Baby Boy Nursery: Traditional with a Modern Twist

04.24.2018 by Sarah |

Wow, this post has been a long time coming!

It was almost a year ago to the day that I started really dreaming about our little boy’s nursery (inspiration board here). With a rocky start to the pregnancy I was finally ready wrap my head around a baby actually coming my way, and I was just about to let myself relax and indulge in some of the most exciting preperations of a newborn when my water broke at 24 weeks…YIKES!

Liam was born (as you know) at 30 weeks, and amazingly with very little complications.

While he was stable in the NICU, I felt an urgent need to get his nursery ready, even though he’s been sleeping in our room, it needed to happen to make me feel prepared for his homecoming, especially with a huge oxygen tank. So between visiting hours, Brock’s work schedule, and the twins we spent a mad couple of evenings getting it together. Luckily, we’d already played musical rooms and cleared out what was the old playroom, so it was a blank canvas apart from it needed a new lick of paint and some simple molding details around the windows.

Jones Paint and Glass, helped us out once again, by perfectly matching the white in our other rooms, it’s seamless. If you are a Utah local we highly recommend going there for their paint expertise!

Without further ado, Liam’s nursery…

A few sentimental pieces on display: a watercolor of the English coastline painted by a childhood neighbor and given to us as a wedding gift. The sweater was one my mum purchased long before we were able to get get pregnant, but a handful of baby clothes hanging around always brought visual reality that one day it would happen! A photoshoot of me and Liam, and his first shoes from a special friend. 

I never kept the bumpers on the girls cribs longer than a month or so before they got moving, but Liam is sleeping in our room still and naps in here where I keep a very close eye (monitored too). I’ve just enjoyed the coziness and like that he doesn’t bump his head which the girls did constantly.

We were going for a ‘traditional nursery with a modern twist’, the mirror really became a statement piece. No longer available but found it for $20 on clearance at Target (along with the desk lamp and wooden stool below). LOVE those end-cap finds!

This room was basically thrown together with very little time and money since we had all the main componants, but we’re very happy with the results. It’s peaceful and a baby haven for feeding and lullabies. Staying really neutral and adding just a few blue pieces helped keep the room feeling super calm and feels quite spacious though its quite a small space.

This little monkey likes it too…

Sarah. x

Why we Love Kid Hunter Boots and Our Secret Shopping Tip

04.12.2018 by Emily |


Hi Everyone!! Are you as excited as we are for the Hunter Collection at Target launching on Saturday?!! We can’t wait to check out the collection in person.

We are LOOONG time fans of Hunter boots. Here are just a few reasons why they’re our absolute favorite shoes for kids!

  1. Versatile. Really is there anything cuter than a little boy or girl in little wellies? From swimsuit to snowsuit these classic rain boots look great paired with almost anything.
  2. Durable. Don’t you just hate it when you buy a pair of shoes for your kids and after a few rounds at the playground they are totally hammered? It drives us crazy, which is another reason why we love Hunter boots. They can play hard and get messy and with a quick wipe down they are as good as new. In fact they’re so long wearing  that they can easily be passed down to another child to get double the wear!
  3. Convenient. Buckling and lacing shoes every time you leave the house gets really old, really quick, right?! We love Hunters because they’re so easy to slip on and off. No assistance from mom needed…Hallelujah!
  4. Year-Round Use. When we first bought boots for the kids we thought we’d use them through fall and winter but it turns out we’ve used them year-round. No need to buy snow boots, we just usually layer two pairs of socks for snow days. Often in the summer you’ll find us at the pool with the kids in swimsuits and their wellies. For young toddlers the boots are a lot easier than even flip-flops for kids to manage trips to the pool. Summer mornings you’ll find our kids in their jammies and boots in the back yard watering the flowers.
  5. Lightweight and flexible. Compared with most other kid rain boots the Hunters are so much lighter and bendable. We’ve really liked this feature especially for toddlers, it makes it so much easier for them to walk and move around in.

Even though Hunter boots are on the pricier side of $55, if you break down the cost to how much wear they will get they actually turn out to be cheaper than any other shoes we’ve bought. When you consider year-round use, and the fact you can buy them a little on the big side to get a solid year of use out of them, not to mention them being in good enough use to hand down to someone else we think they are deal!

When it comes time to buy a new pair, we’ll let you in on our secret on how to always get a deal! Google search ‘kid hunter boots’, next hit the shopping tab and search ‘price low to high’. This will give you the best deals on the web that given day. Nordstrom will price match most USA stores and sites like Amazon, so we always price match with them and score free shipping too!

