s Cafe, they have the yummiest salads…and fries :)

Here’s our stay-at-home version that is almost as tasty as the real thing…

boxwood clippings salad



roasted chicken breast

granny smith apple

candied pecans (instructions HERE)


shavings of parmesan/sharp white cheddar


3/4 c canola oil

1/4 c champagne vineagar

1/2 shallot (about 1/4 c diced)

1/2 tsp minced garlic

2 tsp dijon mustard

2 tbsp sugar

dash of salt and white pepper


Blend dressing ingredients together and refrigerate for 2 hours prior to serving.

Slice apple into extra thin slices and layer onto a bed of arugula.

Layer chicken, craisens, candied pecans, cheese and dressing.

Top with s+p and serve.