The Target collection offers kid boots for $25, and you bet we’ll be checking out the cute matching rain coats too! Do you follow us on Instagram HERE? Check in with us on Saturday and we’ll make sure to show you all our favorites we see in store. See you then!

-Sarah and Emily


Dollar Store Easter Baskets!

03.22.2018 by Emily |

It seems like holidays come around really quick when you’re a mom of little kids, am I right?! As each one approaches, I have a little panic attack that usually goes something like this…

“What am I going to get the kids?”
“How am I going to make it special?”
“How much money am I going to have to spend?”
“Please, not more candy!”

In our world of consumerism it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed. Do you feel this way too? I want to be a good mother and give my children the world, but I need to remember that simplicity is how I want to live and my time and energy is much more “special” than anything I can buy.

So with Easter approaching I challenged myself to limit Easter basket spending to $10 per child. Baskets, shred, all of it. Of course, you know I headed to the dollar store. Even here, it was hard to keep to budget…so many things my kids would LOVE.

Here’s what ended up with…

For Ben (almost age 2): paint set, ceramic duck craft, bunny novelty glasses, easter basket, egg sidewalk chalks, bubbles (will share with Jane), stuffed animal, gummies to fill eggs, paper shred (share with Jane), play ball. Total $10.

For Jane (age 3): bunny tic tac toe, bunny erasers, easter basket, play ball, stuffed animal, novelty glasses, glitter easter eggs (share with Ben), Easter Mike and Ike’s, ceramic bunny craft. Total $9.

I started by choosing the Easter pails and then coordinated the colors for the other items. I tried to choose non-candy items… Sidewalk chalk, bubbles and plastic balls will entertain my kids for hours. I thought the paint sets and little ceramic animals would be a fun little project to do with them on a rainy day and then threw in the novelty items of bunny glasses, a little candy for eggs and a stuffed animal…only because I know Jane will looove that (not-so-cute) pink bunny.

Here’s how the baskets turned out:

Things from the dollar store usually look better unwrapped, so we got rid of all that packaging to make the baskets a little prettier and easier for little hands on Easter morning.

I know my kids will be thrilled Easter morning and I’m happy I only had to visit one store and that I stuck to my budget of $10 per basket to get Easter morning checked off my mom list.

If you haven’t started buying basket fillers for your kids yet, head to the Dollar Tree first. You’ll spend so much less than at the grocery store, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you’ll find this year.

For more Easter basket ideas for little kids see our posts HERE , HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Ahhh, it’s good to write a blog post again, thanks for reading friends!!!

-Emily xoxo

A Children’s Bedroom Ready for Christmas

12.15.2017 by sarah and emily |

Happy Friday Everyone! We hope you had a good week and have a weekend planned full of Christmas festivities!

We just wanted to pop on to show you the twins’ bedroom decked out for Christmas. One thing we love about decorating with neutrals is that you only need to add a few pops of color to change things for the season… we just fell in love with these happy red pillow covers that were only $6 at Ikea. Red ribbon, fresh holly and berries and a few red toys and we’re done.

Ahh, if it only it stayed this nice and clean for more than five minutes!

A few sources: red cushion cover HERE | tea set HERE | picnic set HERE | London playset HERE | play kitchen (similar) HERE (we love this matching apron and oven mit set HERE) | dolls cribs HERE | white Christmas jammies HERE | little people nativity HERE.

Merry Christmas!!!!
Sarah and Emily xoxo



The Simplest DIY Gift Wrap & Sarah’s Christmas Cards

12.07.2017 by sarah and emily |

When it’s time to order our Christmas cards, we are always inspired by so many design choices. We love browsing through all the options Shutterfly has to offer, and no doubt, we are always thrilled when our cards show up.

This year was no exception! Sarah chose candid photos from the year with a gate fold opening to a family photo. Making all the photos black and white is an easy way to give consistency to photos in any grouping, whether that be a gallery wall or a Christmas card. We just love the classic look of black and white (did you see that buffalo check envelope liner?!).

This idea inspired us to have some fun with gift wrap. Multiple designs with a simple palette of black and white. We used printer paper for small gifts and butcher paper from the craft store for larger gifts. A black coloring pencil, crayon, or marker is all you need to start doodling away.

In a matter of seconds you have your own unique gift wrap we know every one will love Christmas Day!